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    I bring you my first work on funds. I would like to know what your opinion and "Constructive" criticisms are. If you like it for the staff of xat.com/trade. It can be placed. I hope you like it. Thanks friends.
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    I've spent a bit of time reading through the replies and I'm grateful to see so much feedback, positive and negative. Here are a few things to consider: I, nor any other member of the forum staff, will be scanning and studying each individual award point that goes out. That'd be too tedious and not worth the effort. The only time we take the time to investigate a matter is if we receive numerous reports about it from other forum users. If Tom decides to give Fred a Trophy for a random post once, we aren't going to warn and ban Tom into oblivion. It's only when Tom starts to give Fred 5 Trophies a day for 7 days in a row that we may decide to ask what's going on. Removing the ability to give forum reputation in certain areas altogether seems way too restrictive to me. I still want users to give out reactions and likes to their friends for funny statuses, or other meaningful posts. I think either @SLOom or @Leandro mentioned just completely ditching the ability to give rep in "New Power Testing"-- to which I argue that I believe that'd be a bad idea. Good thoughts and ideas, suggestions and feedback can be given to new powers, and I think smiley makers and xat enjoy seeing those types of posts. It would be a shame, and like I mentioned above, way too restrictive to just remove it entirely. I actually really like the idea @xLaming suggested about being able to remove reputation from your own profile, similar to the "Recent Visitors" widget. However, this is something that would have to be approved by the forum administrators provided there is IPS support for it. I'm not sure if it would be possible, but perhaps if enough support was given to the idea, it could be enacted. At this time I think they want to keep things the way they are for a bit to monitor feedback. Like Crow mentioned, no new rules have been made. These rules have already existed, we just decided to be a bit more vocal about them to try to prevent confusion and lack of moderator feedback. I want to say thank you to everyone who has provided feedback thus far, even if you are not a fan of this new system. I always believe there is a way to provide feedback and criticism without being malicious about it, and a lot of users have shown this to be true. To those wishing death to the forum staff, throwing out threats to our lives and other such hostile ideas, I challenge you to step back for a moment to reconsider how much of an affect this has on your lives. Please try to give constructive feedback, not just malignant words of hatred.
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    Post your xat ID / Username, ( e.g PAULO (162497) ) 3 users will be choosen randomly, Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20191202T00 Ends on: 02/12/2019 (00:00) GMT -3
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    Hi, I have a new idea, but it's something that everyone knows, there was a bot before! When transferring a days or xats, write an automatic message: RegNameUserID: Fonduri (304771992) - Sent xat (42) ---- 10 xats - 1 days --- Message: Testing It's an idea of power, or a free option. We may also have a solution, access to transfer history! Already there is an idea about this! I will indicate here the names of people who have added this idea to the past! Me - @Actavus - @Paul - I think there were more people, but I do not know who exactly! Note: The idea was for bots, now it's for power or free option. What do you think about this idea?
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    This sounds much better and all the drama here in the forum can be avoided. Specially when there's not equality between all users of the forum. The simple solution to that can be easy is to leave just 3 reactions: Like ( ) or ( pink heart) Laugh ( ) or ( ) Thanks ( ) or ( ) Forum Staff: Let's be friendly to everyone and make friends (which is the purpose of xat) and not enemies. I love xat and a lot of users that are friendly but if the purpose of xat is not to make friends worldwide, then all this drama will be helpful to make enemies . I know a lot of people that says the current staff are not friendly, they are proud, believed by the rank they have, even by the power they have as much as in xat and in the forum. Been honest to all of you, I don't like that kind of attitude when people say that. Of course I don't say anything because is not against me but we need more users to trust in you guys so xat can keep growing instead of loosing users.. With all the respect Mr. @Admin and sorry to bother you about all this but I am including you, so you don't miss all the above. Best Regards to Everyone!
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    Buying everyone’s xats, PC me let’s go! #brokeafterblackfriday
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    Happy birthday to Romanians everywhere on the occasion of the 101 year anniversary of the Great Union..
