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    i reported a fix for this ages ago Fix (just incase they forgot):
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    Issue is caused because after going away or invis you dont get sent the scroller message again so on <i it resets scroller to empty or Live Mode stuff Fix: File: network.as Function: myOnXML (towards the end of the if statement "if (e.nodeName == "i")"
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    This is related to the Dunce power. Dunce allows a moderator to dunce another moderator, hence the "Kick" menu is available. Regarding the "Ban" menu, Dunce was originally placed on that menu and it seems like the administrators have forgotten to make this option unavailable when they moved it onto "Kick". Dunce power enabled Dunce power disabled
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    @Blacky The issue has been fixed now. Thank you for reporting.
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    Thank you for reporting. This bug seems to appear also on HTML5. I will post when this bug is fixed.
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    The Hat power currently have some issues with the flash version of xat, many hats from powers aren't working, however you can still use the hat#t, hat#x .
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    This issue is already known, no need to re-report it.
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    Thank you for reporting. This has been forwarded.
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    It has been fixed on the newest version of the HTML5 chat.
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    Both (hearts) and (switch) should be playable now.
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    Yeah, other users are experiencing this too. LaFleur has told it's due a websocket and they are trying to fix it.
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    Update: This is happening on Windows as well by now. It could be caused by a Google Chrome / Chromium update which was rolled out slowly
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    Hello, We are fully aware with the issue on Edge and the homepage. I'll mail the administrators to take a look at that. Other issues are already reported on our bugs board. We do not have official dates for when it will be fixed. Thank you.
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    Hello, We have already this bug listed on the board. (Was previously reported by Leandro to me.) Thank you for reporting.
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    Please clear your cache and give me an update if it happens again @LaFleur. After clearing my cache, the editor loads considerably faster for me.
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    I apologize for my mistake. I will be more careful next time
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    The cool smiley is fixed on new chat version.
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    Changed Status to Fixed Problem has been fixed. Hopefully. If the issue occurs again, private message me and I’ll re-open this.
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    Nope, it may work fine, just the underline is used there as separator, Including you can try using like rgb--- or rgb+++ both will work fine (colors). Fix: Smiley should be renamed for (o-o) instead of (o_o) @Admin
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    Changed Status to Status: Fixed Will be fixed in an upcoming maintenance update.
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    As I said, would have worked with https://i.cubeupload.com Anyway, should be good now.
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    Changed Status to Status: Fixed
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    Changed Status to Status: Fixed
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    Changed Status to Status: Fixed Fixed in a future IPS update.
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    If this list is missing smilies, please post. Thanks.
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    Apparently this itself is no longer an issue, however it does stick to the 4-user minimum. Being addressed.
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    Happens with the reactions NO and MEH: (viewing from my account) Viewing from another account:
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    Arabic, Estonian, Filipino, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish, redirects to Help chat too.
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    Ah! I wrote an answer about that but I wasn't sure, so I'll re-write for you. Your issue is because the gifts app is reading a page which is "cached" so, the update will not show directly. You have to clear your cache to see it updated, unfortunately. We'll try in the future to avoid this issue for HTML5.
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    At the moment, we can't do much since it's in beta and since we don't know if some users have this issue. This also means that it can be only on your side or not. But don't worry, the administrators are working on HTML5 and are working to fixing a lot of issues. I suggest you to try again later (when a new update is added) and then use the xat app during this time if you want to access xat chats. Thank you again and I hope that your problem is solved in the near future!
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    This issue has been fixed. Thank you ^^
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    Changed Status to Status: Fixed This issue has been fixed with the latest chat version (debug chats for now).
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    I checked and yeah, it doesn't redirect to ayuda. That's more because it hasn't been updated or even added. Confirmed bug
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    I've looked into it but i can not confirm/reproduce this issue (tried with opera, chrome and edge). Is flash allowed for the ticket page for the users who have it?
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    Thanks for reporting @Bau, we will fix this shortly.
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    This is still happening and is very very very annoying also happens when replying to a status
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    @Junior, may want to look into this again.
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    It's a sync issue between the Flash and HTML5 client that's always happened. It annoys me really, but until HTML5 gets finalized, it's going to be like that.
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    A potential solution has been given by Laming on there to fix this issue: Since this issue has nothing to do with xat, i'm closing the topic.
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    Please create a new topic here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/ We will try to resolve your problem there. Thanks!
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