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  1. Newest power is.. SEALS! Name: Seals ID: 604 Status: Limited Store price: 220 xats Smilies: ["seals"," seback"," seball"," secry"," sedance"," sehug"," sekiss"," selove"," semask"," seplay"," sesleep"," seswing"] Hats: hL,hc,hb,hs wiki: xat.wiki/Seals Power made by @iSanty
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  2. Hey! Thank you for the report. We've looked at and reported it to xat. It seems like 42 has fixed it SEBACK should work now. Oh... and, nice power Santy! Nice power.
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  3. Great power, i like it Nice job @iSanty Btw, SEBACK isn't working with other smilies. I have tested it with smilies such as (smile#seback) or (seback#smile) and gback. It doesn't work.
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  4. especially when they force you to be main, just because they put your id without consulting it.
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  5. The translator works in HTML5. You need to click on your name -> Settings -> Translator -> Enable Translate -> Select language -> Save Settings.
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  6. I loved the seal with the mask, it looks funny. The other smilies look cute as well! Good job, Santy!
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