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    My suggestion is this, why not pay tribute to xat users and everyone who has a medical profession with some power over their profession? Okay if you didn't like the idea this way let's take a closer look at it we have no power on the subject of medicine. Why not think of one? Examples without animation: SMILE 1: This smile is (facemask) of power costumes, this smile could make it better is a basic idea. SMILE 2: To make this smile, take some examples from the power hands SMILE 3: SMILE 4: This face is similar to the free face (medmask), you could think of some power or some function that allows us to customize the mask to our liking, be it the color, add some letters or even have the flag of your country. Examples of pawns: Pawn 1: Pawn 2: This pawn could be permanent. I also leave them in the example of pawns in case it does not serve as an idea as a power, have any possibility as a pawn. Pawn 3: Pawn 4: Changelog - May 5, 2020: Looking at the list of powers in detail, I found power ID 179 Nursing as it is similar to one of my suggestions. I think instead of a new power, an upgrade to the power of Nursing released on May 11, 2012 would be better As we can see nursing is a power that can improve its design and animations, with this we would also be giving it utility to the previously released powers, I will work on my main idea and the redesign of this power. This publication will be updated little by little, thanks for your attention. I will continue to think about new smileys and their animations.
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    This is really great, this is new, innovative! Who would have designed that nice template haha Nice job, bro
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    Hello humans, I just made a bingo game and I will share it for you so that you can use it. This game is just a such of bingo mixed with "dice". First and most important. Rules: Bot will leave your chat after 5 minutes of inactivity. Bot should be member, or some bugs will happen. Bot will never join a chat that it's already being used, if you're using OpenBOT and want to play the game, just use !bingo. You need the power (appbot) in your account before calling the bot to your chat. How to play: Go to xat.com/OpenBOT Use the following command !appbot [CHAT NAME/ID] [GAME NAME] [LANGUAGE] CHAT NAME/ID = your chat name/id, e.g Mundosmilies. GAME NAME = game name, available: bingo LANGUAGE (OPTIONAL) = bot language, available: en, pt, es, it, ar Example: !appbot Mundosmilies bingo es Commands (when the bot is in your chat) !appbot regonly [on/off] - Set the game to registered users [OWNERS+] !appbot roll - Select a random number on the table [OWNERS+] !appbot start - Start the game [OWNERS+] !appbot stop - Stop the game [OWNERS+] !appbot restart - Restart the game [OWNERS+] !appbot play - Add your xat ID or register to the table of numbers (all users who wants to play should use this command) !appbot open - Re-open the game in case you refreshed the page !appbot numbers - See the current drawn numbers Screenshots/Demo: (click to show) Please give me feedback, and if you have any suggestion for future games you can tell me, with this new framework I did, I'm sure I can do a lot of new games or apps
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    Hi guys, I came to share with you this little joke for html5 xat version. code for xat edit. <style> body{background:transparent;} .box{ width:100%; height:1080px; } </style> <div class="box"> [radiohtml:100%:100%:9708aa276] </div> JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. New Image Providers Graphics Chat Ongoing Discussions These topics are currently ongoing. If you would like to offer feedback and/or suggestions, feel free to send me a message, and I'd be happy to convey it to the rest of the group. You can also post a comment if you would like to offer feedback and/or suggestions. Spanish lobby
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    IMPORTANT As many of you know when a limited power is released at Noticias xat, we raffle it . This wouldn't be an exception but we got two prizes now. ( 1st = 1000 xats, and 2nd = 500 xats ) You just have to go to xat.com/Noticias and pc any staff to join the contest. Contest rules: Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. The winner must contact the main owner of xat Noticias to obtain the prize. Any response that causes drama or does not follow the rules will be reported immediately. The winner will be chosen at random with a generator. The contest will end on May 10. 14:00pm Spanish time (CEST).
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    ID: 589 Name: FACE Status: Unknown The new power is called: FACE Pick and mix smilie faces with 1000s of combinations possible. Choose different eyes, mouths and others elements to create a new unique smilie face. Usage: (face.wEYES.MOUTH.OTHER) - Mouth and other are optional Example: (face#wsmirk.chew.swt) - Smiley with smirk eyes, with chew mouth and swt. EYES: ashamed, biggrin, chew, confused, contempt, cool, cry2, crying, d, eek, frown, goo, hello, inlove, mad, mischief, nme, puke, redface, scn, sleepy, smile, smirk, swear, swt, tongue, vampire, wary, wink, yum MOUTH: ashamed, biggrin, chew, confused, contempt, cool, cry2, crying, d, eek, frown, goo, hello, inlove, mad, mischief, nme, puke, redface, scn, sleepy, smile, smirk, swear, swt, tongue, vampire, wary, wink, yum OTHER: cry2, crying, inlove, redface, swear, swt More examples: (face#wmad.cool) (face#wwink.nme) (face#whello.contempt) (face#wpuke.nme) (face#wmad.wary) (face#wsmirk.chew) (face#week.hello) (face#winlove.mischief) (face#wsmirk.scn) (face#wnme.confused) (face#wswear.hello) (face#wd.confused) Happy smiley making!
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    Good morning Nosense bro
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    🐽 Chubby 🐽
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    Great pictures, you have chosen good facial expressions in these pictures, the eyes look impressive, will you complete these pictures with any costume or vehicle? I can give you suggestions for tools and costumes for pictures .
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    Now there are no excuses for creativity in the Mundosmilies contest, without limits!
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    HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Create your Mundosmilies Account; Log in using your account; Confirm your account using the command "!activate [YOUR CODE]"; Go to "Add smiley", and share your smilies; Comment here with all your smilies shared. RULES: You may confirm your Mundosmilies Account, using your main xat account (xat ID you will receive the prize if you win); Be always creative and do not steal other' users; Winner will be announced when countdown ends; You need to make a comment with all your smilies shared on the site. Edit it if necessary. PRIZES: 8000 xats 4000 xats 3000 xats JUDGES: Mundosmilies staff DONATIONS: @Drika // Myself PRIZE HOLDER: @Stif COUNTDOWN: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1944900/mundosmilies-contest-ends
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    Te deseo mucha suerte para mañana, mi cariño. Recuerda que creo en ti!
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    i suggest to add roll, ecstatic and meh!
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    I'm really enjoying this power but I can't wait for more mouths to be added, really a great job you are doing, thank you very much
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    Remade it, thx @iSanty for images.
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    I'm not sure if what I'm about to say is feasible (or has already been implemented and I should check it directly), but could the Power Face be implemented with other types of smileys, for example Square or Mirror? I'd like to see maybe the combination face#mwEYES.MOUTH.OTHER with the power Mirror. Do you think it's a good implementation? Or does the Power Face already include these additions?
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    This is how you throw a party in quarantine. #PenParty
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    Btw, would be good also adding yellegg faces and faces from "10th anniversary" !
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