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    Hello xat users! A new type of event will be organized next week! THIS CONTEST WILL BE HELD AT xat.COM/MANICOMIO AND ALL ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THESE WONDERFUL AWARDS There will be many ways to participate and several games ... * The Game is called Random Number and I will tell you a little about how it works: I will call each user in the room to throw !Randomnumber with the bot in the room, I will set the winning number, who takes out the winning number and no one else takes it out in the round, will be the winner of a prize. * There will also be the Ramdom User Game, this is how it works: Using the bot in the room, I will use the command !Randomuser to get the users name randomly, the 2nd. User in the bot will be the winner of a prize. * There will also be another Game in the room using GAMEBOT There will be many prizes and surprises among them we have the following wonderful prizes: Prizes to be distributed will be between December 22 and 23: (200) Days (20k) of xats (1) (1) (1) (1) (2) (1) (1) (1) (2) (1) (2) (3) (2) (1) Date and Time of the Games: Sunday , December 22 22PM (Spanish Time) Monday , December 23 16PM GMT (Spanish Time) I will post here or a member of the STAFF team when the time to organize the first and second event is closer. Merry Christmas from MANICOMIO!
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    Game's Musical Trivia event starts in 1 hour! Bring your ears because you'll need them to recognize music! Afterwards is GameBot with a 2000 xat prizefund with 50 xats per round and 5 rounds per game before rotating.
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    The games are for all registered users of xat.com, no matter what country they are from, all we ask is that they use the translator to better understand. The explanations of each game will be given in 3 languages Spanish, Portuguese and English. that all the users that between that day have a great time.Any questions you can leave in the comments, or you can write us by private message to @CH3RRY @JasonOficial @D4niel @Nathaly We look forward to your participation and have fun! Here is the timer to start the games. December 22nd https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1656657/christmas-madness-2019 December 23nd https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1653928/christmas-madness-2019
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    Musical Trivia contest starting soon! Questions will consist of Christmas and pop music, as well as ability to recognize voices and music! Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, feel free to reply here, talk to me in-chat, or send me a private message. Merry Christmas! Countdown โ†
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    Hello users of xat! Next week I am going to be hosting a new type of event similar to what I've hosted before, but with a little twist! This event is called Musical Trivia, and I will tell you a little about how it works: I will ask a question such as "Who wrote this song?" or "What is this song?" or "Name the artist and song" or "Finish these lyrics..." A pastebin with the link to the audio file will be used to ask the question. This event requires participants the ability to download and open wav audio files. Whoever answers the question correctly first will win the round. There will be a total of 15 rounds, and it is a win 1 skip 1 event. I will explain more in-depth about how this event works when it is the time to start, or if I am asked any questions about it. GameBot will also be hosted after this event. More information is linked below: Date Time Game Prize Host Friday, December 20 7PM GMT / 2PM EST Musical Trivia* 200 xats/q, 3000 xats total Nathan Friday, December 20 After previous event GameBot * 50 xats/r, 2000 xats total Staff Events with a * after it indicate it is a win 1 skip 1 event. Merry Christmas! I will post here again when the time to host the first event is closer (around 12-24 hours before the first event starts).
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    Yes, it is very important for the Romanian community to get the help in their language. Thank you all for the support, and for the beautiful words. Respectfully Mihai
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    Teleportation, Of course we almost done. https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/news/a27271/chinese-scientists-successfully-teleported-a-particle-to-space/
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    We will consider re-opening Ajutor, thanks for bringing this up. It is important that the Romanian community can get the same help in their language as other communities do on official help chats.
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    When you pass the most difficult subjects and leave an easy one
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    @SHAW SHAW (1003) has been disqualified from the remaining Winter Festival contests for using two accounts on the gamebot contest yesterday. The rules were 'win 1 skip 1' (i.e. if you win a game then you shouldn't play the next game). However, they bypassed this rule by using their alternate account A353313063 (353313063) on a different browser to play the games. They won a staggering 31 of the 65 rounds we played yesterday; some were amounts of 100 xats and some were 200 xats. Thankfully, none of the xats that Admins generously donated towards the Winter Festival were used, so it's only my own xats that were cheated. Since xat has sponsored the festival, it's intended that users act with integrity and fairness. Please be aware of cheating like this in the future, and report it if you suspect anything. Sadly, we found out too late.
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    The difference between how we imagine the Earth and the Moon are and how it really is.
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    @Ted hey bro put you register and id to participate in the contest
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    xat.com/ajutor can help many romanian people
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    Most of the xat.com users are Romanians, and I think it is worth getting help in their native language, I think it would be a nice gift from the xat.com team to reopen xat.com/Ajutor to we can treat our users, thank you very much to the staff of xat.com/Ajutor in the lead with Bau, Mihai, Marya, xRavenette and others. With appreciation, Aero.
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    I think its the best ideea to reopen Ajutor, because romanian guys need help in romanian language, not all ppls know english, and Mihai, Bau, Raven,Danny and others can help anothers! With appreciation, DontAsk.
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    xat ajutor nice xat help from romania
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    Well, I think it should be back, actually romanians are one of the most active communities, like spanish or portuguese. Redirecting a inactive chat to other inactive chat does not really fix the issue. Re-open and give a new chance to new main owners not inactive, of course the chat should be handled correctly and with a professional conduct, not just childishness. Getting on other point, inactive chats wasn't supposed to swap mains? Tsk tsk Hellau? Rules should be over all, not for some. Closing the doors is the reason people are leaving almost of the chats, nobody likes to get killed by some. Something is wrong? Think better and professionally.
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