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    @Mucahit(HI) @Deff(HI) @Sevda(HI) @Eylem(HI) @Cupim(HI) @xLaming(HI) @NoSense(HI) @Guppy(HI) @Drika @Toby(HI) @Steven(HI) @Vevrok(HI) @ider(HI) @DUYGU @Elea(HI) @Exin @Sydno (HI @Stif(HI) @DonQuijote(HI) @surda @LaFleur @Maverick @Leandro @Amyyyy @Masha(HI) @Goku @Enge @Lemona @Jayden @mino @Junior @Pika @Marek @Guppy
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    What do you guys think about it?
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    Chat, meet people from anywhere in the world, have fun with us - be part of the Mundosmilies community! ... We would love to have you with us!
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    Congratulation! To be Aiuto Chat Manager! You sure deserve it! GOOD LUCK BRO!
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    This is how you throw a party in quarantine. #PenParty
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    @Kevin @Jake @surda @Abrahan @Temo @Keiner Capturas de hoy:
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    Lol, it seems that all website pages are finished, nice job. Now your guys can keep improving thr HTML5 to make it default (without ?new)
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    The guy who bought GTA V 6 years ago and is now free at the Epic Games Store
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    Happy 4° Anniversary MundoSmilies!
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    This song is for you..
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    @Mucahit very nice posts ⚡️ lots of substance ⚡️ very good content ⚡️
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    Happy Birthday! I wish you happiness, health and that all your dreams come true.🎈🎂
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    Happy birthday, more years to come, you deserve it. La multi ani!
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    Mundosmilies website was offline for some hours, sorry I forgot to turn it on back while creating the new design lol ;c
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    Hello everyone This is not normal to change automatically after so long after I answered those questions for (tickle). Just for re login : https://prnt.sc/sog49v My account was on the ip address. Everyone will have this problem, soon. Respectfully Mihai
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    Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!
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    Good morning to everyone, have a nice day
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    Happy Birthday Enge
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    Finals complete! Got a full work day tomorrow, but my xat activity should start going back to normal starting Thursday morning (for most timezones).
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    You are a wonderful woman
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    If you see people around you who do not care about the covid-19 to outbreak and do not comply with the measures, you can warn them. The warnings made may save maybe someone's life from dead. Stay at home for the health of yourself and your loved ones.
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    Felicidades bro, espero que cumplas muchos más y tus deseos se hagan realidad. 😊
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    Per molts anys, Sergio! Espere que passes un bon dia i que complisques molts més.
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    Felicidades Serrgio espero que lo pases bien ^o^
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    Happy Birthday @Sergio
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    Vc faz meus dias muito mas felizes, obrigado por estar! Te amo até o infinito!
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    I hate when you're on mobile typing "xat" and it replaces for "cat" -.-
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    Grats m8
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    lives carrion ,dreams trash
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    I just wanted make a pizza 😩
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    Good morning Nosense
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    You just have to go to xat.com/Noticias and pc any staff to join the contest. We're waiting for you!
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    🐽 Chubby 🐽
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    🎈¡Feliz cumpleaños! 🎂
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