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  1. @Nathaly Aunque aún no sean las doce de la noche en tu País, pero en el mío si quiero ser la primera persona en felicitarte y en recordarte que eres una persona muy especial. Feliz cumpleaños Mi Nataaaaa !!!! que Dios le llene siempre de muchas Bendiciones, y cumpla todos sus sueños que hay en su vida . Te quiero AMIGA y te deseo un muy feliz día de cumpleaños.🎉 👭💞🌻💕🌺🌸
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  2. Hello everyone we present the new chat in the English gaming community for this new opening we offer you a very fun game, that of roulette We will start on Monday and there will be 3 contests per week HOW TO PLAY We have many playing options You can choose red or black and if you guess right in the roulette spin you win 160 xats If you guess the row which is made up of 3 you win 300 xats If you guess the exact number you win 1000 xats JACKPOT: IF YOU GUESS THE NUMBER 0 YOU WIN 1500 XATS IF YOU CHOOSE DOUBLE 0 YOU WIN 2500 XATS RULES:
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  3. If you Got this in Recommendation then you have great music taste ❤️
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  4. Congratulations @iSanty for creating this amazing power. The most lovely part is the pawns
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  5. 06/Aug/2020 A new update has been released! It's the biggest update so far. Read the main post.
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  6. now my favorite song and dance...
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