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    hello @LaFleur @Maverick @Lemona @Sevda @xLaming @Amyyyy @iMIKI @Geordie @Mihaigood morning everyone
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    I think xat should innovate in essence as discord, but always stick to the essence of powers/xat.com, but, allow more interactions, so it could bring in a more gamers audience. HTML5 gives this opportunity. Allows users to chat to ech other with more then 2 peoples only , it could be max: 4 (remove,add,invite pool interaction) voice option in smilies tab list. (on,off,mute) etc alot of features same to mobile/PHONE
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    Dj Funny Breaking the Silence!!! Dj Funny Rompiendo el Silencio!!! Good night Everybody Recuerda que si buscas ayuda, puedes encontrarme en xat.com/ayuda estare encantado de ayudarte.
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