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  1. We would like to say thanks to@Deff for being very dedicated as main owner of May. There was lots of fun especially with the various contests being done! As already announced on our one year anniversary topic, for June, all previous main owners will become owner with our monthly main owner system returning back on July 1st, 2021. Each of you can also appoint 2 moderators. @Lemona @Stif @Leandro @Bau @Blacky @Elif @JasonOficial @Page @Crow @xRavennn @Luana @Deff See you all on xat.com/xat!
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  2. Hi there, everyone! It's time to start the fiesta! Get your sombrero hat on and head over to xat.com/Help for some entertainment this month! Check out what we have planned on this calendar. Brief descriptions: On June 4th - Come play BINGO! 6pm EST & 1pm EST with a total prize of 2,000 XATS! Anyone & everyone has a chance to win! Random cards will be issued at 2 separate times, 2 rounds each time! On June 7th - Get ready to guess and draw as we play SKRIBBL! A small portion of xats will be set aside for some winners. 2 sessions, June 7th @3 PM EST, 12 PM PST! Second session time @9 PM EST | 6 PM PST. On June 12th - Uno, dos, tres, FIESTA! We will be playing UNO (the card game) @ 2pm EST and SKRIBBL @ 10pm EST. On June 14th - Beat that "Monday Blues" with some fun packed Trivia at 6pm EST & 11pm EST. Up to 2,000 xats will be up for grabs! Trivia will be miscellaneous with questions including topics such as xat powers, Sports, World History, Wacky & Weird topics. Come test your knowledge & hang out with us! On June 18th - Grab a date or your xat BFF and head over to the HELP PROM @8pm EST, 5 PM PST! Be prepared to pose on the blue carpet and bring your best name/namecolors and avatars! There will be an award for the best dressed couple! More details to come. On June 20th - Good with hints? This game is for you! Join us @4pm EST or 9pm EST for some fun rounds of codenames before our small competitive event on June 25th. On June 25th - Are you the ultimate spies? Gather your teams & come play codenames again at 6pm EST & 11pm EST! Spymasters Lemona & Masterchief will clue you in on how to defeat the next team. The winning team of spies will receive 2,000 xats! On June 26th - LOVE is LOVE! Come for the launching of our pride background, music and TRIVIA!! This will be the ultimate LOVE event, starting at 3pm EST! We can't wait to see you at some of our events! Donations are always welcome. Feel free to post any questions or comments below. P.S: Remember to enter in our Share the Love contest! It can be found here.
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  3. It was a very good experience for me. I am so happy! Thanks for everything. This month looks exciting too. I am grateful to all my fellow staff members who were with me for their help! xat has become one of my memories I will never forget this month. As I always say, all smiles are the same as long as we keep smiling.
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  4. I learned from my mistakes, I didn't wait for someone to make mistakes to learn.
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  5. Hoje o dia é todo dela @Drika 🎂,essa mulher maravilhosa que me acolheu como fosse sua filha em xat,sou grata a por ter uma amiga tão especial,obrigado por tudo,obrigado por me tratar com tanto carinho,quero que saiba que pode contar comigo sempre,sempre estarei pronta para ajudar no que precisar,que Deus abençoe @Drika hoje e sempre,aproveita bastante o dia,ele é todo seu,eu,e todos de HOLA te desejamos un feliz aniversario 🎈,Nada no mundo estaria à altura do que vc merece ganhar como presente, pois vc merece verdadeiramente tudo de melhor e mais um pouco. Que venhamos e convenhamos já sou eu hahahahhahahha. Estarei aqui, dia após dia, relembrando o quanto vc é especial e o quanto te quero bem. Feliz aniversário AMIGA 🎈 🎂 🎈 OB: Eu poderia fazer um textão bem clichê, mas vc sabe o quanto eu te desejo tudo de melhor e mais maravilhoso hoje e sempre. ¡F E L I Z C U M P L E A Ñ O S @Drika! Y él sapo siempre me tienes qué cagar mi grabación @And atontado cagón
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  6. Congratulations on the first anniversary of xat.com/HTML5, now converted into xat.com/xat! This goes to the four main owners and also the monthly main owners the chat has had, keep it up!
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  7. Hello! I'm selling the following id> (202020). Private message me here on forum with your offers or pc me on xat /f202020 Comet or /f1459725718 ( my current user id).
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  8. For the (upcoming) month of June, Help's theme is love and pride. We want you to spread love and kindness over the next few weeks by sending a card to someone on the forum! ❤️ 4 WINNERS will be randomly chosen to win 500 xats on Friday, June 25th @ 10pm EST. How to enter: Join the club (Fiesta de la Help). You must be a member to win! Post one of the cards below and tag someone or multiple users on the forum. You can also include a message if you'd like (ie. Thanks for being a great friend, you make xat fun etc). You can post up to 4 times but you can only post ONCE per week. This means if you post once for all 4 weeks, you will have 4 entries to win! BONUS: You can also receive an extra entry (up to 5 max) if you post a screenshot of you sending someone a card in private chat on xat.com/Help. Cards: Link: https://i.imgur.com/9doYIK0.png Link: https://i.imgur.com/qoQaGDg.png Link: https://i.imgur.com/oYdLKcV.png Link: https://i.imgur.com/rfQoyQ8.png Link: https://i.imgur.com/fdfS8NI.png Link: https://i.imgur.com/Z7gkydl.png Good luck and get sending! 🌈 💌📫
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  9. Hello, I have some suggestions based on security/performance: Add an option to disable all in-chat radios (maybe keep it disabled as default, privacy uh?), actually if you turn off any radio, after some refreshes it always come back and you will still hear them. Since streamings are storing user IP,user-agent and some other data, it goes against the GDPR, not a good idea to allow them to play by default, without asking the user. (PRIVACY) Add an option to disable all iframes below chats including xat.com iframes (actually you can allow/deny only third-party), sometimes this may cause lag or even bother users. (PERFORMANCE) Add menu to revoke allowed iframes below (you can allow them, but can't remove later). (PRIVACY) This may get improved, since it can boost user' privacy/performance on xat chats. Current settings (xat -> privacy/cookies) Current "allow this time" (click any tab)
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  11. HELLO I HOPE YOU HAD FUN. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS. THANK YOU TO JOIN. 🌸We had our third event at the new xat!! Thank you at first dear LaFLeur made !randomuser lucky users won xats&days. 🌸4 rounds of bingo with countries game! Each round is a different luck! 🌸10 times !randomnumber 1 30 with bingo card number! 🌸Two important donations were made just before. 🌸There are a total of 4 winners in the First round and the Last round Congratulations the winners! 🌸Bingo card numbers and randomuser winners Congratulations! 🌸It was a time of special thanks and farewell ! 🌸This was my last event. Special thanks to everyone who participated and supported from the very beginning. 🌸Thanks to all my donors. 🌸Thanks to all my staff friends who hosted with me. 🌸Unforgettable moments happened! Do not forget.
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