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    Sup guys, I'm here just for sharing something I have made, it's not too inovative or whatever, but just for fun, Well, I have made a script for showing latest power information (AS IMAGE) in real-time (including smilies, pawns etc), All the system has caching for images (I DONT WANT TO CRASH MY SERVER LOL), so, I'm releasing it for you, so you can embed it on your xatspace or chat group (thx admins) So, all you need to do is use this URL ( https://img.xatblog.net/latest/ ) as image on your profile/chat group, using the following code: <img src="https://img.xatblog.net/latest/"> You can remove stroke text by adding ?nostroke on the end of the URL. You can set the language by adding ?lang on the end of the URL. (Languages available: en, pt, es, auto) You can set the font color by adding ?color=COLOR_CODE on the end of URL. Some examples: <!-- (WITH STROKE/ENGLISH) --> <img src="https://img.xatblog.net/latest/"> <!-- (WITH STROKE/SPANISH) --> <img src="https://img.xatblog.net/latest/?lang=es"> <!-- (NO STROKE/AUTOMATIC LANGUAGE DETECT) --> <img src="https://img.xatblog.net/latest/?nostroke&lang=auto"> <!-- (BLUE COLOR/NO STROKE/PORTUGUESE) --> <img src="https://img.xatblog.net/latest/?nostroke&color=0000ff&lang=pt"> Available links: https://img.xatblog.net/latest https://img.xatblog.net/latest/name https://img.xatblog.net/latest/status https://img.xatblog.net/latest/smileylist https://img.xatblog.net/latest/pawnlist https://img.xatblog.net/latest/smilies https://img.xatblog.net/latest/pawns https://img.xatblog.net/latest/price Real-time Demo: (OUT DATED MAYBE) https://xat.me/latestpower (ENGLISH) https://xat.me/nuevopower (SPANISH) https://xat.me/ultimopower (PORTUGUESE) (yeah I have bought power me to all those accounts, just to separate them according) I would make a post on forum to "update power automatically" but seems that forum staff didn't unblock this domain (CSP), so, we go on... This is done thanks to @Andre. Note: POWERS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED.
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    Thanks for letting me add it on Forum @Shizuo hope you like and thanks for letting me do this to you! As @Booh requested me a background christmas themed and asked for silver colour I did in the way he asked me to, hope you did like it too sir.
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    The upcoming power is a COLLECTION for Christmas! A total of 13 pawns have been added and 1 smiley. Here is the list of the pawns: hat#h#snows hat#h#ribbonf hat#h#ribbonm hat#h#spinningtop hat#h#reveal1 hat#h#reveal2 hat#h#hol1 hat#h#hol2 hat#h#hol3 hat#h#sleigh hat#h#hover hat#h#santachimney hat#h#santamask And the list of the required powers: Claus Holidays Kris Neva Noel Reindeer Reveal Santa Sleighhug Snowman Toys Xmasfactory This list may change. wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Supersanta
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    There are only a few days left before the contest ends! What are you waiting for winning a juicy amount of xats and showing us your designing skills? Santa will go crazy when selecting the three winners, all the backgrounds are fantastic!
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    Post your xat ID / Username, ( e.g PAULO (162497) ) 3 users will be choosen randomly, Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20191202T00 Ends on: 02/12/2019 (00:00) GMT -3
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    Well, User "UnderDream12" didn't get the prize in 72 hours (MORE TBH), so it will be given to next. SHAW (1003) have the right to get the prize on the next 72 hours, or it will be given to the next.
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    Hi, thanks and congratulations, participation and understanding. This topic will be closed, soon another contest will be added.
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    Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum user. YOU ALL - Just respond with your username and your id in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - The winner (s) have to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held for any reason, another winner will be selected randomly; (It is a joke, there is no time to receive the prize ). Time END Deadline for publication: 27/11/2019 | The winner will be chosen in ARCbot xat wih ARCbots BOT {Random} Enjoy, Good luck xatFamily!
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    Hi, I don't know what to say. So, this is my entrance.. Hope you enjoy it! Good luck everyone :P Thanksuwu 1) Inner: Outer: Color Button: #1e6545 2) Inner: Outer: Color Button: #860604
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    You are welcome, hopefully we can do more pcbacks in the future :D, good luck.
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    I support the idea that it would be a useful power. @Bau
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    It was removed because a guy called Techrax asked admins to remove this, for "privacy" reasons. But before, bots were able to see transactions between users.
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    Wasn't this removed because that being private information?
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