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    Excellent auction, it was very exciting and very fun. Thank you for the auctioned powers. Note; It should be noted that the powers went down a lot with those auction prices despite the fact that they were 50 units per 1, but hopefully the trade will be fixed very soon again. Thanks @Admin @Addict
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    Thanks for this auction, was so exciting and cool. Many thanks @Admin, and especially for you sexypen @Addict for bringing the idea!!
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    I'm trying to understand what's going on here. Paulo, Cherry and others mentioned what to do, turn off the votes, and just keep up the smilies reaction without a positive or negative vote. [I agree] If you do not know how to proceed, I will help you do this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to thank 3 former volunteers, I don't want to give their name. He explained everything that happened, and why it happened. But we came to the conclusion that it was all a mistake on the part of the staff Forum. My sister was blocked because she always reacts to my posts in the Forum, such as status, new power, contests. I am sorry for you lazy ones, who do not want to check things before making the decision, could talk to me, or even my sister. The forum has a technology, a certain page where you can get all the information about a person, where he was logged in, how many times he changed his name, what net IP he has, When he reacted to a post and when he was logged in from a another IP on the Forum so you have the opportunity to see if she is reacting to the forum or someone like me. There are many other ways to check someone and their changes. You also have access to these simple information. Recently Used Devices, Email Address, Display Name, Password, Profile Status, Signature, Birthday, About Me, xat Username, Status, Others . . . . You have the power to deactivate or activate whatever I mentioned above, to check, change or delete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Almost everything I wrote is on the topic, it is a problem caused by the forum team, also because of the reactions, now you do not come as you want changes, I think the forum has always suffered from reactions. I do not expect anyone to understand me, I know what my sister went through, so many people suffer, for you just a fun, for others it is importante. Regards Bau
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    i think the same if this is so years ago, now is that you realize? they are just abusing their rank they should give up and have dignity @Lemona i do not need to know or not english, xat is international and there are many tools to communicate with others, everyone has errors or you do not have? the majority of users that are in xat are few and that most are all spanish speaking.
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    Is the system wrong since one year and just now they realize? If you do not know how to manage a forum, resign and put people who know and can solve the problems and do not abuse their power in the forum.
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    This is not something new and a similar issue was opened by Leandro a few months ago. To answer you, this is a lack of feature which is NOT added yet and not a bug. Since it was already reported, I'm closing this thread.
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    People are talking about freedom, so why isn't yet a button called "DISABLE REACTIONS" on our profiles? Better than getting warnings/ban or whatever for something that isn't our fault, Vols, forum mods or whatever can't judge this based on their "mind", this should be done fairly, there is some people getting likes/trophies on profiles and getting warnings or PMs, what if those people giving likes or trophies on profiles aren't their friends are your guys just applying unfair warning/bans/punishes? I've got some prints that forum staff doesnt care about what the user say when this happen, they just care about "THIS IS WHAT IVE SEEN/I THINK", is this fair? Reputation system should be remade, adding a new "icon" isn't enough yet, actions can't be done just because "SOMEONE THINKS"... actions should be made based in facts.
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    The abusers are dealt with individually, but the change is also about providing more freedom for everyone to use likes, whether they've broken rules or not. Reputation should be given to quality content though. The forum guidelines indicate this too: If there's a better way to define reputation (or if it needs redefining), I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I believe the trophy would be a catch-all reaction for this. Reddit gold is given to funny posts on Reddit (although it's obviously a different environment), so the trophy could cover funny posts here too, if they deserve it. Nonetheless, if you believe there's a better icon than a trophy, this can be considered. The main purpose of this change is that 'likes' no longer give reputation (and can be used freely) and a new reaction has been created specifically to award quality posts. The trophy was an afterthought. Thank you for the comments!
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    A kind of adjustment to respect has already been made, but looking at things well this would be a good idea, the powers that have amounts greater than 20 or 30, as long as at the time of trading them have a security to avoid robberies and scams.
