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    This idea was suggested by Vevrok (10000123) on Feedback chat, which we developed and created concept art for. A similar suggestion was posted here, but that topic lacks detail and doesn't mention changelogs (rather just a way to see who edited your chat). The idea Privacy Why? Negatives Thanks for reading! Please let us know your constructive thoughts below. Credit to Four (4444) for writing this, Elea (1313) for the concept art, and once again to Vevrok (10000123) for suggesting the idea!
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    Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum user. YOU ALL - Just respond with your username and your id in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - The winner (s) have to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held for any reason, another winner will be selected randomly; (It is a joke, there is no time to receive the prize ). Time END Deadline for publication: 27/11/2019 | The winner will be chosen in ARCbot xat wih ARCbots BOT {Random} Enjoy, Good luck xatFamily!
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    Hello, Here we go again, in this Blackfriday i have decided to give away some powers for 5 lucky users on forum. Prizes : Pcback. Flashrank. Nameglow. Light. Blue. Rules : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. 5 WINNERS will be chosen Friday, 29th November at 10:00 PM (GMT+1) Using this Generator. The winner should contact me for the prize on Xattrade. Time to receive prize is open, you can contact me anytime. Any reply causing drama or not following the rules will immediately reported. Countdown. Good luck guys!
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    Hello i'm leaving my own and original work of a html5 template for chatbox. please give me your feedback and some other suggestions, about this simple background.
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    Backgrounds changed, Colors/gscol changed, New CSS (minimalist) Thanks for @BochonMix for those great backgrounds!
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    Hello, how xat's releasing so many new powers of sticky, I had a idea what about a power called supersticky with all current sticky and some new stickys which i'll list below: or simply only a new power themed sticky with these smilies below themed juice: (wojuice#) (drinkjuice#) (boyjuicehappy#) it can be named Justickers note: when new sticky powers is released the price of (supersticky#) it increase, it's a collection. all powers with theme sticky (html5) will go to the supercollection.
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    I support this idea, I think this is not really hard to make, and I dont see any negative points, why? 1. Just because it will have one more password wont cause confusion lol, actually you already have 2 passwords (your account / your chat), you will just have +1 on this list. 2/. This isnt really an issue since who created the chat can make their own rules, ppl unhappy with the chat staff can just get out. 3. Replying... This isnt really "private" any chat info is fully public https://xatblog.net/api/chatinfo/Mundosmilies Well, it's also important store in those logs: 1. Mains changing chat password 2. Mains changing/touching on power Manage 3. Login logs (on edit), it's good to make sure someone else logged using other ids, this isnt something just related to logs, its related to the security!
