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    Hello, we are going to hold a contest in celebration of Easter! Our contests will work like this: We will send a image of a smiley, and you have to guess its name (free/power smiley); Every 5 people who hit the smiley we'll put them in a list and random their names, and the winners will take the prizes; There will also be several other contests and prizes such as random picks, guess the smiley etc; Don't forget that contests will start at 01:00 PM (GMT -3) - next saturday. Donation: @Drika & Myself Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1895847/contest-start-at Leia em português Leer en español: Good luck. Boa sorte. Buena suerte.
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    Hi all, The winners for this one are: #1 @Ayberk #2 @Magic #3 @SHAW #4 @Exin #5 @Enge #6 @Erick #7 @HUSE1N #8 @yerimar #9 @Maxo #10 @xRavenette #11 @Briansc7 #12 @Borbo #13 @Kevin #14 @iMano #15 @debz #16 @RobFerrari #17 @CAROOL #18 @Deff #19 @Temo #20 @Coolingman #21 @Kaay The corresponding prizes are: #1 500 xats #2 300 xats #3 500 xats #4 Whirlfx #5 700 xats #6 Santa #7 300 xats #8 Gsound #9 500 xats #10 Anime #11 900 xats #12 Space #13 1000 xats #14 Vampyre #15 Pcback #16 Oids #17 Animate #18 300 xats #19 700 xats #20 300 xats #21 Animate So happy to see new winners! Thank you for the many entries & participating! The next giveaway will be posted after the prizes have been collected and when time permits Contact me at xat.com/Chat for the prize within 48 hours Good luck on the next one!
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    So I realized after making---> that there is no way to currently have a animated pcback with the pcback power. I suggest a power or a change to pcback to allow animated backgrounds.
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    The new power what i want to suggested is (noadded) What is the function of this power ? The power can allow us to do not be added by other users who's want to added us in theirs friends. Exemple ? Like users who's they are got banned we can't added them.
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    It's time for another game, this time it's time to rhyme! Alright everyone, it's that time again for another game, except this time with a twist. The focus of this game is to do your best in rhyming with the word the last post chose. (Example: User 1 Posts: xat ---- User 2 Posts: Flat | User 2 Word = Bake ---- User 3 posts: Cake) So on and so forth, so lets have fun! First word Game
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    ID: 587 Name: YELLEGG Status: Unlimited Price: Unknow Category: User power / Smilie Hats: (hat#he), (hat#hg) Smilies: (yellegg), (wondering), (drained), (uh), (mmm), (idea), (hysterical), (envious), (disappointed), (eggbk1), (eggbk2), (eggbk3), (eggbk4)
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    Following up on your suggested function, maybe this can be done by clicking a user and having a button called "NoAdd." That way, for the other user, the option to "Add as Friend" or "Un-friend" towards you cannot be used.
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    I like this idea, It's something that won't use a lot of RAM in HTML5, since its just a "gif" nothing else. "Flix" powers I'm almost sure will be same thing, so why not? I support 100% your idea, including I did something like some time ago for chat groups
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    Happy birthday Bandy
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    Hi all, All prizes have been collected from the previous giveaway. This next giveaway is listed below and contains 21 winners. I've matched the prizes with their number: #1 500 xats #2 300 xats #3 500 xats #4 Whirlfx #5 700 xats #6 Santa #7 300 xats #8 Gsound #9 500 xats #10 Anime #11 900 xats #12 Space #13 1000 xats #14 Vampyre #15 Pcback #16 Oids #17 Animate #18 300 xats #19 700 xats #20 300 xats #21 Animate How to participate: Reply to this thread with your register name and ID Rules to know: Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified Winners will be chosen on Friday, 10th of April at 08:00 PM (GMT+1). Using this generator If the winner is held or has not contacted me within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen with same the way I am the prizeholder and I can be contacted at xat.com/Chat I hope there will be more than 21 entries:) Good luck to all!
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    Any lag? Maybe we need an option to disable the animation too.
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    Hi everyone, I had previously tried to develop the powers of fairy by suggesting the powers of fairylove, for valentine day and tried to complement the shortcomings of this powers with some smilies. I propose the "fairyangel" powers by suggesting a new strength. I will create new smilies with different fairy costumes and different fairy hairstyles.I will try to contribute to xat with creative, innovative and different ideas. Allready I will redesign the fairy and angel powers that exist between powers. It will be superior and will make a big difference. https://prnt.sc/ruqboi https://prnt.sc/ruqd2o https://prnt.sc/ruqkox https://prnt.sc/ruqmxy https://prnt.sc/ruqo75 https://prnt.sc/ruqpkq https://prnt.sc/ruqqfx https://prnt.sc/ruqrk4
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    I would like to present Gifs as PcBack This was requested by @Maverick and Coded by me with the Help of @oj What i would like to know is would you guys like this too? Hey Darren/Chris @Admin have a looksies only required 14 lines of code
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    Well, I need to say. This is the first smiley power I liked since a long time ago, congratulations who did it lol. But I don't think "emojis converted in smilies" are really a easter power to have this name just because it has 4 bkgs related to easter, I mean, its a bit confuse and no sense, it would be separated from easter power. This is a good power.
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    This would look pretty nice on some current pcbacks. I’ve seen some BG’s with animation and they don’t give much lag, I really hope they take this idea.
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    @Danny, I've merged your suggestion with Techy's suggestion because both suggestions are the same, literally. Thank you.
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    That would be cool cause i know before you use to be able to have animated backgrounds even i have had one on chat
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    Phrases i think you can use hello+world+im+laming, But yeah, anyway I think this should be improved in a easier way!
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    Actually you can do this e.g "hello AND word" https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Search Sure, would be cool, maybe a page called search divided by two tabs, one just for groups, and other as it is now. Would help a lot people searching based on chat group tags, descriptions, chat name, etc.
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    Would it be possible to search for quoted phrases like this? "search more than one word". Also, it would be helpful to add an option to avoid finding smilies. Here's an example: right now if you search "hello", you'll be able to see messages using smiley. I'd like to focus when I search for something on text messages and avoid having results that include the hello smiley only basically because it shows "Hello" smiley as an included text.
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    So by default search for all groups and an additional option to search within a specific group only?
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    Flower dear, You have good suggestions, you are very smart
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    @Admin i already told you that lets have block notification or block power not just ignore at forum and xat chats you can click block someone who you dont like and he or she cant see you and you cant see them they cant come to yuor chat or your forum profile but other they can see them bcz i think ignore not enough
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    I agree with the comment above, the search for an specific chat name should be added. The search we got now pretty much just searches for an specific word mentioned like a name for example. But sometimes we can’t remember a chat name and we have to be typing it on the search bar trying to guess if it’s the right one. It would be easier if we could just type an specific chat name and suggest all the chats by the name we’re looking for.
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    We would have "Chat Search" (in a better than than GroupSearch.php that just show some chats)
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    as i told you @Admin you should add notification in html5 for xat chat as tickle or visitors list tom2 visited your chat 2 heures ago http://prntscr.com/rw53ib
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    Hello, As we know gifs should be stripped on xat.com/animate so this makes a bit harder to some users, or at least not user-friendly. My suggestion is that xat start allowing .gif files with animations, since HTML5 chats support this, it would be nice. Well, same to chat groups(box) or pcbacks, on HTML5 it is fully compatible, no extra work, just small changes. You can add this as free feature or power or whatever but it would be really great to see this all working.
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