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    - Hello ALL, from Alex - I'm ready to show you my new suggestion for this site, valentine theme they are very nice smileys, I think they are a work of art, after the "Satanic God" here I start the attack with the "Super" ....(SuperValentine or RomanticValentine) - I have included, in the drawing, some smileys that have little value so far, such as the bouquet of roses, the cupid, some hats valentine themed and a new "chocolatino" smiley!! the first smiley is mustachioed, with heart-shaped eyes that grow wide and the bouquet of roses! chocolatino, (my pearl) is a smiley enclosed in a transparent bag with a bow and a heart of chocolate with red grapes! Cupid is kawaii style, with blue and purple wings and some glitter (maybe ..) the arrow is golden, do not mind the little heart (it must be removed) kawaii animals (bear and rabbit) that love a heart! (because I'm not happy if I don't do something big) miss valentine, she is blonde she has the luxurious pink hat as "hats power" the blue water bow, the flower necklace and the gray ankle boots with golden zippers! Miss valentine umbrella, with luxurious hat with heart and flowers, bright red hair and glove with nails! - this is the prototype that came to mind and that I realized at the moment, I'd like if you could help me with the other smileys, you can suggest me what you want, I thought of a girl looking at herself in a valentine mirror with very provocative hair .. - how pawn here comes the tricky part because i have no idea! ( but it seems to me the design is really beautiful! ) it's only a suggestion!!
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    As many users have stated, this 'reform' is now quite obsolete. They are not the changes theirselves that just do not make it, it is how the forum has been working lately. Now that too many users have reached 2000+ reputation points and half of them being given just for participating in contests and some birthday wishes to unknown users just for the heart, it is not fair adding this unclear restriction. What posts now deserve to be given a trophy after all this time, when the forum is kept alive thanks to birthday wishes, users posting the last song they have listened to and a couple of contests. xat related posts are seldom posted now, and this leads to the reactions becoming useless.
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    The reputation system has been messed up for a year (maybe even longer) practically and finally, it's been decided to try and fix it when the forum activity has decreased significantly? The damage has already been done and it's honestly probably too late to even bother fixing it. Stating that it's "spoiling the enjoyment of other users who worked hard to gain their reputation through effort" isn't really valid when this has been going on for so long and has bothered many people in the past. Where was the action long ago then? If it's BLATANTLY obvious that certain people are abusing the system, then their actions should be dealt with individually. I think it was pretty obvious before.... It'd only be fair if the reputation of what you consider "not worthy" be reset on all those specific users too. I am personally not a fan of people liking silly things like simple name entries to giveaways but honestly the forum hardly even has many constructive or noteworthy posts anymore. If you don't want people giving reputation points on giveaways/certain sub-forums or silly status updates, then why not just disable it there? Isn't it a little bit bias for the people who have the most reputation and several "quality" posts be telling everyone else that they should only be awarding "quality" posts? It's just a reputation system after all and this forum has multiple people who might not be fully fluent in English, so it might be slightly more difficult for them to actually execute "decent" or "quality" posts. The reactions sort of contradict each other -- someone can post something really constructive yet be absolutely hilarious at the same time. I would personally prefer using the "haha" reaction in that case, but it doesn't really make sense to react with a trophy even though they deserve a point for it.
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    Big Angry Gold Clear Valentine Fairy
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    Gold. Big. Summerhug. Blastde. Boot. Angel. Clear. Angry.
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    Hello everyone! I've decided to give Firefx power to one lucky user on the forum. How to participate? Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Rules to follow : Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. One winner will be chosen Sunday, 21th october at 6:00 PM (GMT+1) like the countdown showing here! Using this generator. If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 24 hours, another winner will be chosen with same way. You can contact me to receive the prize in xattrade! Good luck for all!!
