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    Hello everyone. If you need help with chat. Find in Chat Aassitence / Ajutor Everything about Errors related to you account etc. But do not forget, a volunteer or a person who helps in the chat does not ask for the password / email, etc If this happens, you just need to name picture plus id. ( username + number + With clear pictures ) With much respect, Mihai.
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    Are they reebok or are they nike? They are nike ♪
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    GENERAL CONTEST INFORMATION Hello ladies and gentlemen! Trade is looking for a spoooooooooky halloween background so we've decided to hold a contest. You can post as many entries as you want. The deadline is set to October 18th at 12:00 pm EST. Questions about the contest should be posted in this topic. Reputation accumulated on the posts in this topic have no influence on the outcome of the contest. REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS Backgrounds must be focused on a halloween theme. You must provide a chat background and an outer background (2560 x 1440 pixels or larger). You must provide a matching button color. Your entry must be posted publicly here. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright. PRIZE INFORMATION There will be a first, second, and third place winner. Fist place: 7,000 xats. Second place: 2,000 xats. Third place: 1,000 xats. Judges Sydno, Echo, Bryan Prize Holder Sydno Deadline October 18th, 12:00pm EST You have two weeks! Donations are accepted.
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    New HTML5 Trade The new HTML5 Trade application has now been released. To access the new Trade app, simply open the xat HTML5 groups page and start the Trade app either by clicking the "trade" link in the chat or by the app menu. Changes and improvements No Flash player is required anymore for trading. The app should be useable on almost any web browser and device. The Trade app has become a more clean and appealing look. To add/remove powers now, you just need to click on the power. There’s no minus/plus icon. Search has been improved. You can now search for superpowers which shows all powers of this superpower. You can also search for other categories such as: color game gameban hug jinx epic blast fx kao name function “Add all” has been improved. It works smoothly now (no freezing like on Flash). You can see the progress of the added powers. Note: Additional features such as an indication that Everypower/Superpower has entirely been added or other improvements, may come in future. If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you.
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    Inner background Outer Background Button color code : #6E6E6E
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    This may reduce the number of trolls and delinquents on the website, which I would love. However, I feel that many users may not want to provide this sensitive information just to register an account, and it may reduce the number of users who visit the website as a whole.
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    INNER OUTER Button color: #cc78e3 Button color: #ca4141
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    Hello, congratulations on the contest! Here are my funds, I hope you enjoy it. Inner Outer Button Color: #FFA500 Good luck to everyone!!
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    First Entry Inner: Outer: Button Color #1: #3d1c77 / #b02d23 -You can use any of the two colors-
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    Welcome to the official thread of the xat.chat blog. Find all the articles, guides or stories we wrote! ========================================================= INTERVIEWS #1 09/19/2015 Here is the Great xat Brandon #2 04/06/2016 Welcome to xat ELiE #3 04/16/2016 Enjoyable xat Junior is in the place #4 05/15/2016 Storm aka Chat's boss #5 05/29/2016 Christina's interview #6 07/09/2016 Nick's interview #7 09/25/2016 Stah's interview #8 10/29/2016 Jayden's interview #9 12/11/2016 Karl's interview #10 01/15/2017 Jedi's interview #11 09/15/2017 Steven's interview ========================================================= GUIDES 09/04/2017 A Guide to Auction Powers ========================================================= xat HISTORY 10/01/2017 History Prologue 11/01/2017 Chapter 1: Planets 12/01/2017 Chapter 2: Privileges ========================================================= Did you enjoy reading? Want to suggest something? Comment and share your mind!
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    All that matters is that you send me cute cat gifs.
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    It would be cool to hear from chat managers and volunteers, but there should definitely be interviews with users from all the different ranks (contributor, wiki editor, etc) and (especially) users with no rank. I would like to see the different perspectives and these interviews could even be used as a tool for administrators to gain feedback from different groups on xat.
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    I actually would like to hear interviews from all volunteers and all chat managers on all xat ofc chats? Can you interview them? We're curious about them since most of them we don't see everyday.
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    The main purpose of it is to discover users. Of course if you already know them, you may not learn anything special! But don't hesitate to send me more interesting questions then!
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    Not really sure how I feel about the interviews. I didn't really find anything out from the two existing ones (maybe because I already know Brandon and Elie?) and there wasn't any special information really. Isn't that the point of an interview? To find out some interesting facts?
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    ~ Si no te gusta algo, cámbialo. Si no lo puedes cambiar, cambia tu actitud. ~
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