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    Too lazy to answer all statuses so, thank you all for the birthday wishes!
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    Hello, I recently fell in love with this avatar 1712. So the contest is: Whoever redesigns this avatar in a higher quality, without the white circle on the bear's head will win. Rules: Avatar redesign must be in high quality The background must be transparent. Provide the avatar in PNG + [Editable Format, i.e: .psd .ai .. etc] The avatar redesign should be almost identical but without the white circle on top of the bear's head Prize: 999 xats. Prize Holder: @Angelo
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    (hats2) I think this style of hat style will add fun to the conversation, I think you agree with me. sleeper music queen golf cravat bow tie warrior engaged bearded
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    It's good this is brought up again. I agree that more hats would be nice to have, people just love them. Your examples are well done. You could say this one already exists in Hats powers: -->
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    Happy Birthday @Mihai
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    All is beautiful! If these pawns come true this will be my favorite
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    I confirm that I hold the prize. Do your best smiley gifs and win Ruby!
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    Hey! see this!
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    Well my current dream is to see life go back to normal & the whole covid 19 pandemic end.
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    Loved the examples, I hope they can come true
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    I can confirm I am holding the prize.
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    Happy Birthday Sloom!
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    Happy birthday Mihai!
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    Happy Birthday @SLOom
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    Happy birthday Sloom
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Muchas felicidades Clem! Hope you had an amazing one.
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    Happy Birthday bro!!!
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    Happy birthday Sloom!
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    happy birthday sloom!!
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    Joyeux anniversaire!!
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    happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday
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    Have a nice birthday @SLOom!
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    Happy birthday mate, wish you happiness, health and success! Keep going with your good work!
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    Happy Birthday Sloomy 🎂 May this year bring with it all the success and fulfilment your heart desires.
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    Well, I left xat a few times, 1. In Oct 2012 I left xat because I needed to dedicate myself to studies. After that I was addicted to video games, but I had back to xat again in February 2013. (yh Ive joined xat with 9/10 years on anime chats lol) 2. 2015 I left xat again because I joined a military college where I stayed until the end of the year. 3. 2018 I was finishing my studies and also forced to join the Brazilian Army, where I stayed for one year. On weekends I was allowed go home, and in those free times I stayed at Mundosmilies. 4. 2019 I left again, but it was for a few months, maybe 2 or 3, and I was always online using my phone. (I was moving/getting married) Basically yeah, my childhood was in xat. You can think about leaving xat but you'll be back later. Yes, so, you're not "quitting", you're just leaving for a short time.
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    This power is a really so cute ''xat animal power''. I see that these cute powers have very cute emojis. This was one of the lovable animal powers I expected to be designed.I would like to thank the ''smiley makers'' for creating these cute powers with these cute emojis and adding them to xat powers. I really like this cute powers. Good job!
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    I left xat in 2014, then I started to come eventually but without any commitment. Finally in 2018 I come back, here is my childhood and I consider it my home.
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    (Para ler em Português, leia no final! To read in English, simple continue:) A few years ago, members of our community were recognized for bringing significant changes to the xat universe. They made a difference. The importance of acting as the leader of xat5 chat in the past was to be close to the creator of xat. It was a delicate responsibility, you'd have to know how to measure your own personal opinions from the individual opinions of others that arose everyday regarding all kind of matters. At that time, we lived to follow the fast and sensational changes xat presented us. A lot has changed since then. A lot of people have changed too, and like things, and just like us, xat hasn't stopped changing either. Nowadays, in 2020, we live in a reality in which an entire new generation introduces itself to xat. And with this new generation, we have new challenges. We all know that the creator of xat has a group of volunteers with him, diverse people from all over the world who dedicate their daily routines to ensure that xat stays as a pleasant, innovative and original site. Many of these volunteers were recognized for the difference they made at the time of the monthly xat5 main, when they could act as the main owner for a month. Years later, we have a new group that helps xat with their ideas and opinions, the contributors. I use these examples, as it is important to highlight the countless times that xat has embraced the community that uses it. Following this thinking, we will maintain the idea of giving more opportunities for the community to expose their ideas and opinions. We will maintain this timeless dream of always looking for new paths, of obtaining better results, of meeting new people, of facing problems that have never been solved before. We, responsible for the html5 chat and for all the propaganda that seeks to decorate a scenario where the main character is xat, and html5 its climax, are more than happy and proud to announce the first step of this collective plan. Our decision here today is not due to the individual merit of the person elected to take the 1st month on the html5 chat, but due to the results of ambitious projects that positively affect our daily lives. She is responsible for the touching ideas that jump in our Facebook timelines, she worked on the wiki reviewing texts and creating new content, she actively participated by suggesting tools and powers, she tested and helped by experimenting the new version of chat, finding problems and proposing details that until then were not in our field of vision. She definitely marked our history as a kind person, loved by everyone, and skilled in the arts in which she sought to perfect, the graphic design. Lemona. Our decision today is not simply recognize you, or to get you closer to xat, or for you to learn how to work with your personal opinions and the opinions that you will start receiving daily, even because we believe that you already have all these merits... Instead, our decision here is for a new xat. For a future in which everyone has the space to expose their ideas, to talk with tranquility and without interference from the opinions of others subjected to inappropriate conditions for a environment that needs to be welcoming, as it shall be for a chat with such purpose, as ours (html5 chat). For now, with this warm welcome to the future that we're going to build together, I ask your loyalty, not to me, not to Lemona, or to the names that will sign at the bottom of this note, but loyalty to xat; loyalty to the dream of building something much more fun than it was for us a decade ago. From the tired and anxious eyes that sifted through the gigantic list of more than one hundred powers, it will soon be weeks and weeks of exploration and rolling of eyes, and there must be someone to help and guide the new users. For those who have used xat for more than five or ten years, I'm sure that these words will serve as comfort, motivation and hope. To those who jumped off the boat, I suggest you swim back. To those who mock the late development, I recommend you to have patience as it'll soon be rewarded. I respect the doubters, but I also invite them to participate on the html5 chat, so that every month they pay a visit. Lemona won't please everyone, but she made a difference. I thank everyone who read this note, the note is faithful to the dream shared by four helpers who sleep every night thinking of a better xat. On behalf of LaFleur, Sloom, Junior and my own, I officially appoint Lemona to the position of main owner on chat html5 for a period of one month. May we make good memories. Enjoy your day. 1st day of June, 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom. ============================================ Versão em Português (carta original):
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    My dream is definitely a country without socialism and without Maduro, my God.
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    My dream is travelling the world and see the most beautiful places.
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