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  1. The new edit group is currently in the works. It will come with a clean, responsive and user-friendly design. Users involved in this project: Sloom. - Sneak peaks - Jan 19, 2020: Feb 02, 2020: Feb 09, 2020: Feb 23, 2020:
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  3. Hello everyone! I've decided to give 500 xats to three lucky users on the forum. How to participate? Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Rules to follow : - Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. - One winner will be chosen Sunday, 2nd of February at 08:00 PM (GMT+1). Using this generator. - If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 24 hours, another winner will be chosen with same the way. You can contact me or contact @Masha to receive the prize on xat.com/chat . (PS: Thx @Masha for the random donation ) Good luck to all!!
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  4. New sneak peek will be given this saturday! 👀
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  5. I dislike people, world and almost of everything included on it.
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  15. my first backdrops made by me for the start let you give me your opinion
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  17. But I wonder where were you 🎵
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  18. ¡Espero que tengas un buen día, reina de los paraguas! ¡Te quiero mucho!
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  21. where are my congratulations? >.< hummmmm
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