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    ¿Qué pasa con el nuevo poder salió defectuoso? ¿Por qué lanzaron tan pocos a la venta? What about the new power came out faulty? Why did they release so few for sale ?
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    This idea baffles me to a certain extent, perhaps the most important one is in which how a staffer should behave if the idea is accepted. Let's assume that a staffer, whether a moderator, an owner or a main owner, has the task of moderating the chat and to intervene if there are any issues. In case this function is approved, how should a staffer moderate in case of trolls, flame, drama, inapp, blasphemy if the user in question is totally ignored? I better explain this better: USER X: IS TOTALLY IGNORED BY THE MODERATOR IGNORED USER: committing issues - In this case who will supervise this? Rather I think if this were to be approved, it should be managed with gcontrol and determine if this can work for everyone or only specific ranks of the chat.
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    This post will be modified when there are new updates. It contains all the updates that have been made over the months. 06/Aug/2020 Updates and Fixes: Bot's core is completely rewritten, it's now faster and using less ram and CPU, so there will be no further downtime Added search field on Translator panel. Also can be used "untranslated" to show only untranslated phrases Fixed a lot of issues related to sockets and bot connection. Basically it was redone Fixed kick AFK filter not working/considering PC/PM replies as activity Added a new page /supportus with our images, logos & fan art Fixed minor issue with current song on SHOUTcast servers Fixed minor issues on layout responsive (tables & menu) Added auto clear messages when kick/ban for inapps Fixed stickers, not considered links anymore Added collection powers missing on userinfo Fixed !getmain to work on new xat systems Added aliases list to command view page Fixed !templist, now updated in real time Added a tool for counting users online Added a tool for checking bot status Added promotion time on !promoted Panel is now updated in real time Added dynamic banner system Fixed small error on spam filter Minor fixes on Translator panel Website speed improvements Added new lists to !online Fixed profile images Commands added: Randomsmiley Guestpm Guestpc Modproof Rate Ratedown Rateup Ranklock Richest Poorest Chatlogs Super Older changelogs
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    Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum users. YOU ALL - Just respond with your USERname and your ID in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - GET the prize xat: ARCbot, HTML5, Assistance, feedback, MundoSmilies, or Bau Poll: Choose what you think it could be best. [You can choose one answer or both] Time END Deadline for publication: 17/07/2020 | The winner will be chosen in ARCbot xat with ARCbots BOT {Random} Enjoy, Good luck xatFamily!
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    congratulation good idea
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    your ideas drive me crazy give a nice sense to all the suggestions
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    I think that's a great suggestion, it would be very useful, I hope you guys can make it real with HTML. @xatstaff *NOTE: I would love not to have to see or read certain things and/or people.
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    I think with the power of HTML5 this is more likely than before. I'd be interested in just changing the Ignore feature into a block feature like other platforms with the use of a block list. The only issue I could see is if you're a mod or owner on a chat you'd have no idea if they were writing offensive messages, had an offensive name/status/homepage, etc.
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    it is a good idea
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    😍Ay, DiOs Mío!🙊 que rico Dios mio. 😈🙈
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    Markdown - format your messages and quote others! xat has now released a new markdown system which will allow you further customization in your chat messages! What is Markdown? It is a markup language that allows you to format your messages with a plain text syntax. On xat, it will allow you to make your text Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and even do quotes or hypertexts! How does it work? There are several ways of adding markdown to your chat messages, either manually, keyboard shortcuts or using the context menu, which will be explained below: Manually: You can simply add the markdown using your keyboard with the following syntax: Italic: Enclose your text with one asterisk (*). e.g.: Hello, *how are you?* Bold: Enclose your text with two asterisks (**). e.g.: Are you **really** sure? Strikethrough: Enclose your text with one tilde (~). e.g.: I ~like~ hate flash. Blockquote: Start the text with >[ and end with ]. e.g.: >[I ~like~ hate flash]. Hypertext: Enclosed the text with brackets ([]) and then add the link next to it in parentheses. e.g.: Visit the [best chat ever!](https://xat.com/html5) Keyboard Shortcuts: You just need to select the text you want to format in the text entry field and then press ctrl + the corresponding key to the markdown, which will be detailed below: Italic: ctrl + i Bold: ctrl + b Strikethrough: ctrl + u Blockquote: ctrl + q Context menu: To open the context menu you just need to select the text you want to format and then right click: Quote Icon: You can also quote messages sent by users by clicking the quote icon next to their name. If you click a quoted message, it will scroll into the message's view. Combinations: You can also do combinations between all of the markdowns. e.g.: I ***love** this markdown system. **~Flash is so old fashioned~**. Note: You can only add markdown to text with at least 3 characters. Plus, smilies won't be displayed inside block quotes. We're looking forward your feedback! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Not going to happen due to inconveniences in searching for names with symbols in them.
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    I have given examples of beautiful and cute sea calf that I think you will like. I tried to show the loveliest facial expressions and loveliest movements and humanistic features of the lovable sea calf. While I was giving ideas to power designers, I tried to help power designers with my ideas to design a new power. The cute sea calf examples I have shared here will look really cute and great when designed as a new power.