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    Chat Box: Chat Background: Button Color:#4682B4
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    Olá a todos! Aqui está ou meu fundo ou concurso, espero que você goste! Fundo interno Fundo externo Cor do botão: # 191970 Feliz aniversário e feliz Natal a todos!
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    Chat Box: Chat Background: Button color: #27515c
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    Saludos a todos... !! color de Botón: #C00000 ***************************************************** Fondos Animado ..!! Color de Boton : #72c9f8 Usa: Css
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    This if it should be done should be implemented only for HTML5, xat is working hard to finish the new version before flash dies, it makes no sense to work on something that will not last long. Currently in HTML5 in trade mode there is a bar ''search'' and button ''add all'' it would be good if we look for a power as in your case BIRD we can click on ''add all'' and only the results will be added. It is a very good suggestion, if you receive good comments or other constructive suggestions to implement it could be taken into account, I invite you to xat Feedback to have a better feedback on the subject.
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    I do think it would be a great idea, the suggestion is pretty clear it would avoid traders taking a long time. Really hope your suggestion gets taken into consideration.
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    Hello AishaOfficial Something similar has been suggested by me and Samuel in the past. This idea is good, the example is a little strange, but the idea was understandable. It looks better than many of my exemples.LOL Regards Bau.
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    It would be super weird, I already improved that to be able to click. But it is still a good idea for an amount greater than what is normally sold or bought.
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    Thank you all for your answers. Helpernate - This has already existed. Leandro - Just as Sloom mentioned, it was someone who asked to be deactivated! Now it will be the same, but diferente! A power of group: It's a brilliant idea, only if you activate this power you can see the transfer message, it can come with extra smilies, 1 days show smilies 10 days other smilies 100 days other smilies and so on refer to days and to xats. Free option. (you will need the power group enabled on xat to use this command). MAXo had the question how this will work! It's simple, You can add a command like / Transfer ON - Choose between ON / OFF ON = When showing transfer messages. OFF = When not showing transfer messages! It is enough for a power group to be enabled on the xat so that everyone can use this command.
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    poepels cant sign in to xat chat with html5 https://xat.com/chat?new with this way u can only sign in with flash way http://prntscr.com/q4ny74 http://prntscr.com/q4nyb1 this problem only with xat chat but other chats html5 works
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    Hello, I was early at a friends chatroom and she had to disabled her status because some people were asking so many questions about it, So I thought, what if we had a new power called STATUSHIDE. The main thing this power will add is the option to hide your status from other users, so you all might be thinking "whats the propurse of hiding a status if you have them to show to all your friends whatever is on your mind" Well yeah that's a good point, but what if we could just show to the one's we have added as a friend and for those who are not on your friendlist, they would not be able to see what's on your status. The following images is to show an example of how the pawn would look if it was a power. 1- 2- 3- The following images will be how it would look if it was a power. HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT. BEST REGARDS
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    Suggestion 1- there is much arabic users, but there is not much arabic staff ; and they 'nt know @mosa3ada link .(because they use frensh or english group). 2- There is many official chat dont use arabic translator ; or Translation is incomplete. (RULES). _______________________________________________________________ NB: Must VOLUNTEERS suggest someone who care about this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    You can simply delete your status message if someone starts bothering you about it. However, this is an interesting suggestion, selecting a group of people(in this case, people you have added to your friends list) to be able to see your status message doesn't sound like a bad idea. Anyway, that doesn't mean that your friends wouldn't bother you because of your status message. Furthermore, imagine if someone has something inappropriate as status message while visiting an official chat, moderators wouldn't be able to take actions about it unless they're friends of the person who has it. Like I said, I don't think this is a bad idea, but there are factors that should be taken into account.
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    An increasingly bipolar virtual world when it comes to forming opinions. Either you think one thing, or it seems that you are destined to think otherwise.
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    Happy, Happy Birthday. have a Happy New Year
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    Perfect, it is super weird, since I have not heard of that error, but you can make a post in errors and so they can help you.
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    It's weird, what's happening to you? only happens with those chats?