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    We have decided to slightly adjust the way reputation works here on the forum. You may have noticed the unique “trophy” icon that exists now when you go to react to a post. This trophy is now the way that you will show someone you think they’ve made a quality post. This was done to help combat reputation abuse here on the forum, as well as try to focus which posts truly deserve reputation. The trophy reaction should be used for posts that really deserve a reputation point, including but not limited to: 1) Suggestions; 2) Graphical designs or other creative works; 3) Discussion regarding how to better xat, the wiki, tickets, the forum, HTML5, or any other facet of xat; 4) Informational updates on xat that you find to be useful or to be a welcomed change. The trophy reaction should NOT be used for: 1) Giveaways for free xats, days, or powers; 2) Jokes your friends make on statuses or posts; 3) Status updates regarding information not pertaining to xat; 4) Inspirational quotes or happy birthday statuses; 5) New power threads. Please keep in mind that this set of “rules” is not an undying will that will be forced upon every post that is submitted on the forum. It is only to caution against users who gain a large amount of reputation in a small amount of time, mainly from their friends, or newly created forum accounts. UPDATE: “Thanks”, “Cool”, “Haha”, and “Wow” reactions will also give a reputation point, provided you’re submitting each reaction accordingly, not for the sole purpose of giving your friends reputation. Find a legitimate post worthy of a laugh, or perhaps learned something new? This may be an appropriate time to award the OP a reputation point! The goal is to give a reputation point to posts that truly deserve it. Do not give your friends or chatmates a trophy just because you like them or simply because you’re friends. Instead, give them a “like” or other reaction. The pink heart reaction should now be used in places where you wish to show endearment, such as with your closest friends. It is a heart, after all! Any cases where a user is found regularly giving a reputation point to their friends simply to boost their reputation will be reprimanded as if you were engaging in reputation abuse. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please drop them below so we may discuss this new change. This feature is still relatively new and will be monitored for the weeks to come to see if it needs to be tweaked or not.
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    Congratulations on your Birthday, may God bless you today and always and may all the desires of your heart come true.🎁🎂🎉🎊🎈
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    Limited: Big Angel Clear Angry Unlimited: Ruby Namewave Gback What users want is a Black Friday, as they did three years ago in 2016, where they released a certain amount of discounted powers in the store. After that year, there was no decent Black Friday.
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    Maybe what they want with unlimited powers, kind of store discounts, something like "Release a certain amount of nameflags in store at a lower price than it is worth." It can be Namewave, Purple, or any other unlimited power. Something similar to what they did 3 years ago, in 2016, when they suddenly released some powers in the course of those days, both limited and unlimited powers, and among those were "Gold, Nameflag, Big, Angry, Clear, Treefx (for being Christmas)", ID auction, and some other discounts. It has really been the best Black Friday, so far.
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    Yes, I believe it is beneficial to separate likes and trophies. Before this change, Likes were frequently being used to show affection and enjoyment regardless of post quality, which isn't in the spirit of the reputation system. With the addition of the trophy icon, these same users can continue liking anything they want - but this time they won't be damaging the reputation system, and they won't have to worry about reputation abuse. The trophy hasn't simply replaced the 'Like' reaction - it's also allowed 'Like' to be used more freely without imposing on forum guidelines. Surely it's better to add more freedom of expression (which we've done by freeing up the 'Like' button) than to simply remove all the reactions. I'd argue that users who post New Power Testing topics each week are far more exposed to receiving easy reputation points than things that volunteers or contributors post, but I take your point nonetheless. With the new changes, we've now potentially introduced a system to prevent this from happening. You can now 'like' these updates (i.e. to literally show that you like it) without awarding reputation if the user doesn't deserve it because they're simply a messenger etc. No new rules or restrictions have been created. The rules that Angelo listed above are existing rules that pre-date this change, most of which were not enforced as Andre indicated (and there's some grey areas in there). They are not new concepts specifically introduced with this change (although arguably they would be easier to enforce now that users have the full set of reactions available to them (including the freed-up likes), so there'd be no excuses for not using them). I think we all want users to have fun, but not to the detriment of the guidelines (that is, abusing reputation) or there'd be chaos. Also bear in mind that users misusing reputation can spoil the enjoyment of other users who worked hard to gain their reputation through effort. We have to think about them too.
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    Okay let's see! Ruby. Namewave. Purple. Gback. Redcard. The powers mentioned above are Unlimited, but is very rare and still expensive. Especially Ruby, Gback and Redcard. I guess users want the power to be on auction normally just as the Limited powers would be. But the bid should have some limits, Example : Ruby power minimum bid price is 50 000 xats - maximum 90 000 xats. (or store price wish is 100 000 xats) That was just an idea, but let's see how Admin want things go!
