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    potayto, potahto 💤
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    The future of xat: Watch. Today, after 2 years of extremely hard work behind the scenes, xat is revealing its future. Get to know the brand new and innovative: xat watch. The xat watch is solely designed to give you the best experience of chatting while being anywhere outside of the range of your computer or your smartphone - may it be while you’re doing sports, while your sitting at your favorite restaurant or while you’re taking a break at your work, you’re always one-click away to connect to your favorite chat! Let us get to meet the features of the xat watch. InstantJoin The xat watch comes with a button to the right side of the watch - upon clicking that button, you’re instantly connected to your favourite chat. Once connected, you can simply type and respond to messages like you're used to. But isn't that old-fashioned? We thought so too! Introduction Ellixa xat is happy to introduce their personal digital assistant: Ellixa. With Ellixa xat makes use of VoiceCommands. No more typing or having to search for smiley names! Ellixa Start Simply say “Ellixa” and “Start” to start the xat watch and connect to your favourite chat group! Ellixa VoiceMessage Add messages to the chat using Ellixa VoiceMessage. Simply say “Ellixa” and the “message” you want to pass along. For example: “Ellixa; Hello there guys, I’m currently using the brand new xat watch to submit this message - this is amazing!”. Ellixa VoiceSmiley But what about smilies? We made that too simple! Just shout “Ellixa”, “Add smiley” and the smiley name - this can even be a smiley combination such as “party, color:red, thumbsup:yellow”. Ellixa has access to the entire smiley database and is also learning with every new smiley combination users make on the xat watch with Ellixa! Ellixa VoiceGroupSearch If you want to join a specific chat group, you would say “Ellixa”, “Connect” and the “group name”. For example: “Ellixa, connect me to Help”. Ellixa VoiceGroupNext But what if you don’t want to search for chats all the time? For that we use the GroupNext command, simply say “Ellixa and “Next” and you will be randomly connected to the next chat group! Promoted groups always come first. Language Support The xat watch and Ellixa will be supported for the languages: English Spanish Portuguese Turkish Romanian French German More Features Dual-core processor Splash resistant Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz) Bluetooth 4.0 Ambient light sensor OLED Retina display with Force Touch Ion-X glass Up to 42 hours battery time Colors The xat watch comes with three colors you can choose from: White, black and light pink. Whether you want to stay neutral or go with a more vibrant color; those colors are perfectely designed to fit your aesthetic. Price: 155$ Warranty: 2 years Available on May 4 2018 Pre-Order Now! Special thanks to DonQuijote for images.
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    I think the world will change again And then good triumphs over evil That someone guides us on our way And takes our fate in hand Yes, I believe in eternity And that everyone forgives everyone Everyone becomes the same again Everyone gets what he deserves I believe that mankind sometimes lives in peace And there is real friendship And the planet of love will be the earth And the sun will turn around us It will be time In which the wish helps again It will be time In which the wish helps again In which the wish helps again It gets too beautiful To be true Have confidence one last time The here and now is long gone Like an old, bad dream It will be a great victory for justice For decency and morality It will be the resurrection from the Holy Spirit And Santa's The time comes In which the wish helps again The time comes In which the wish helps again In which the wish helps again Make a wish... Come and wish you something Song text in english. Perhaps the world is changing so times.
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    Thanks for your invitation.
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    ID: 580 Name: SCAMP Status: Limited Price: 199 xats Category: User power Hats: (hat#hs) Smilies: scamp, scdance, scbow, scbold, scblush, scback, sctongue, scshout, scno, clook, scawe
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    Gracias por la sorpresa, me encantó!! <3 Te informó que estás oficialmente perdonado!
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    Wey 😱 is missing my bday here Go go 😒🙈 15 June
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    Born my bro Happy Birthday!!!
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    Hello @mary17 - Happy Birthday, congratulations, everything you want to achieve. I decided to add the name to all, as you can see at the top of the page » HERE « Every year there are the same messages, there are many open pages, in a few years we will have hundreds of pages open only with HappyBirthday. Sorry if this made it a nuisance or confusing. HappyBirthday
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