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    Yesterday I detailed the auction a lot and I realized that many users did not know how to auction. Then it was explained to me here. From a source I found. What does each point mean? What information do you offer? Sales number: it is the quantity of powers that will be sold Number of offers: is the amount of offers that have been received so far Current minimum: it is the current price that is paid by the power (each auction will be the minimum price 10 xats) and will be the one that everyone will pay at the end of the auction. Current average: is the current price (current average). It is information only. The auction ends: it is the time until the auction ends. This is what you see on the page and what each of these steps means, but I still don't understand if I offer, how do I know what I earn? Currently there is no way or table to know who leads the offer or if you have already left it, what they should take into account is this current Minimum value that price is what defines the auction and with which they can know if they have been withdrawn from the auction or they are still in it and we need more or more value. * Please note that when the quantity of offers exceeds the sales number, the real minimum price will begin to increase until time runs out Example: xat has auctioned 8,000 diamond powers to auction, what you should do is be guided by the xat exchange guides and xat trade prices and be aware of the current minimum at all times, for what? because in this way you can calculate masomenos and make an offer not far from the price at which it will end. But if I offer xat, do I remove my xats so as not to win? The auction will not take away the xats it offers until the end of the offer and the maximum price is known at the end of the offers. That way, only those who offend the same amount in which I finish or more than that amount will get the power. Tener en cuenta, en el campo de datos: In this field you must enter your information, username and password. But there are two fields in which you should pay attention Number of powers: is the number of powers (quantity) that you want to buy. Maximum 80 powers per user. Offer: the offer you are willing to pay. They should keep in mind that in the quantity or offer "IDB" it is necessary to put the amount of each power, not the amount of the total of all. In other words, I want 10 diamonds and I want to offer them 2500 xats each, in the field that says the number of powers that should put "10" and in the offer they should place 2500. If they place another greater amount or the total of the powers that want and do not have enough, there will be an error when bidding ** You do not have enough xats. ** ** In conclusion and opinion for me, this is a good thing about auctions, if it is known to use it well, they are paying less for the powers and then they can be sold at a higher price in commerce. But for that they must know their quantity well and be determined of the minimum quantity when the value exceeds the number of offers. At first it seems tangled, but if you pay attention to it and it works well, we all win! I hope it serves them and next year they can get many powers.
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    Happy, Happy Birthday. have a Happy New Year
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    Good thing that only a few people still don't understand the point of this change, the ones that still don't understand, maybe you should try to think about it before typing all of this. Crow made it clear enought. He explained it very clearly. And no need for drama aswell.
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    that's my answer to y'all who are crying because of reputation
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    You won't receive a warning if you've done nothing wrong. Your reputation may be adjusted fairly based on the circumstances though. In any case, if you're concerned about users targeting you and awarding you with excessive reputation for no reason, please report it if you notice it happening. We appreciate you did not break any rules, and you did not force anyone to like your content. However, your reputation still needed to be reset because you obtained mass amounts of reputation from others when it was undue. If users continue to award trophies for no reason, each case will be reviewed accordingly. There are lots of factors to consider, including the number of times it's happened and how long it's been happening for. We should avoid creating unnecessary drama here.
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    @xLaming 🙉 ae esta vc depois de que comeu todos os doritos 🙈 Olha só @Drika nem lembro da gente 🙊
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    Just to be clear, posts like this shouldn't be awarded trophies: Trophies = quality posts. They deserve reputation and may be thoughtful, and may have taken effort to produce. Other reactions would be more suitable here. Likes no longer give reputation, so they can be used here instead (that's what the change is intended for).
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    Every day I love that phrase more Envy is a declaration of inferiority. Cada día amo más esa frase La envidia es una declaración de inferioridad.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will receive Baby Yoda through a mod A game with great official support Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was released in late 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. If Battlefront 2 is a video game very focused on multiplayer, although it has a campaign mode, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order focuses exclusively on its single player facet. In this title, we drive the old Padawan Cal Kestis, who fights against the Galactic Empire and seeks to rebuild the battered Jedi Order.
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