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    Fast Contest Black Friday's Giveaway. Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. TWO WINNERS will be chosen tonight Friday, 23th November at 11:59 PM (GMT+1). 1st place prize : 200 xats. 2nd place prize : 100 xats. Good Luck!
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    Updated my profiles in-chat and on the forum to look more Christmas-y! Now for the rest of the year I am Natey Claus!
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    don't believe me people who accuse me WITHOUT evidence. Please. I am NOT guilty of this.
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    Once again, I want to thank all those people who were there for the event tonight. I also want to thank @Addict and @Angelo for making this possible! I hope you've enjoyed being there with us!
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    This black Friday I will give away the new power of this week. Reply to this status with your registration name and your ID. THREE WINNERS of the new (swordfx) power will be chosen tonight on Friday, November 23 at 23:00 (GMT-3) Good luck! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Este viernes negro regalaré el nuevo poder de esta semana. Responde a este estado con tu nombre de registro y tu ID. TRES GANADORES del nuevo poder (swordfx) serán elegidos esta noche el viernes 23 de noviembre a las 23:00 (GMT-3) ¡Buena suerte!
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    I want you to be happier ♫
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    I have decided to leave xat at the end of December. I've lost so much interest in it these past days. I just can't deal with the drama anymore. This is better for me and better for everyone else. I have a life now and i want it to be the main part of my life. I wanted to leave in 2019 but i can't stay on a chat any longer.
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    I hope there are surprises today like the last year...... (I want to see the big power in store, hehe ) @Admin I love you
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    Thank You For The Background Bro
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    Starting university next year, finally a job, and ya time to live hard. Next goal, civil engineering and systems analyst.
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    Happy birthday John bro
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    Happy Birthday my love. I hope that your day is as perfect as you are. Thank you for always being you and for showing me everyday that there is good in this world. Thank you for always thinking of me and putting me first. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I love you so very much
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    23 months ❤ @Santademonia
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    happy birthday john cena
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    Parabéns lek 🎈🎁
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    trade contest isnt fun... just full of barges. STEPS: -Spend 5 minutes trying to get into Trade pool -Stay in trade pool for like, 3-5 minutes max if you're lucky. -Get barged -REPEAT In my opinion, this wasn't planned well enough and shouldn't of been the black friday deal this year.
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    Back here, greetings to all!
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