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    @ @Welcome Members! What do you think about this? @Bau @Danne @Cleon @Harrison @Blacky @Fiona @Queen_Sofia @Flake @Stif2 @Shake @Zoomey @Calvin @rikardoaaron @Dachoque @Marek @muffins @iJuanR @DUYGU @FreeCash @AlexLopesAltero @Thuk @iMoHd @Skatel @Laming @YuanWang @deletedaccount1233 @Kriz @SirCharlie @Morenako @Geordie @Arthur @CrazyReaperChick @Camii @Booh @iPia @theking__ @Encrypt @Solange @pityus @Micheilon @MatiSPW @jessibe1 @Taylor93 @Danvers @Henrique @Sevda @Debs @Christians @Light_Yagami @Danny2024 @Ritual @TheDemon61 @Holmes @truemart @Peru @Haey @BRABO @ANdre23lx @Mandy @Beacska19950305 @nazareescritora @SlimShady @alejan @Sataz @DjCrazy @thatgirlXD @Dreamer @venyn @Shizuo @Jefferson @Gambler @Mighty1 @Aredhel @RealMadrid @princessemalgreL @iSanty @Teddy @BOY$ @Spawn @mekan34 @Vritme @Math @G0dC0mpl3x @Mammoth9898 @Only @welington @XxjokisxX @JacobC71 @Paul @Mariaenid @Sonic @Samuel @Gerig @handleit @InfirmumVermiculus @BenabdaLLah @Tigreza- @Glorious @Airtime @iWild @silverblxss @Cedric @pedro007 @paulobelmarconi288 @Kent @Ady @JomyLove @Tiger_Gamer68YT @Florecita @426495 @DouglasJr @Addict2 @Ruzo @Costy @pip176 @Bleiz @depriv3dd @myow @prestij @THE_HaWK @Madian1 @iNicolas @andreycrysty @kyle1985 @Dimple @David22 @Gucio @Piluchy @Mustafaaa @Queen @SOetR @Uuuhhhh @TheLostKoi @ScottHall @akebi @Enge @RaFs @dacramone89 @abdelos @R3DDS @miaa @AdonisTH @Tero @Ravey @Jine @JeanTM @Fanel @dante95 @Mcht @akaDrewski @Caiio @bribrii00 @janfranco @Anas@DenmarkPakky1 @iMano @Rhea @MagicDesing @J0hn @mariafernanda58 @iDan @oandreybarros @leiyimar @gostododesejo @SrLoko @SethTI @Loyal_bolu @Pheebz @rodolfo @Kumarn @Caucasiankiki @SethTI @Brow @McKrystiann @JockerAndrew95 @ib2k @Viber @T3M0 @Gyulus @Suee @DjDanny24 @motherofdragons @drezzasouzaa @anxbeg @MisteR @Fons @FREO @maxo @SEANORAMA @AngieOuO @SEDA @Cross @KLIERA @wtrmln625882 @mary17 @Page @iWitness29@ShatteredSpirit19 @pablo@Pabloo @Secret_Ghost @Nove7 @Icantthinkofaname @Low @Xhonsel @Mitsuha @Born @ANG3LL @cfr_tobias @iGuinho @VAN3SSA @AND3 @SaMuKaO555 @Santademonia @Skatel @Dallas @Christina @Borbo @JoseSergioJr17 @Marya @Pudinzinho69 @Luig @Bruxinhotrade @-Daniel @i1Category @xiFaahx @Daniel @SHAW @op1 @AR91 @Ronal @Zoom @Blossoms @UchihaFelipe @Gravity @Meru @SLOom @Bobocica @finii @MustHaveCoffee @DcrXy @deni @lemona @exotic @maria13 @GDragon @SREric @TeaBagging @Mino1 @NADYA @iiNiicolee @SigurdBrynjar @Zark_D @Mehdi @Ashley199152 @iCecy @Envos @AguaDulce @iiAriel @CommanderCSY @Deymian @Erick @iiiR4M4iii @Maverick @JOOZ @IRINA @Bear_00 @WwJeff6929wW @Alesoo0812 @Mihai @jose1 @L3OZ1N @Amyyyy @DJFUNNY @Ch3rry @xRavennn @Davidss1001 @zed @Vevrok @Siz @Defne @Hissizlestim @elya @India @CAROOL @alex @Emptydreamz @GEMY @Chapinleno @HUSE1N @VoceaTacerii41 @Ayberk @iiPityus @Arctic @Gingo @xrocket @stitch14 @Mahmoud97 @Felipe2112 @infinityy @Zeeh @Sethos @Sergio @xLaming @Coolingman @RobFerrari @Imr @Welch @Attack @oka @DavidS1 @pepsi69 @Tytok1 @AlexiusZeta @ter0x @ZILLE @xKoka @Mafia1 @Zhattana @Vituu @paulyynho @Parth @MrTomato @FLX
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    A pre power auction sale is now on and running before the bigger one this weekend celebrating Black Friday! https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Auction5.php
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    Hello, I would announce that staff has changed a bit, Firstly I wanna announce that Djcrazy is new main owner of Mundosmilies, (yeah, again), congratulations! Drika and Djcrazy are very active, both deserve their rank position, helping a lot on chat moderation, contests, being active, etc... Both were very active since the chat Mundosmilies was empty in the past, but now it's getting active again with promotions, future contests etc... No new main owners will be added and/or changed in the future, this is the perm staff. I will also stay as main owner to keep bot always updated e.g ranklist, our own commands (thanks arcbot ecmd), and some other stuff, you will see in the future, I can tell you all, we will have a lot of things for the future of the chat, website, and always updating it, to provide accurate information in real-time or as soon possible about the xat.com, Any good suggestion will be accepted about managing the chat, you can do your, I've also did a outer/inner with a cool css for the xat, enjoy it!