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    I would like to thank everyone who liked my suggestion and idea, but I think there are not enough examples I have provided, but I will share more sample pictures and drawings. I will try to show you exactly how and what kind of visible an xat animal power I am suggesting with more smiley emoji. Continue following me.
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    Not yet, keep following me I will give new ideas.
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    I absolutely agree with you, and tests and studies should be done on xat pawns for new pawn shapes. I think everyone is bored from xat's normal standard pawns and people want to see new pawn shapes for years, and we have always seen the same pawn shapes since xat was established. Permanent geometric shapes should be bringed for these known classic pawn shapes, and a reasonable and affordable price should be determined at the time when a related pawn geometric power is created. If it is expensive, not everyone can buy it.
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    Is it possible to show the geometric shaped pawns in motion or to rotate the geometric shaped pawns up or turn down in the HTML5 version? A trial test can be done on both xat versions related to this, it would be great if it was possible to provide the turn rotate-down moves of the geometric shaped pawns, it would be really flashy to see both the moving and shaped pawns. I hope they take this idea into account. Although it may seem difficult to redesign the pawns shaped and pawn powers, a trial test can be done about it. maybe this is possible. why not. I want of powers makers to think about this.
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    Thank you very much for likeing my ideas
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    I hope so,. I think all my good ideas will be evaluated. I believe that there will be great innovations and changes in xat when my good ideas are taken into consideration and new xat powers are designed thanks to my ideas. I believe that xat's future years will be perfect. I believe that very attractive, that very different and very interesting powers will emerge. I am hoperful. Maybe we can see the powers that we have dreamed of. Example, like a geometric pawn.We let's wait, we let's watch, see what will happen in xat in the future.
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    Yes, geometric-shaped pawns with a diamond-shaped image look great on the xat pawns. Even, example, for purple powers, purple diamond pawn, for gold powers, yellow diamond pawn, for ruby powers, red diamond pawn would looks great. it would be a great innovation and change for on this xat and on xat powers. I thank you for likeing my ideas.
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    Hello everyone, I've seen standard old pawns on xat in a humanoid way that has always been the standard for years. Contrary to the existing standard humanoid pawn, new pawn shapes with a geometric shape should be developed. I would like to see new pawn shapes in the form of a circle, a square or a hexagonal shape with triangle. however, these geometric-shaped pawns must be designed to be reinstated. some people do not want to change their pawns, it is necessary to think about them. therefore, a special code must be made for the geometric pawn. If we want to add the emoji of any power to our pawn, we must first use the pawn of other powers by converting our geometric pawn back to the normal old standard, and this is the new pawn form, not the power. no fee should be paid for this. geometric shaped pawns should be used on demand. Also this would be great if power makers consider designing a geometric pawn power that changes its pawn shape. I would like on the see pawn shapes that look like crystal-like geometric-shaped pieces and gemstones in place of my old pawn. I showed you sample pictures below.
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    You are the most important person for me, I love you .. You are only mine❤
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    We wait all today at 10 PM GMT+2!!
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    " Grand-mère " it's a french type, i think @Sydno like it too
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    “I said I love you and that's forever And this I promise from the heart I could not love you any better I love you just the way you are.”v
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    @Bryan is the best
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    In the new xat you can give main owner to your friend without sharing password (more secure) And with the new main power, you can decide what your main owner friend can do. Edit only pages? Edit group powers only? etc.
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    Very nice vevrok, this all smileys u posting are very cute and funny!! - i like it, quite a number of smilies, one more beautiful than the other, this could be a rare power! so much beautiful thanks! Sure one of mine COLLECTION!!
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    Thank you for the interesting idea! However, I'll paraphrase what Madison wrote in this post here: Having a chat for banned users sounds like a sort of game or something not entirely serious. The point of bans is to punish someone, not give them access to their own room to party with each other and carelessly chat away. We should be treating bans seriously, and we don't want to encourage them.
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    Thank you to everyone who liked my suggestion. I will make new suggestions and give new ideas. Continue following me.
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    Hello everyone, it is a fabulous contest. I want to present what I have been working on. write me for my xatframe. Thanks!
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    @Tita@Efy@Masha@Ravenette@Hessy@Goku@Pika@Sandy@EyLem@elya@Queen_Sofia Love you all
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    Hello all, Please. The iD 1000888, 1000088 and 330033 has (and other) been registered and you can not suggest these iDs. Please, remove or change it. To know if an iD has not been registered, you can use the following link to search for iDs: http://xat.me/a?id=1013 < Example: just replace the number ID 1013 with the iD you want. This will allow you to identify if the ID you are trying to suggest has not been registered before and so that your suggestion is taken as valid. or by the bot command: !reg 1013 NOTE: If the ID has been registered by someone, then the username of the person will appear. If you do not see any name the ID is available. Thanks! by @Auction
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    I want to point out here that sharks, hippos, dolphins, bearfish, seals and seafishes and sea calfs can seem to be the as like same, but they are all different types of fish. please don't confuse them and focus on the difference. They are all from fish famile, but not all the same. I do not think that there will be confusion if the between difference is noticed.
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