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    The contest is now closed for entries. Thank you all for participating - you're amazing! The winners will be announced on 30 October 2019, and we'll post some of the entries then too.
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    Here are our amazing entries in their Halloween attire. Winners will be posted very shortly in a new post (but you're all winners to me )! PCbacks were not essential to this contest. Amyy (1000033): auramonica (1534587239): Booh (44184): eLyadiitaa (1100101081): HUSE1N (1521173985): LiLy (3172017): Lucerito (384267362): MarshaLL (428933352): MatmazeLLL (951456877337): Mihai (166211569): Mojiis (738870730): Raveyboo (998980610): Sergio (187744205): And bonus non-participant (because judges can't enter) - ELea (1313):
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the New HTML5 Web here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The New Web (xat's new web design) is being rolled out gradually. For example, these pages have already been updated: New xat groups page with a new interface design - access at xat.com/xat5?new New xat home page with a new interface design - access at xat.com New xat store with a new interface design - access at xat.com/store New xat login page with a new interface design - access at xat.com/login Bug: If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/main-website/ Feedback: If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ Changelog - Version December 22, 2019 xat store: DX convert page has been added. X2D convert page has been added. Please note that a few small bugs will be fixed in the near future with DX and X2D. Miscellaneous: Power banner: You will now see the random power preview. An issue has been fixed where the banner would freeze after 30 seconds. Alignment of the smilies in the banner has been improved. When clicking the banner, it would show the xat homepage within the banner, this issue has been fixed. You are now redirected to the store. New web - Groups (old changelog)
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    Hello, The WINNERS are : Huzun(10106010) @Ayberk ☑ Received XkMy(10131013) @Kaay ☑ Received i1Category (152555933) @i1Category ☑ Received Coolingman (1161431081) @Coolingman ☑ Received DjFunnyelmejor (161735814) @DJFUNNY ☑ Received D4nieL (100344585) @D4niel ☑ Received Abrahannnn (1534445130) @Abrahan ☑ Received iiXDanny98 (585651094) @DjDanny24 ☑ Received HUSE1N (1521173985) @HUSE1N ☑ Received AsunaaKirito (1528287039) @Borbo ☑ Received P : https://i.imgur.com/MtWxCOu.mp4 Congratulation!! Contact me asap to receive your prize at Xattrade. I want to thank all the participants, see you again later in other occasion or event. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!
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    Ajutor / ARCbot / Mundosmilies / Assistance / xat_Test - Others. . .
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    My favorite chat is: Loja, Ajutor, Trade, Assistance and Mundosmilies is newer in my list of favorite chats.
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    are you sure? I can add something like the fiery six, like taurus if you want another smiley please post your idea and I'll take the one that takes the most like! Thanks! another thing, Do you believe that it is better with flaming ears? and this one jump?
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    I reallllyyyyyy hate to disappoint you guys! But something urgent has come up IRL, and I will not be able to attend the event tomorrow night. With that being said, the event will be postponed till Friday, November 8th @ 10:30 PM EST. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Reminder that the contest is tonight on Feedback chat 9pm - Midnight (GMT+1 / UTC+1). We'll post some of the entries here afterwards too.
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    I wish you a nice agreement and with very successful winners.
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    hello guys!! from Ale.. since this power gave me a hard time with the toad in trade, I decided to draw a cool power about it, which should go in combination with both firefx and burningheart (source of inspiration). - I combined some smileys and added the female and male hands for the firefx, added two new fire's, hair style burners and one in style burningheart, faces in combination of the same power! ok... - the rest I make you fantasize by yourself ... (HAPPY HALLOWEEN...!!!) - If you have any questions, complaints or compliments, I am here to receive and / or explain!! (the name can change in Burn Fire ) i don't know if you like it...but i tested and i like! (the pawn idk )
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    And the new power is... FEAR! Limited. Just in time for Halloween, these fearful smilies will help you remember why it is good to be afraid of the dark. 8 smilies included: (fear) (fearful) (fearwings) (lightsoff2) (skullhair) (tradewitch) (witch2) (witch3) 5 limited pawns available: (hat#hc) (hat#hf) (hat#hk) (hat#ht) (hat#hw) The price is still unknown. Note: This power belongs to the SUPERSCARY collection.
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    Boo! We will be hosting a xat Halloween Costume Contest on Feedback chat on the evening of October 29th from 9pm to midnight (GMT+1). To participate, simply use a Halloween-themed pawn, a decorated name (which can include colors and smiley combinations) and avatar, and come spook us on Feedback chat! You must notify us of your participation on the chat. We accept one entry per user. The winner will win 3000 xats! Second place will win 2000 xats, and third place will win 1000 xats! The judges will be @Crow and myself. The prize holder is Crow! The winners will be announced on the Forum and on Feedback in a scroll message on October 30th. The winners will have 48 hours after the announcement of the results to claim their prize. Please contact us if you have any questions. See you soon, my pumpkins!
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    ID: 567 Name: Spookies Status: Limited Smilies: spook1, spook2, spook3, spook4, spook5, spook6, spook7, spook8, spook9, spookbk Hats: hat#hs p1spook1, hat#hp p1spook2 Price: 232 xats Superscary collection.
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    Of course, Mundosmilies & Ajuda.
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    My Favorite is chat staff mod , member Loja , Assistance , Game but i like Trade , xat5 , chat , ajutor , mundosmilies , Feedback
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    The event is 2:30 am for me. I can't promise if I'm able to attend the event, but good luck to all participating the event. Happy Halloween!
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    Participate and win the power SPOOKIES.
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    A great job and good creativity, no doubt this should be done. Maybe add 2 more smilie instead of the heart.
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    The costume contest is underway on Feedback chat, if you wish to participate! Wear a spooky avatar/name/pawn and you could win xats!
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    Hello, Excuse me for all this confusion. Some people have asked if they can continue with this contest if xat Ajutor has already been redirected with Assistance. I want to answer clearly for everyone to understand. This contest will continue until the end, however we have 3 days and this contest ends. Thanks for all, you still have time to add your phenomenal works. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The question What do you do now if this chat is not open, this contest is closed? The answer I have tried and continually try to reopen this chat, but it is not how I want it, you all know that xat.com and the staff know better what they want, I agree with them, and yes I continue with this contest. You can create banner images for club forum or website, who wants to contribute can do it here in this post. Thank you!
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    I like the drawings bro, keep up the good work and ideas
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    Welcome back to the Wiki team, @muffins!
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    https://prnt.sc/pncnwo I have received my prize.
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    Sometimes I wonder if living life is such a good idea
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    My fav vol is @Mihay : $
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