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    I think, it makes more sense to disable it in the subforums and statuses in question, so it's not going to be "abused" in the places where it should not be used. (unless if it's already disabled!) This is just my thought about.
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    1. Gold 2. Big 3. Purple 4. Angel 5. Clear 6. NameFlag 7. Fairy
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    -Big -Gold -Clear -Valentine -Angel -Angry
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    Angel Clear Valentine Gold Big
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    Gold Big Angry Blastde Boot Fairy These powers are already ok
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    - Clear - Ghostmon - Angel - Snowy - Angry - Manga - Big - Gold - Valentine
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    1. Gold 2. Big 3. Purple 4. Angel 5. Clear 6. Valentine 7. Fairy
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    Gold, Big , Purple , angel , Valentine
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    -Gold -Big -Angel -Angry -Clear -Purple
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    16:34 HS (ARG) 26/11/2019 Real Madrid 0 - 2 PSG
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    I'll be the first to greed you and welcome you to our xat family on forum, hope you enjoy as much as you can staying with us and always look for new topics to entertain yourself with some good topics. you can always post your suggestions at the: suggest page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/7-suggestions/ ] this will be the page for you to suggest whatever you think would add to chat to be as greater it is right now. You can also start a discussion about something on chat or simple play some forum xat game, at the page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/17-general-discussion/ ]; You can look for some good designers and graphics if you wish to improve your skills at Chat Graphics at the page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/19-graphics/ ] Looking for a certain help? use it forum guides and tutorials page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/299-guides-and-tutorials/ ] there you can always get the best tutorials on chat to help you out. In Need of a new ID go to the market [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/20-id-marketplace/ ] You can always find some good IDS for amazing prices. Looking for great events to get a good amount of xats? well there a page for that at [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/18-contests-and-events/ ], you can also make your own event and giveaways. Wanna be the first to get news from HTML5 look at the page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ ]. Looking to get news from the Mobile App on xat you can always get that from the page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/8-mobile/ ]; Well as everyone loves to be the first to test and buy new powers, look at this page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/28-new-power-testing/ ] and to last but not less important Forum's General Support [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/ ] you can get support on English - Spanish - Portuguese. Hope you like Forum and once again welcome to Forum. @iBebezynha
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    felis cumpleaños, hijo de tus padres
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will receive Baby Yoda through a mod A game with great official support Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was released in late 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. If Battlefront 2 is a video game very focused on multiplayer, although it has a campaign mode, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order focuses exclusively on its single player facet. In this title, we drive the old Padawan Cal Kestis, who fights against the Galactic Empire and seeks to rebuild the battered Jedi Order.
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    Parabéns ! Felicidade , saúde e paz 🎁🎂🎉🎊🎈🍺👏👏👏👏👏
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    I like them, good work.
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    Very nice drawing, i like the miss valentine with umbrella more. Well done, keep it up!
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    This happens. I know some users have been using other accounts to give reputation points to themselves, I also know some users have been getting reputation points from their friends, the same users getting reputation points from the same group of friends everyday. Those users have been getting reputation points unfairly and abusing the system, that's why they have decided to change the way the reputation system works. I know this is not the only reason for this change, but I feel that it's the main reason. I agree that some people usually get reputation points when they don't really deserve it and just because of who they are, and that's not fair. I hope this will help to stop those people who have been getting reputation for nothing.
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    These "rules" will not be enforced in most cases, but if we notice a user gaining an abnormal amount of reputation within a short amount of time and the users providing that reputation seem to have a very limited purpose of existing on this forum, then there may be a reason to take action.
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    What I really should do is that, in the profile state, the Like button is disabled, so I would avoid so much drama! And leave the button activated in the four cases that you have mentioned : 1) suggestions; 2) graphic designs or other creative works; 3) Discussion on how to improve xat, wiki, tickets, forum, HTML5 or any other facet of xat; 4) Informative updates about xat. And another thing, Mr. Angelo, I don't think it's normal for you to take away my reputation since I don't ask anyone to like me! Have a great morning, LORD.
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    Clear Angry Big Valentine Fade Boot Fairy Angel Manga
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