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    Iframe - a new way to style your group, with animations and more! Iframe group styling is a new edit group and new web feature. It replaces custom CSS codes, which can no longer be used on the new web. How does it work? Simply put an HTML link within the iframe link field. Then, the codes that are written on the HTML page will apply to the background of your group page. On the new edit group, there is an option to set an iframe link. All you need to do is put a html link in this field. Once done, the codes that are written in the html page will simply apply to the background of your group page. Where do I get the HTML links? Currently, since the new edit group is still in public beta, only links with the github.io domain will work. You can for example create a github.io HTML page, customize it to your needs and add it to the new edit group iframe field. Learn more about how to create a github.io page. For an example, visit https://lafleurengine.github.io/iframes/index.html and feel free to try it out on your group. In the future, there will be a store to choose templates from. What can my HTML include? Your HTML page can include HTML, CSS or even Javascript code! With Javascript, you can for example, make cool effects, generate random numbers or use other Javascript codes. Important: Although Javascript is limited on group iframes, you should not try to use malicious content, such as making users click something. Regardless of this limitation, any abuse or attempts to harm users are considered a breach of xat’s Terms of Service. For live preview examples, visit: https://xat.com/lafleurshome?new https://xat.com/rubyyy?new Questions? If you have any questions or need help, let us know.
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    Hello, Decided to make my own, here's how xat2's HTML5 iframe looks like - https://xat.com/xat2. It's not quite hard to do, but I can give some guidance on this if anyone needs. I'd really like to see what other users create or get ideas from. This is a functional one and there will be more functions apart from buttons to come and many other things to do once the quirks are worked out. If you want to use it on your chat, here's the link: https://iframetesting2.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html // As you can see it has sounds and many other functions on the direct link, but what you see on xat2 is just a limited. For now. I will also be making some default themes for this so some users can enjoy. ^_^ Most of the ideas or inputs will be from you guys or like this design suggested by the admins. Enjoy. Here's a gif of the design that's live: https://iframetesting2.s3.amazonaws.com/gif.gif
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    I know this idea has been suggested in the past, but I wanted to bring it up again with some examples on how to make it work. With this power, everytime you have set up a shortcut, you can do, for example: CTRL + G and the plus button will show up: Note: This button will only show up on the pawn of the people YOU have added. If they have NOPC and DON'T have you added, they won't be added to the Group PC. If you select a group of people, MAX 6 people, the Group PC should appear like a normal private chat, just with the registered names (or with display names, what's easier) of the people added to the group private chat. Also, the bubble pc icon should be the group pc power icon, so people can see its different from a normal private chat. When the group pc is created, it should look something like this: Why not just create a chat and invite people there, instead of having a power? (would love if it is a feature, but you know) Simple. Why would I create a chat just to invite some people to tell them something I can do in a quick second? For example, there's a gossip around on the chat we all are in at the same time, and I want to say it to all of them, I can easily create a Group PC in less than a minute and tell them . Thank for coming to my TED Talk.
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    This suggestion has been thought out and suggested before, but I also like the idea and it can be a perfect power to customize our masks and what the mask contains is an animation, if I explain it well? Example woman mask the customization that the mask has would be with animation so that the power is not so basic. These are the mask types I've discovered so far on xat
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    By combining and humanizing cute squirrels with human figures, I wanted to reveal the cutest forms of cute squirrels. Cute squirrels can be turned into interesting xat smilies with human costumes and cute human faces. Let's see their cute, interesting, fun and humanistic new spuirrel smilies together.
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    I like tiny cute squirrels too. It would be nice if there was such a cute squirrel powers on xat.
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    Thank you to everyone
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    Good afternoon, people. Today I come to recommend a power called fashion masks, with different designs and some masks with other motives I hope you like my idea and if you have ideas you can comment on them so you can create a power with more reasons I do not know if this idea was already had by someone else or is similar to another publication. You can also make many more mask motifs by adding effects or colors or prints. * I think this power can have different motives and it will be a great power, for example, where the panda can be created with various animals such as the one with the flags and the footprints of the animals, the food and the lips , many different faces can be used as smiles, laughs, as an effect on the mask I leave these images I found to have more ideas. I hope you like the idea..
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    Hi everyone, there are some movements, behaviors, and traits that make people different from animals. We cannot see them in animals as these are human-specific things in real life. We cannot ask animals of nature to dance, use musical instruments, use sports equipment, use brush, use work tool or use pencil . these are not possible anyway. but it is possible to design them for xat powers. As a continuation of the cute animal series, I propose a defferent and improved new animal powers. I suggest the "KSQUIRREL" animal powers https://prnt.sc/rvzks8 https://prnt.sc/rvzm3l https://prnt.sc/rvzohh https://prnt.sc/rvzrdt https://prnt.sc/rvzt2x https://prnt.sc/rw0al4
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    They are definitly cute, I hope your suggestion will be appreciated by the smiley makers.
