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    voted in 2009 because it was when i was not here
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    Hello I wanna tell about many bugs or errors ? on the app 1.) I can’t do login . 2.) I can't buying xats from xat. 3.) i can’t buying new power from store . 4.) I can’t desactive any powers , totally error at all
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    https://prnt.sc/qtpte0 i knew it.
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    did ariana grande really think she was going to win the grammy? hahaha!!! all hail my queen billie eilish %#@#%# !!!!
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    This is a real problem for everyone who uses the phone.
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    Hello everyone. - ARCbots Random - The winners »1« @D4niel To receive the prize you can find me on xat ARCbots or Ajutor - Thank everyone.
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    Thank you for support I respect your opinion and I am happy with that ♥ @DUYGU
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    Thanks you @DUYGU ❤️🌹 I’m happy for see. You in Mosa3adeh Arabic with friends. And Ajutor ❤️😍
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    Hi everyone, I want to thank the staff Help you are wonderful people, I am glad we met Help is a chat that respects you who helps and deserves help and other people who are for the first time in chat com or who do not know how to chat or i don't know xat com we help each other's help team in the heart of my soul so i will always be good and bad for easy or hard for xat help, so we destroy a family we are a united staff with great big souls
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    Thank you very much for helping and support
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    Thank you very much for your support
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    Similar to Maxo, I voted 2019 because it was my busiest year on xat, and the year I made the most contributions to the website. Another reason is that 2019 was my first year of living alone, so I had complete control of my daily routine and freedom to come online whenever I wanted.
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    I'd have to say from 2010-2013. Those were the days.
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    we are all the same as seen by the administrators of xat some people just think they are better but they are not ...i like xat
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    Even if there's a favourite year for everyone, we should move back and think about what we learnt every single year. It might not be your favourite, but there will always be something to learn from previous years that made it important and special, including good and bad memories.
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    i try my best to be in all chats an help users everywhere ... i try to suggest new things for this world of xat and i repport any thing wrong ... so i wish you all do same with all the love from the heart ... i was happy when peopels liked me as dj liked my songs and they was happy when i helped them and they trust me i do all of that bcz i want that not for bcz i want something from others if you guys need anything just message me
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    you are welcome sis 💗
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    Happy beggining of the week to all. A wonderful Monday
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    Ok thank you I will try it Safari is not open me the page or if open everything is dark but I will try Crome
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    The application is a way to communicate with people through the mobile, the chef works for my sister, but it appears as if it has not been completed, purchases are xats or strength, Currently unsafe with the application, you can use the Chrome or Safari browser on the iPhone, I am using it, if the chat has an irritation on the browser, just panic into the settings, and make non-animated smiles, it will be easy for you to do everything through the browser. Trust me
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    award received thank you very much
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    The person who helps, means that you care about the other people means that you have a wonderful heart, you're so adorable i am so lucky to have you as friends and sisters good luck keep going.
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