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    Trade will be hosting a little event for Halloween on October 30th at 11:00pm EST on xat.com/trade We will be playing all sorts of games as per usual. THE 3 CO-HOSTS ARE BACK AND AT IT LADIES AND GERMS @Lemona and @Angelo WILL BE HOSTING WITH ME. We'll see you there! Happy Halloween. 🎃
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    Hi, here my entry of contest Inner: https://u.cubeupload.com/DeozArt/20btemplate5.png Outer: https://u.cubeupload.com/DeozArt/2c1Outer.png Buttons: # ffe600 Check here Greetings!
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    The wiki page has been created: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Nin In the future, it'd be nice to post sticker powers in the PROPER FORMAT which includes instructions on how to use the power as well as images that go with it. You can find various examples from previous powers here on the forum or on the wiki. When providing information to the whole community, please do it properly so that it's easy for users to access and understand. This also makes it easier for the wiki team. It shouldn't be some competition as to who is going to post it first. If you ONLY want to announce the power name, that'd be more ideal as a status update. Thank you.
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    As Laming pointed out, you can already use Report Scam or Report Phishing Site help topics if you are not a paid user, even though I agree the terminology is wrong. There is no delay at all so this should work well. Having a new help topic dedicated for that may not be on the agenda even though this would work too. As a matter of fact, the button Inappropriate is often left unanswered or unseen so this may not be the right thing to do (even though you should always try that first). Another option is to send a (forum) message to a volunteer. At some point, this may even be the quickest.
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    GENERAL CONTEST INFORMATION Hello ladies and gentlemen! Trade is looking for a spoooooooooky halloween background so we've decided to hold a contest. You can post as many entries as you want. The deadline is set to October 18th at 12:00 pm EST. Questions about the contest should be posted in this topic. Reputation accumulated on the posts in this topic have no influence on the outcome of the contest. REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS Backgrounds must be focused on a halloween theme. You must provide a chat background and an outer background (2560 x 1440 pixels or larger). You must provide a matching button color. Your entry must be posted publicly here. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright. PRIZE INFORMATION There will be a first, second, and third place winner. Fist place: 7,000 xats. Second place: 2,000 xats. Third place: 1,000 xats. Judges Sydno, Echo, Bryan Prize Holder Sydno Deadline October 18th, 12:00pm EST You have two weeks! Donations are accepted.
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    Hello, I'm back again, to giveaway some powers, xats and days. This time, i have decided to giveaway the power NIN to ONE lucky user on the forum. Rules : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. 1 WINNER will be chosen Wednesday, 9th october at 6:00 PM (GMT+1) Using this generator. The winner should contact me for the prize on xattrade. If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 48 hours, another winner will be chosen with same way. Any reply causing drama or not following the rules will immediately reported. Countdown. Good luck everyone!
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    I definitely agree with all the points but we both know we are on xat and can hardly change the agenda ourselves. If we were in an ideal world, then all of what you said would have been added years ago. My point was simply to state the different options users have at the moment, given the current circumstances.
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    Buttons: 5e3d7d Live Buttons: #890000 Buttons: #a18da9 Buttons: #b582c3 (purple) or #86b8bf (blue)
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    https://forum.xat.com/profile/38910/?status=12991&type=status Here I am - Donation. I will transfer For you or Sydno?
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    Theme: Anonymous Vendetta or with Fc Barcelona my name Text/Subtext: iiXDanny98 (585651094) Colors: Blue/White Extra Details: NA
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