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    Just a reminder that we will have 9 powers auctioned, and each auction will be 2 hours. The first power is BIG!
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    Every day I love that phrase more Envy is a declaration of inferiority. Cada día amo más esa frase La envidia es una declaración de inferioridad.
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    Post your xat ID / Username, ( e.g PAULO (162497) ) 3 users will be choosen randomly, Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20191202T00 Ends on: 02/12/2019 (00:00) GMT -3
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    Hello I'm leaving a sample of my work for PCBACK background. If you guys likes it, please leave a comment + give me any feedback. If you wish to buy one contact me at xat.com/trade or xat.com/social My info is OriginaIMR (986767576)
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    The new power is here it's bracksale ID: [572] , check the page CLICK HERE
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    I kind of like the design, I honestly prefer when you have multiple colors into the design, I mean i think there is too much blue, but good job anyways.
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    Just to be clear, posts like this shouldn't be awarded trophies: Trophies = quality posts. They deserve reputation and may be thoughtful, and may have taken effort to produce. Other reactions would be more suitable here. Likes no longer give reputation, so they can be used here instead (that's what the change is intended for).
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    😂😅🔊🎶I found the song that defines a lot of people Encontré la canción que define a mucha gente😂😅🔊🎶
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    Du bist eine Person, die immer das Beste verdient und offensichtlich nichts weniger, für mich bist du nicht nur ein Freund sondern mein Lieblingsmensch. Ich wünsche dir alles gute zum Geburtstag ♥
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    In Deinem neuen Lebensjahr wünsche ich Dir alles Beste! 365 Tage voller Optimismus und Gesundheit. Ich hoffe, dass Dir immer gute Freunde zur Seite stehen. Ich gratuliere Dir herzlich zu Deinem Geburtstag!
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    Happy Birthday Mino1 enjoy your day as its the last of your life. hahahaha joking, but i hope you have the best day ever.
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    Feliz cumpleaños, Magic! 😉🎂🎈
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will receive Baby Yoda through a mod A game with great official support Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was released in late 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. If Battlefront 2 is a video game very focused on multiplayer, although it has a campaign mode, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order focuses exclusively on its single player facet. In this title, we drive the old Padawan Cal Kestis, who fights against the Galactic Empire and seeks to rebuild the battered Jedi Order.
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    oh god, i'm not ready for st valentine yet !!! But good job on the drawings .
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    Black Friday is for all powers .
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    Gold. Big. Summerhug. Blastde. Boot. Angel. Clear. Angry.
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    Hello, Here we go again, in this Blackfriday i have decided to give away some powers for 5 lucky users on forum. Prizes : Pcback. Flashrank. Nameglow. Light. Blue. Rules : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. 5 WINNERS will be chosen Friday, 29th November at 10:00 PM (GMT+1) Using this Generator. The winner should contact me for the prize on Xattrade. Time to receive prize is open, you can contact me anytime. Any reply causing drama or not following the rules will immediately reported. Countdown. Good luck guys!
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    We have decided to slightly adjust the way reputation works here on the forum. You may have noticed the unique “trophy” icon that exists now when you go to react to a post. This trophy is now the way that you will show someone you think they’ve made a quality post. This was done to help combat reputation abuse here on the forum, as well as try to focus which posts truly deserve reputation. The trophy reaction should be used for posts that really deserve a reputation point, including but not limited to: 1) Suggestions; 2) Graphical designs or other creative works; 3) Discussion regarding how to better xat, the wiki, tickets, the forum, HTML5, or any other facet of xat; 4) Informational updates on xat that you find to be useful or to be a welcomed change. The trophy reaction should NOT be used for: 1) Giveaways for free xats, days, or powers; 2) Jokes your friends make on statuses or posts; 3) Status updates regarding information not pertaining to xat; 4) Inspirational quotes or happy birthday statuses; 5) New power threads. Please keep in mind that this set of “rules” is not an undying will that will be forced upon every post that is submitted on the forum. It is only to caution against users who gain a large amount of reputation in a small amount of time, mainly from their friends, or newly created forum accounts. UPDATE: “Thanks”, “Cool”, “Haha”, and “Wow” reactions will also give a reputation point, provided you’re submitting each reaction accordingly, not for the sole purpose of giving your friends reputation. Find a legitimate post worthy of a laugh, or perhaps learned something new? This may be an appropriate time to award the OP a reputation point! The goal is to give a reputation point to posts that truly deserve it. Do not give your friends or chatmates a trophy just because you like them or simply because you’re friends. Instead, give them a “like” or other reaction. The pink heart reaction should now be used in places where you wish to show endearment, such as with your closest friends. It is a heart, after all! Any cases where a user is found regularly giving a reputation point to their friends simply to boost their reputation will be reprimanded as if you were engaging in reputation abuse. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please drop them below so we may discuss this new change. This feature is still relatively new and will be monitored for the weeks to come to see if it needs to be tweaked or not.
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    Well as I'm used to post all my works on forum, this background has to be shared with you all. It's a Brazilian background for a new chatroom called Ultimas, it's about News from xat.com in [ PORTUGUESE ] I hope you all like it as I've done. "This content is not for auto promoting, it's just for sharing my own work" @Vevrok
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    Hello, The WINNERS are : mino (388275558) @Mino1 ☑ Received Vevrok (10000123) @Vevrok ☑ Received xMehdi (10881088) @Mehdihttps://prnt.sc/q41w22 ☑ Received fortunafortuna (1488283203) @Fori ☑ Received zYacuzaVip (1492724736) @Cristhoperhttps://prnt.sc/q42qea ☑ Received P: https://i.imgur.com/wMVNR59.mp4 Congratulation!! Contact me asap to receive your prize at Xattrade . Thanks to all participants, to other occasion soon.
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    a very nice power, thank you xat, but I can't buy it (RedfaCE) xD
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    It's very good, I like the colors and the type of design, thanks.
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    Raven great dear all the best sweety
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    1. Gold 2. Big 3. Purple 4. Angel 5. Clear 6. Valentine 7. Fairy
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