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    I will give 10k for each user that comment here.
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    Happy Easter weekend everyone! Hope everybody enjoys the holiday with their family and for those traveling to visit others, have safe travels!
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    A king ... can not be a king without the power of his queen. When a queen found her king standing beside her, he fights for him and never lets him go through anything of his own. when a king found his queen, it was ... All I want you to have me your king, My heart belongs to me, I want you to be my queen , and in your mind the palace to be just me!!! Σ'αγαπω
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    Me, @Maverick, and @Leandro
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    please sir... spare reputation? just a drip of reputation, sir.
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    I found military a little old, so I decided to throw something nice, but I'm not very sure
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    search for a good bff
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    Contributors can say that I'm wrong etc etc... But all of this is just 1° April. Reasons: 1. xatWiki says it got abolished by xat staff, but on history logs it says that Contributors decided. 2. Why Contributors will vote to remove their biased group? 3. Contributors just lost their "rank title" permissions still there, and the group wasnt deleted from Members Search. 4. On history logs it says still "ongoing discussions" Anyway... Nice try!
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    @iBandy Din toata inimioara mea eu te iubesc dragostea mea Si din tot sufletelul meu asa te voi iubi mereu
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    Hi Guys, it's meee!! the big and unique ALEX!!
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    happy birthday @Maverick if you give me the heart I will love you to have everything that it does not get
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    Happy Birthday @Maverick
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    Is it ugly as ppl says?
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    Happy Weekend For Everyone.
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    Here I saw something i couldn't over look.
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    We don't deserve her.
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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy birthday
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    If there is a person on help with the same name as me, It is not me! Don't talk to that person, they're pretending to be me and won't change their name! Edit - i came on today for a few minutes and they stole my picture. I don't have an account anymore or anything because i already said i quit but i only came on because i had no one to talk to.
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    Happy Birthday! lady miss u <3
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    Parabéns Jo 😘🎈🎉🎊 52 já?
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Good Morning !!
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    Any user here experiencing an issue just like I do? Every time I try to click the comments box for a 3-4 times it results like https://prnt.sc/n2uztt. I'm not able to reply right away and I have to refresh on the thread a couple of times. I have been experiencing this for a while. Although, this only happen on the first time I comment on a thread and it don't happen happen on the next attempt I try to reply a comment on a thread, but it's still annoying though when you're not able to comment right away.
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    http://prntscr.com/n26dpl The unicorn is the purest and most beautiful creature of the fable, and those who drink their blood become immortal.
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    My dear Lemona, happy birthday! 🎂🎉 I hope you are going to have a great day, full of love and good vibes! I think you already know how much I appreciate you. We started talking not so long ago, however it's been nice knowing more about you and also knowing that we have a lot of things in common, specially when we talk about xat and our thoughts about it haha . XOXO.
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    Happy Birthday @lemona. Have a wonderful day, get many nice presents and a lot of fun!
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    HBD dear lemona
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    Happy birthday Mav!
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    Happy birthday
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    Just chillin' with, y'know, my pet Crabbo.
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    Happy Weekend all.
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    I have y’all know that Ariana looks just as amazing up close.
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    Happy Birthday! i like to make power anti nice games
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    Happy Birthday Page have a beautiful day
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    @Shizuo In this special day i wish you 2 things , never and forever Never sad , and forever happy Happy Bday stay strong and blessed
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    @Anas Letssssss talk wheres your phone?????
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