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    This is a great idea, this would be very useful.
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    you are thinking well! Good suggestion, xat needs it. I support your suggestion, I thought it was a great idea, if I had something else to comment to add, I would already be commenting.
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    Good my boy, you are thinking well huh! good suggestion xat is in need of it.
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    Well its a good and interesting idea of a power, it'll be better if the works only on html5 so some users will get better involved with html5 than flash player, but also it'll add an extra power to sticky collections, I would've buy it for sure with no doubts, as we had a lot of anime powers why not make a new for sticky collections...
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    I was sceptical about the number of 'sticky' powers on xat, and if there's enough to form a super collection. The verdict is yes, there are enough. Here's my list of 'sticky' powers below: Blobby [175] (sticky body) Candy [129] Chocolate [304] Cupcake [274] Cups [486] (sticky drinks) Fruit [48] Fruities [245] Glob [357] (sticky body) Marshie [530] Popcorns [404] Slimefx [508] Sticky [243] And there's more, which I wasn't 100% decided on: Feast [98] (food power - not necessarily sticky) Pizzas [498] (more greasy than sticky) Stick [59]
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    Mihai (166211569)
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    AnasWin (122163304)
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    Blacky (691320709)
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    Sergio (187744205)
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    Shizuo (1130000)
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    DjFunnyelmejor (161735814)
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    MagicDesigns (10000020)
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    MrSethos7342 (1535567342)
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    That's an awesome idea. I think that the password protection could be combined with the minimum rank. You would have to be main owner and have the password to see it. An image preview would be the best, with the possibility of clicking on it and open it in full size in a new tab.
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    Solange (223326780)
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    UnderDream12 (257605296)
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    I guess being able to set a minimum rank would be good enough. There may be arguments against this, I also think staff members might feel that they're not trusted enough by the main owner. However, they don't need access to such information after all, they must respect the decision made by the main owner of the chat. Staff members can always complain if they disagree with a decision made by the main owner, however that shouldn't be a reason for staff members to make complaints. Changelogs being password-protected would be a good option as well. Trying to remember the password shouldn't be a problem for main owners, I think that's easier than trying to remember all the changes made on the chat. However, if the main owner forgets the password, I suggest using the email associated to the chat group to get it back, just the way you get back the password of the chat when you forget it. You would receive an email from xat with the password to access the Changelogs in case you forget it. I'd prefer a preview image for privacy reasons. However, I don't mind if URLs are shown in full anyway.
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    Your idea may be implemented on the new edit group web. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    http://imgur.com/kWUZjBL.png Button Color: #084B8A
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    I don't care if rich Australian are losing their houses I care about the fact that KOALAS are losing their home. BBC News
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    Lana Del Rey better win the Grammy. I see them snubbing artists again.
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    I want to apologize again to all people. This topic will be closed, we have had a quiet conversation with the xat staff xat Volunteers and it is not allowed to make this donation, for the good of all, thank you for understanding and that you are with us. Possible in the future to be allowed this, at the moment it is not allowed, I want you all to know this. This donation is over, but I want you to know that xats Nathan will receive it. Thank you all!
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    Note: If you have any report, concern about the chat (Mundosmilies) you can use https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=Mundosmilies or https://mundosmilies.com/contact/ I will review everything as well, I have removed chat css since it caused lag on Linux (at least for me), it's now just the outer same color than inner, Notes: Remember, the chat is international, any language is allowed. I want to be transparent, any chat change will be described here, we will be 100% clear about everything. Exception of demotes, and some reasons that cannot be public. Translators are being accepted anytime, you can just contact me if want to translate anything, if everything is fine on your translation you be given the rank of translator. Moderator rank can be given according to the activity on the chat, this is based in how the user is acting, helping, etc. Owner is a rank which won't be given to any people, but trusted people only, I mean, owner will be not given to any people just because is friend of someone. Any rank may be earned according to the time. A lot of contests will happen in the future, to be honest in some days after this comment, I'm already projecting a lot of stuff. Keep your eye on the xat forums/our chat and you will see soon! #EDIT: Background is now working on HTML5 too! Well, this is all for now. Thank you all.
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