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    With the new official xat HTML5 testing chat - https://xat.com/html5 - coming to life, we are introducing an old/new exciting system! Each month a user will be picked as the new main owner! This first pick will be on June 1st, 2020. The new main owner will be revealed on the 1st of each month on xat.com/HTML5 and later announced here on this topic. More information about the official xat HTML5 chat can be found here. FAQ Main Owner list: #1 June 1st, 2020: Lemona (220341852) #2 July 1st, 2020: Stif (344107857) #3 August 1st, 2020: TBA
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    Chat, meet people from anywhere in the world, have fun with us - be part of the Mundosmilies community! ... We would love to have you with us!
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    I don't see the point either. Celebrities get the cyan pawn on xat because the fame generated by their popularity can benefit the website by bringing more users and benefit them with people possibly interested in what they do / the content they produce. What giving doctors/nurses a pawn would change to them and to the website? Plus, how would they prove it? showing their degrees? Why would a doctor/nurse, who are probably fighting in the front line against this virus in full time, want a colored pawn on xat? Doctors deserve all the recognition possible, not just because they are fighting against this virus, but for helping people, like they always have. We must recognize them by staying home, taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this virus, by doing our part. By doing this, we prevent more people from being infected and consequently killed by this virus and reduce doctors' exposure to it and the risk they take.
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    I added new summer drinks to my (summertime) suggestion. I also added lemonade bar and lemonade car.
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    There are some habits that people can never give up on for years. These indispensable habits have become a part of people's lives and they think they cannot live without them. Example, a habit I never gave up is to enter xat, chat at xat and buy xat powers. You may have habits that you never give up like reading books, playing games, watching TV, driving, shopping Your what is your habit that you can never give up?
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    I have decided to publish a new type of interview where the entire community is the interviewer. Basically, this is "AMA" format. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Hopefully, this will not just be about me, so here it is: Ask Them Anything. If you like the idea, you can suggest someone. If they are picked, you can ask them any question you'd like. The only limit is what the interviewee will answer (and of course forum rules and terms). Other than that, there is no taboo. The idea is to get the opinion of someone over something, it can be related to xat but it can also be anything else like they're favourite book and why, their best memory, or tips on how to become this or that. Don't filter yourself when asking something, the interviewees will do that by themselves Every weeks the following will happen: 1) An interviewee will be picked 2) You will ask them questions 3) You will suggest someone to be interviewed next For the first week, I will be answering your questions. So feel free to ask me anything! And to suggest who the next interviewee will be! This is community based so we're expecting a lot from you :D PS: Volunteers, Contributors, etc, everyone is allowed to ask questions PS2: You can ask questions below! ======================================== SUMMARY #1 05/31/2020 Sydno's interview ========================================
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    Hello everyone, I made a review and impression on all summer powers. many summer powers have been created so far. however, I thought that innovations and changes could be brought to the existing summer powers smilies. Considering the number too of emoji in the old summer powers that exist now, I thought that additional smilies were needed for the summer powers. I thought these innovations, changes and new additional smilies would be possible with a new powers. a new summer power can be created for these new additional smilies. I suggest for all the summer powers innovations and changes so I suggest the "summertime" new power. The power I propose in this ''suggest'' is different from the already existing summer powers. I will consider the summer theme in, more detailed, not with a single flower or a single fruit. So I gave it a name in general, I didn't want to name any fruit or any flower. I think everyone will love these new, attractive and interesting smilies I share.
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    sometimes even we have bad life or we be sad or have problems, we be happy also and we forgot anything bad in our life when we meet good friends as cherrry @CH3RRY a veces incluso tenemos mala vida o estamos tristes o tenemos problemas, también somos felices y olvidamos cualquier cosa mala en nuestra vida cuando nos encontramos con buenos amigos como @CH3RRY
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    Basically a group power designed to help facilitate staffing on chatrooms. The power enables users to report others if they believe they've broken any rules, it helps prevent backseating and saves the trouble of pcing staff members (especially when they have nopc!) Reports will send out a notification to online staff members, this also helps when staff members are busy and can't look at the chat to moderator 24/7. In the gif, you can see an area for additional information to add, users can add details and screenshots. The gif above shows how moderators or owners would view the reports, hopefully it doesn't look too aesthetically displeasing. I couldn't think of any other places where you could easily access the reports. I'm aware that tab is used for tickle messages, but if you hover over it, it's intended to be a notification tab. If it wasn't obvious enough, I differentiated the colours of a tickle and a report (tickle alerts are green, the one in the gifs are red). Maybe a separate webpage that stores all reports would be cool too, enables the main owner to view on a later date. Gcontrol settings, in order to prevent abuse: Minimum rank to use report can be changed to e.g. member registered only. Report time cooldown just means, the interval between each reports you can make (to prevent mass spam). Who can receive notifications e.g. mods only, owners only or main only. Blacklisted users, a list used to prevent anyone who consistently send reports. As usual, feel free to give feedback.
