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  1. Herkes doğru insanı bulmak ister yanılmamak için. Oysa kimse uğraşmaz doğru insan olmak için. ^.^
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  2. Hello everyone today I would like to introduce you to a powers that could be very nice, let's talk about the CARRIAGE, we can use it in many ways now I will illustrate how we can set it: Let's talk about a powers smile, this image could also be inserted as a pawn With the HTML5 function we can create a really nice powers, I would use this as a smile in a beautiful carriage of course we cannot forget a princess and we use her as a smiley I leave you with the latest smiles that we can add
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  3. Something changed me in this xat world, before i was excited about coming here participating doing a lot of things ... now i don't give xat an importance too much
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