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    HoHoHo! With Christmas approaching in xat Noticias we have decided to celebrate Christmas with great joy, fun and incredible prizes, so we want to make this contest for the entire xat community. We are going to celebrate these Christmas dates both in our chat and in the forum. Forum We will choose 10 random winners who post a comment with their USERNAME and ID. + 5 days + 100 xats + 5 days + 5 days + 5 days + 5 days + 100 xats 10 days 5 days + 100 xats 100 xats Rules: Startdate: December 10, 2019 Deadline: Click Here (The winner will be announced the next day once finished) Chat On December 21 of this year (14:00 PM America/Caracas | Countdown: Click Here), we will make several games in our chat so that all users who visit us have the possibility of winning incredible prizes, especially so they can have fun at xat. Trivia Gamebot. Guess the song. Random users: Random users will be chosen to earn xats / days. We will have several xats/days in prize, the idea is to have a nice time with you. As a special guest on the radio of xat Ayuda / Noticias we will have @DJFUNNY and the presence of important figures who have contributed to our community. Thanks to the collaboration of the xat Noticias team for making this a reality and donating part of the prizes. NOTE: if you want to make some kind of donation to our budget you can contact @Abrahan /f1534445130, @Asha /f1476099031 or with @Catica_f /f976873225. Spanish Version
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    Hi guys, it's to remind you that our chat contest will soon come to an end and you can still participate if you wish. Thank you very much to all who have participated so far, we really appreciate it. Good luck to everyone!
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    Reported that it was a mistake, one was eliminated. Thanks you!
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    http://prntscr.com/q8lw4x i hate when this happen, all their domains are off (AGAIN) ;c
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    Prize received, thanks @xLaming
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    Chat Box: Chat Background: Button color: #e1ddb1 #db0c02
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    It's just a question, don't take it badly ... are you happy with the forum?
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    Solange (223326780) I hope I can win something for the first time!
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    OMG but all this looks great! It is something totally new and interesting I will invite my friends & everyone who can Thank you! AW89 (1530957217)
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    ¡Feliz cumpleaños Asha! Si algo tengo que agradecerle a xat es permitirme conocer personas a kilómetros de distancias con las que pude entablar una gran amistad como la nuestra, se que podría contar contigo para lo que sea y que siempre estarás allí para escuchar mis locuras, te queremos un montón ✨🎉.
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    Hi! Inner: https://imgur.com/qqE2Hxu.png Outer: https://imgur.com/SxzXqZk.png Botton: #920000 Inner: https://imgur.com/mkeFDaX.png Outer: https://imgur.com/QQNd7Fv.png Botton: #FFFFFF Inner: https://imgur.com/vRMmJm2.png Outer: https://imgur.com/4SRpeTx.png Botton: #ddaf6a Thanks AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
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    ---------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I leave my tickets for the Christmas contest. ---------------------------------------------------------- First Enry: Inner: https://i.imgur.com/naJtfzF.png Outer: https://i.imgur.com/I21A8TQ.png Button Color: #9D100F - Second Entry Inner: https://i.imgur.com/7IAyVbb.png Outer: https://i.imgur.com/4kENH17.png Button Color: #ABD8ED Greetings and good luck to all.
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    Chat Box: Chat Background: Button Color: #570e4d Chat Box: Chat Background: Button Color: #54181f Chat Box: Chat Background: Button Color: #720b0f
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