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    It happens because you did a lot of actions in a row. It can be improved in the future to not "empty" the table but instead a message would be displayed. Manage power will be reworked in a near future to work better with this new main owner system.
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    It should really show an error instead of changing to an unexpected value not chosen by the user.
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    Can you make a gif about such issue? It's hard for us to understand what you really mean here.
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    Addressing. In the meantime replace the script tags with something like <scr>.
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    This has been fixed. There's a new Inappropriate page: https://xat.com/report?GroupName=HTML5#!group @Jake
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    If you wish to pursue this idea, please could you open a topic in the Suggestions section? I'm unable to move this topic there, so it would need re-creating sadly.
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    The (allpowers) smiley has not been added yet. We will aim do so soon, thanks for reporting.
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    Regarding Mosa3adeh chat, you could tell users that they can make sure they have all the powers by using the bot's !Allmissing command.
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