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    Good morning forum
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    Mundosmilies website was offline for some hours, sorry I forgot to turn it on back while creating the new design lol ;c
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    Hello There, I think it would be a good idea to create recognition for the doctors who are in xat, a pawn color that identifies them as doctors would be super cool. Of course users to won it will have to show their proofs. That will be a process like people to get Celebrity pawn. For those who fights everyday face to face with this pandemic. Later will add some pawn ideas or if someone wanna add it is free to do so.
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    Hello everyone This is not normal to change automatically after so long after I answered those questions for (tickle). Just for re login : https://prnt.sc/sog49v My account was on the ip address. Everyone will have this problem, soon. Respectfully Mihai
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    We would have no way to properly validate if a person is a practicing doctor or no. You could extend your idea to the nursery area, but then again we have the same validation problems. xat has made nursing power for nurses, and medical for doctors. I guess you can use both if you'd like to "express your hospital love" Perhaps in the future xat can come up with a collection where there is context to include hospital stuff (then you'd be able to use some medical pawns forever, for instance). Thanks for the post anyway. Ideas are meant to be heard, let's work on them
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    This is, with all due respect, one of the most useless suggestions I’ve seen around on xat. Doctors don’t need a recognition in a social network just because they are doctors. They deserve all the recognition they get elsewhere, but here it’s just stupid.
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    Yes I like your idea, really this is a great idea, you have drawning very interesting and attractive hairstyles. you continueing to create different styles. Your idea can be designed as a power, as xat powers usually have neck, head and face. So we can also see new styles.
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    Hello everyone, to date, many cute animal powers have been created with the figures and themes of many cute animals. All of them had their own unique and special smilies. I intended myself to renew and change xat. For this purpose, I will propose a lot of new animal powers in addition to the cute old animal powers. I will try to show the shortcomings in the old animal powers and bring innovation and change to the classical smile features. I will include interesting and different expressions so that you do not think like imitation of existing ancient animal forces and so on. I suggest the "ELEPHANT" powers as the first cute animal powers. In the paragraph below, cute, fun and happy phrases are all together.
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    Hey Nosense Will you make male elephant drawings? this power should be for both men and women, not just women. Also I shared elephant pictures for men. You can get ideas from the pictures I shared or I can give other ideas if you want. I can help you with good ideas.
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    I changed the name ''elephant'' in suggest and the name of my will now appear as ''superelephant'', not elephant. People in fact, one should not obsess much about the name of the powers. I tried to show the lack of smilies in existing cute animal powers that already exist. my goal here was to add extra smilies and extra features to the old animal powers. to show people's superior abilities in animals. is to further develop animal powers. Let's see what happens when people's actions and people behaviors are exercised to on powers.
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    Hello everyone! five lucky people will win 10 days. just reply to this post with your regname and id you'll be participating! Five winner will be chosen Tuesday, 26th of May at 08:00 PM (GMT+1). Using this generator. Eid Mubara to all Muslims. Note: The program to be used : RandomResult.com Good Luck!
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    Some of the ones you've posted are already implemented as a setting, but yes, the rest will eventually be added as a setting too. You can see your settings by clicking on your name then click settings button.
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    Hallo Zille
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    *bumping this thread *coughs* HTML5
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    ruby the best have special code of name color xd good why! why!
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    The ones I can take almost free
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    Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!
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    Every day you learn something new and that is good you just have to give thanks and keep learning.
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    Hello, The WİNNERS are ; 1. Magic(10000020) @Magic Received: http://prnt.sc/sp38x2 2. EylemlerinEylemi(256084142) @Eylem Received: http://prnt.sc/soalh0 3. AuraMonica(1534587239) @AuraMonica Received: http://prnt.sc/spmpe4 4. iiielya(1100101081) @elya Received: http://prnt.sc/soajo4 5. Btween2Lungs(1534734674) @Norman Received: http://prnt.sc/soufph P: https://prnt.sc/soah6i Congratulations!! Contact me asap to receive your prize at (my chat) xat.com/iLizyon thank all the participants See you in the next contest.
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    Hay personas en la vida que llegan de repente,donde y cuando menos lo esperamos, y sin fijarnos se van quedando en nuestras vidas para siempre.Así fue contigo, que rápidamente dejaste de ser sólo un usuario más de xat para convertirte en mi mejor amigo.Eres una persona fantástica,Un buen amigo para muchos qué tenemos la suerte de conocerte tal cómo eres.Feliz 12 añosssss Toritoooo ¡Feliz cumple ENANO!
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    Feliz Cumple bro... Espero la pases super bien y muchas felicidades por tu cumple... exitos en todo y muchas bendiciones..
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    Feliz cumpleaños craack, manicomio nos hizo amigos y que festejes hasta el amanecer!!
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    happy birthday
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    🐮 Feliz Cumple Dani!! 🎈 🎉 🎂
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    Happy birthday Daniel
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    Have a nice birthday @D4niel!
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    Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️ One year strong and going. 💪 Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.
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