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    The wording here was a bit confusing. This clears it up for me: anyone who logs in with the group password can access the miscellaneous and mainowners sections, and anyone who logs in via their account password cannot (even "the actual group main owner"). I also believe miscellaneous should be moved to it's own tab to avoid confusion with this: It should just be completely separate and have no permission option. Also, within the appearance section of edit group, there's two background boxes and to me it wasn't immediately clear which one is which, as "group" doesn't really describe the page the chat is on, in my opinion. The top box should probably be labelled "outer background" and the bottom "inner background" as these two words are common xat terminology.
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    I continue contribute to the changes of xat animal powers with different ideas and with different xat emojis. I try to show the best loveliest positions of squirrels, their most lovable postures and their most adorable expressions. I'm sure you've never seen squirrels so cute. I'm thinks you will be happy to see unexpected and human-specific movements and behaviors from cute squirrels on the xat emojis, I shared pictures showing the most different and interesting squirrels of xat emojis to make a difference in xat animal powers.
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    Hi everyone! I want ''Garden'' xat powers. In the my ''springrose xat powers'' suggest, which I have suggested before, I was include various rose symbols and various rose shapes in the spring theme, and I was tried to make xat powers statements by using the rose crowns and rose buckles together with the spring theme.Them I tried to convert them to xat powers expressions, but in this new suggest, I make all wild flowers a more comprehensive and more detailed topic. I use it's human face shapes, human hand and arm shapes with together various flowers and tools.These smilies can be an idea to xat designers. If this suggest is taken into account, we can see the xat smilies my suggested in the new xat powers that can be created in the future. I present this suggest to the knowledge of xat powers designers. Pay attention to the different face, hand and arm shapes I have included in my suggest. I have added emoji pictures about wildflowers to my suggest. Also I will support these pictures with different pictures and drawings. As in these examples, it would be nice to see cute wildflower emojis in xat flower powers. If can these powers were created, I think many people will buy these powers on xat and use them with pleasure.
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    This is suggests very wonderful πŸ”₯
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    I like this idea, nice idea, this suggestion has nice masks that everyone can use
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    Good morning to everyone, have a nice day
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    Deleted all of my IDs in April and forgot to give one out, 888325252. If anyone wants, LMK. No price, don't care for this wasteland anymore.
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    Hi, I like this suggestion, I will be using (fmflag#wgt) it's an simple suggestion but cool power...
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    Hello i definitely love this idea good job! And agree to @xLaming can connect also in all flag. bcuz me im doin washable mask and some customer ask me they ask a phil. flag. well i did. Specially we in situation for covid19 facing now worldwide. Thank you for suggestion for this. And if you use this in animated gif dang this will be more cute
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    This is something easy, simple, but cool. I like this idea, Would be cool we being allowed to use these masks in yellow smilies, Also something where we can mix masks + flags, per example (cool#fmask#wbr) for brazilian flag.
