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  1. The event has ended and the award has been sold out, congratulations to all the winners! We hope to be able to organize a second event like this for the following Christmas, you must go preparing for the xat Aiuto anniversary contest next year 2021. I want to give a special thanks to the people/chats who helped to carry out this contest for the entire xat community, especially the Italian one; thanks to Marco, Sara e Bianca. I especially want to thank the sponsors of this contest, it really means a lot to me that we managed to carry out an event of this magnitude and see the Aiuto
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  2. the subzero that I imagined
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  3. Merry Christmas to everyone and your families!
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  4. We're happy to see so many entries that we've decided to add more prizes. We now have a 4th and 5th place! Happy Holidays everyone and stay tuned to hear back from us soon!
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  5. ID: 617 Name: Subzero Status: Limited Price: Unknown Smilies: Subzero; Brrsleep; Snowroll; Sucloud; Suearmuffs; Sufreeze; Susnowwman; Winterdrink. Pawns: hs - hz Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Subzero This power was made by: @Mihay
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  8. Price: 99 xats Nice power, I like IT. Thanks!
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  9. Merry Christmas / happy holidays to everyone!
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  10. Merry Christmas, many blessings to all.🎄♥️
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  11. Arent u gonna celebrate xmas with ur family instead of virtual ppl?
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  12. Espero les guste!!! Felices Fiestas... can you upload multiple designs in a single post?
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