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    ¿Qué pasa con el nuevo poder salió defectuoso? ¿Por qué lanzaron tan pocos a la venta? What about the new power came out faulty? Why did they release so few for sale ?
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    ¡ En Hola Somos Libres Y Felices Entra Y Diviértete Con Nosotros Sin límites ! JUEGA Y GANA XATS Y DAYS Mientras chateas y haces amigos de todo el mundo. H O L A, we are free and happy Come in and have fun with us without limits! PLAY AND WIN XATS AND DAYS While you chat and make friends from all over the world.
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    At xat H O L A , chat with people of all ages and from all over the world without worrying about the language. Come in and start having fun! Note : We are total supporters of freedom of expression without disrespecting a user !!! X A T . C O M / H O L A En xat H O L A , chatea con personas de todas las edades y de todo el mundo sin preocuparse por el idioma. ¡Entra y comienza a divertirte! PD : Somos partidarios totales de la libertad de expresión sin faltar el respeto a ningún usuario !!!
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    Vamos jugar Free Fire - Battlegrounds.
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    La vida es un sueño, no te duermas.✨🌎🌝🌚 🌪✈️🎶🎧📊🗄📋🎬🏝🍴🍷🍾🎉😎 🎾🏸
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    NEW power: Quackers
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    1 año más 1 centímetro menos, ahora imagina lo que creas de este comentario. @Leandro me dijo que te daba el regalo por parte de los dos, espero te guste, fue con mucho cariño
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    Pandemia coronavirus.. que se olvide que pa la calle no va 🤣 🎶 Que hablen de ella le importa un carajo 🎶
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    @Jayden @Pika @LaFleur@Maverick @Jasmine@Amyyyy @Sevda@Masha @Sarah@Shot@CH3RRY@Angelo
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    Nueva Mezcla ya disponible!! Reggaeton Clasico mix 1 by DJFUNNY
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    Fun fact of the day: I first got member on Help 10 years ago today! (don’t ask me how I remembered that)
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    We are HOLA a xat with total freedom of expression to talk about everything with each and everyone can express their opinion, dreams, beliefs or experiences of all kinds. Open 24 hours. X A T . C O M / H O L A Entra! y diviértete con nosotros.
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    Let me be your ruler. You can call me Queen Bee and, baby, I’ll rule.. Let me live that fantasy
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    Happy birthday thunderkook long life for you, and full of happines in your life
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    Feliz Cumpleaños Cherry espero que la estes pasando super en tu dia!! PD: Ya estas viejita se te notan las arrugas jajaja El Fin de festejamos <3
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    Feliz Cumpleaños feita, ya son 50 años de vidaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....ook no. Que sigas cumpliendo muchos años, pasandola bien en la compañia de la familia y amigos. Siga cumpliendo sus sueños y metas.... PTY
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    ¡Oye! Feliz cumpleños Cherry, espero tengas un dia increible rodeada de tus seres queridos.
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    Feliz cumpleañoos a mi mejor amiga del mundo mundial jajaja a ver si haces un pastel para ti xD que la pases hermoso en tu día, ojalá un día este en tu cumple así te daría un regalito pues yo jajaja
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    happy eid for all muslims eid adha mubarek takabala allah siyamakom w salih a3malikom wa adhiyatikom
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    Happy Birthday FLOWER!!! I hope you have a great day! Thank you for being such a caring, supportive and dedicated person all around xat! I hope you do absolutely nothing xat-related today, you deserve a break!
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    More new things are coming! 🤩
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    Buon compleanno! Un altro anno di vita e un altro da godere in xat.
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    Virtual love day, today. I love xat
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    Sevdim canim <3
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    Welcome back, Samuel, I missed you!
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    Y aunque a veces te moleste yo aún te haré la cena ♫ Tu eres mi calma 🌻
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    @Camii hello i hope you're fine doo doo doo (twitch)
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    Life sometimes shows hurts, tears, and helplessnessand people change so much over time that what you know as a friend becomes an enemy.
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    Hey Dude Didn't anyone complain about anything to you? Because they don't want to look bad in front of you, they want to be your friends. I prefer not to have friends and to be honest, rather than to have friends not to be honest. - If you think you're right about everything, you're wrong. - You said you knew me, honestly you have no idea who I am. - If you don't know how to listen, you don't have the right to speak. - If you judge a person only by the way he dresses or speaks, your place is not here. - If you forgot where you came from, it's your problem, I don't forget who you are. - If someone does not agree with you, it does not mean that the person is bad. - When you don't like an idea, say your opinion, if you make him change his mind, your idea is really good, if not, it's your idea and just an opinion. - I like that the Earth, the Air, the Water and the time are the same for everyone, and the people are the same, but some think they are above than others. - If you are expecting change from someone else, remember that you need to change, not someone else. - It is better to be with the bad and learn more than to be with the good and destroy yourself. - There are no choices without options. - It's sad to see when someone steals what you love, wait, it's just my fault that I fell in love with chat - To ask is beautiful and polite, to steal or lie to get what you want is wrong. - I don't understand why you did this, because I didn't do anything you say to everyone. - My only mistake was that I trusted you, the rest were just lies in your head. - Whoever believes in everything you say is weaker than you, because you have the courage to lie, and he believes you. Thanks to everyone who listened to what I had to say, they didn't need to understand me, but I'm glad they listened and I'm not as complicated as many talk behind me.. . .. Don´t be rude, don´t be dumb, you can do more than that. Regards
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    Zazukeeeeeee cade vc
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    zaki my friendddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
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