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    Hey, while xat is busy on reworking it's site, I have a suggestion for you - A more dynamic chat box. Since mid 2007 the biggest standard Chat Box size on xat was 728x486. The chat box, in it's flash version, is already very dynamic, since it was made to be embedded on your homepage in various sizes. Most of the buttons use vector images already. Nowadays, more and more people use high resolution monitors which differ in their resolutions alot. Ranging mostly from Full HD over 2K to 4K, especially for the latter this is too small. On the old flash version of the group pages, the side apps open too far away from the Chat Box, too. Now it is time, in my opinion, for the Chat Box to become more dynamic in size, changing sizes depending on what monitor they are viewed on (and, that is, the size of the browser window.) I tried on my own chat to make the chat box bigger, trying a resolution of 800x534 (1.1x size, applying to the flash chat box) and everything looks very smooth. CSS designers can try to test with increasing or decreasing their chat box sizes (in the flash version, since CSS doesn't work for the HTML5 versions yet) by adding the following chat group CSS: [height='486']{width:800px}[height='486']{height:534px} Where the values in the squirly brackets may vary. Keep in mind the Chat Box's dimensions are 3:2 (3 by 2). You can put the side apps closer to the chat box by adding the following: #media embed{float:right} Does this mean the old standard for BG designers of 728x486 would be no longer relevant? Well, yes. But is xat in itself today very relevant anymore? Sometimes change requires you to let go of old goodies to be open for the future. I can understand many BG designers would be against it, but if this site that I love so much keeps dying, who are you gonna design your BGs for anyways? One suggestion would be for future inner BG designers to use programs like Adobe Illustrator or the free alternative Inkscape to design dynamic SVG file backgrounds that will not use quality when scaled up or down. Meaning xat should allow the use of SVG file backgrounds which also means allowing different file hosters. Another way, the better one in my opinion, would be to keep 728x486 as one of, let's say, 4 different static resolutions the chat box automatically changes it's size to if a certain window/screen criteria is met, meaning BG designers in that case would need to design one big background or four different sized ones. Example: Browser window / screen size is at 1600x900 - Chat Box size: 728x486 Browser window / screen size is at 1920x1080 - Chat Box size: 800x534 Browser window / screen size is at 2560x1440 - Chat Box size: 900x600 etc. Additionally, we could make xat's side webapps click and dragable around the site, in order to change their positioning. Just like you click and drag around the windows of open apps/programs on your computer to change their positioning. So, make xat's apps, like xavi, doodle, etc. moveable. And maybe, add a titlebar? So, bottom line: Chat Box = Dynamic size Side webapps = Static, dragable, moveable around the webiste Greetings, Voymo
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    A new version is available. Changelog updated.ο»Ώ
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    A new version is available (May 18, 2020). Changelog updated. Friend search, kisses and more!
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    Nice power, i like it.
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    I added new pictures to xat ''squirrel'' ''powers'' suggest. When you examine these pictures, you will see that each picture has different postures and symbols in different costumes. Also, when you examine each of the pictures, you will be able to see different holding hands, different faces, different figures of looking. All these squirrel pictures are cute and beautiful from each other. When you look at wild squirrels in the forests, you cannot see a squirrel holding a mirror or camera wearing a costume, as in the pictures below. because as you know, these are unique to humans and the costumes in the pictures below are for human. But when we think of these cute squirrel pictures as a powers on xat, we can think that it will be a very cute squirrel power, although these may seem like an impossible dream, on the xat can be turned into emojis of cute animal powers.
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    Yes dear, they are so cute, I thanks you like my ideas
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    I put my own ideas here and tried to contribute to xat with my own ideas. In fact, I have no intention of imitating or stealing other people's ideas. I respect the opinions of others. I see that a similar suggest was created not so recently, but a long time ago. Next time I will use the search option I respect the also other criticism that I will be more careful and tidy next time. Also there is if I apologize for any errors I made unwittingly. I will never act without good thought.
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    Hello, Everyone! xat would like to announce it's NEW HTML5 interface design to the community. Here's what the features of this new interface brings. For starts, a new widget menu. The widget menu for the groups tab will show, Promoted Groups, featured chats, popular chats, supported chats, game chats, the search option and quick access to Help and/or Trade. Which can be shown here: The widget menu for the stores tab will show, buy xats & days, powers, short name, auctions, xavis, promotion, ads and groups. Which can be shown here: The widget menu for the xat tab will show, wiki, community, ticket, twitter, Facebook, privacy, terms of service and safety. Which can be shown here: The widget menu for the group tab will show, embed and inappropriate. Which can be shown here: The widget menu for the account tab will show which account you are logged into: It will also show which account you're logged into, your xat.me profile, user settings and the logout button. Flash app are working with HTML5. Trade app is glitched and we already know about all the possible bugs. For now, applications will stay in flash. Later they will be converted into HTML5. The only HTML5 application is Chess. How to access apps: Tabs: The user tabs menu was also updated in this which is very simple and user-friendly. Very simple and sleek to the users eyes. It's not so clustered as before and it's very easy to use. Full screen look of the new interface: How do you access it? Go to the corresponding chat you want and then add ?new2 at the end of the chat link. For example: http://xat.com/xat_test?new2 would take you to xat's new interface and HTML5's latest chat version. Known Bug at the moment: CSS NOT support. Outer backgrounds not currently working. Logout button leads to events.php This is always updating so be sure to check out what new features are added since xat's always making updates to this. If you want to report any bugs, then feel free to report them on the Bug Tracker area and the moderators of the Bug Tracker team will look at it.
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    Here I will put some of my designs so that they know a little more about my hobby. I hope you like it. Bg's Chat box
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    Here's another example: https://xat.com/html5
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    New Items *-*
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    I wanted to tell you that you can download any video from you tube using this converter https://2conv.com/es45/youtube-video-downloader/ I hope you like it.
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    Good morning Mafia bro
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