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  1. If you want to participate on official contests, you can check xat's facebook page. Contests with powers as prize can be easily found in the Contests and Events section of the forum. Using IDs as prize is very likely not going to happen because, first, they haven't done anything like that for a long time (or never, not sure). Second, because xat is full of IDs, full enough to have many of them for sale and very few buyers, which in turn causes them to lose their value, there is no reason to aggravate this situation. Auction not only serves the rich. If you knew enough how this works, you could get a good ID for a nice price while being a normal user, you just had to plan it carefully. By the way, 3 digit IDs or shorter belongs to xat staff only, they will never be for sale. Normal users can only have 4 digit IDs or longer.
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  2. Hello all. We have some new design for ''EVEREONE''. There will be one free item. But with support and encouragement I will place a lot on you. Hope I like everyone More information Tell me My ID : (585658025) UserName Mafia1 You Can see My flickr Im on In Chat Graphics Link Download here >>> Graphics <<< You want Xatspace professional paid ? Okay Go to Chat Graphics You want know who Sell / Vendo Graphic Design ? Click Here Portfolio You want Background's Chat Free 2020 ? Click here BACKGROUND You want Xatspace Move 2020 ? Click here MOVE
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  4. @Shake Thanks to your message I was able to do your bg before going on a trip. Thank you all for participating! http://prntscr.com/udxxh0
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  6. as said from other bot providers, multiple bots should not be a big problem if not abused. in any case LP89 doesn't bypass bot power. if the ID isn't correct it simply won't turn on, and it will return an error with a guide to how to fix that. some exception could happen for very rare glitches related to the chat, but honestly i didn't see one from a lot of time... concluding LP89 bot has 3 main rules to prevent abuses: 1- LP89 bot will not join a room if bot power is not assigned or the ID in chat settings is not correct. 2- a free bot will always need an owner/main owner to confirm it in less than 60 seconds from start to remain online before enabling all its commands. 3- a premium bot does not need the confirmation because a further check is made
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