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  2. About The Website/Facebook/club/xat Ajutor is looking for general purpose backgrounds/banner/icon. . . Website/Facebook - Icon Photo - Banner - Background1 -Background2 xat/Forum - Club Icon Photo1 - Club Icon Photo2 - Club banner1 - Club banner2 - Background - PcBack ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL CONTEST INFORMATION - You can post as many entries as you want. The deadline is set to the end of the d
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  4. I'm very happy with you, Sergio! Congratulations and welcome to the team!
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  5. Gratz Congratulations ! @Sergio
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  7. Welcome to the team @Sergio!
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  9. @Sergio has been added as a Contributor. Congratulations and welcome to the Contributors group, again!
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  10. This sounds like an excellent power to celebrate the Winter Olympics. It's unfortunate because the next one isn't until 2022. This could be an idea for a new game power - a snowboarder going down a mountain (use the arrow keys to move left or right), avoiding tree stumps, rocks, snowmen and other winter smilies we have. If they hit an obstacle, the user crashes out. The longer the game goes on, the more obstacles there are. There's a video on YouTube 'Super Snowboard-X - Flash Game - Gameplay' and that's exactly how I imagined it.
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  12. Postimages is now approved. You can now use it for banner promotion. There will be more to come. (Maybe).
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  13. what about xat create your own xat hoster like postimages etc it being own xat. and have peoples able to approve/remove/block images peoples=contributors/volunteers or contributors only. I know it will cost alot more than current cust, but it will be better not? better = expand , expansion, grow, xat big again haha!!! that's all. best regards: vevrok
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