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    New HTML5 Trade The new HTML5 Trade application has now been released. To access the new Trade app, simply open the xat HTML5 groups page and start the Trade app either by clicking the "trade" link in the chat or by the app menu. Changes and improvements No Flash player is required anymore for trading. The app should be useable on almost any web browser and device. The Trade app has become a more clean and appealing look. To add/remove powers now, you just need to click on the power. There’s no minus/plus icon. Search has been improved. You can now search for superpowers which shows all powers of this superpower. You can also search for other categories such as: color game gameban hug jinx epic blast fx kao name function “Add all” has been improved. It works smoothly now (no freezing like on Flash). You can see the progress of the added powers. Note: Additional features such as an indication that Everypower/Superpower has entirely been added or other improvements, may come in future. If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you.
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    Hello everyone. Announcements and Feedback. « Check. - Suggestions - HTML5 - Mobile - New Power Testing - AppBot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What about a new section for XatRadio. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The news - Announcements and Feedback. - Suggestions - HTML5 - Mobile - New Power Testing - AppBot - XatRadio What benefits can it bring? - New changes, Staff, and other minor information. - All approved/ignored-rejected images ( Why this image was ignored, for people to see mistakes and know how to evolve). - Support for all people ( so we all see and know what to do or not, what is right and what is not right). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why did I come up with this idea? Just this week I think I received 5 complaints from xatRadio - The banner image was approved and after a day received an email that was ignored/rejected. What happen? Everyone asks for explanations, so in this section, everyone will have explanations. Thank´s for your time. Regards Bau.
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    ID: 562 Name: Hairb Status: Limited Price: 210 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hairb
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    I think whoever creates these powers is bald, and takes revenge. Hairb, Hairm, Hair2f, Khair, Ahair, Hairf. . . . Nice power, we like!
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    MORE HAIR!!!!!! We require more hair!!!
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    This year we are celebrating xat's 13th anniversary... time flies! Some questions are going to be posted on the Facebook page during these days for the chance of winning xats. Get ready! 😎🎉 The first two questions are already available: https://www.facebook.com/1394768403867927/posts/2698512820160139/. Good luck!
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    xPedro, xLaming Thank you. You both know it's a good idea and it's not related to xat´s. But if it is as we think, and not as it really is, why are there people who approve players for someone? Why not the xat.com staff? - Why is it not public who does this? (Everyone deserves to know who works at xatRadio). - More people visit Forum.xat.com than xatRadio.com - More people have the opportunity to come in and be updated with any information on XatRadio. It's just an idea, if you/all really do a good job you have nothing to fear. - If you really have many people to check with the player, we need more people to work with, reliable people. - If you really have many people to check with the banner, we need more people to work, trustworthy people. I think I brought two themes here, radio and banner, but I hope the idea was understood. LOL
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    I need a new haircut!! great options and good power... not sure what style should I pick but will try all of them. lol
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    Ok, we go.. The only staff is Me, Thuk and Cupim & xat admins (obvious) since the start of the project. xat admins are xat staff, if you meant volunteers/contributors or whatever talking about the "team around it" not really "STAFF"... I said this before, this isn't something that anyone can join and simply click deny or allow, everything should be checked manually, codes should be checked if theres nothing bad e.g exploits, redirects etc, read line-per-line and see if everything is ok. This isn't just a lot of images embedded in one file, (e.g: https://github.com/PseudoRAM/Shooting-Game--AS3-/blob/master/src/main.as -- this is not a player) I don't think because they are vols or contributors they will have knowledge of coding ActionScript/HTML/JS/CSS (yeah you also need to check every link manually) Ignore the part of "HTML" being a coding language, it isn't but yah... Who uploaded the file should know, not everyone... some people keep their work "private" for selling etc. Yes, I agree we having a subforum on the forums, but I don't think we should bother forum admins for this, people can always ask on the correct area and we'll reply them. Banners are xat staff, not xatRadio staff. Yes, I agree, the biggest question is "WHO?" same to xat volunteers, we need, its delaying months. But where is trusted people for this? This was happening in the past, what happened then? People were abusing of it, including "trusted people". People were using bad scripts to inject bad codes on your browsers, they were leaking user data (IP, browsers etc), they were using redirect exploits. With xatRadio this won't happen since we check every code/player or whatever is uploaded there. Ahh I forgot to mention that in the past you wasn't able to upload your HTML stuff e.g rules, players etc (only FLASH and it will be deprecated soon). This is all to keep xat users safe, to share their work. Suggestions are always welcome and I can promise you them will be considered if good enough.
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    This has been fixed now. The fix is as follows: Using an old register link will redirect you to the new register page, containing the user id / k1 / k2 info in the link already (full redirect). So should just be able to register on the new web. Thank you for letting us know.
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    Very well done, the smiles are much better than i have imagine it. Thanks to all who helped to make this power exist!!
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    ID: 560 Name: Umbrella Status: Limited Price: 239 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Umbrella This power was made by @Anti.
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    Well, Nothing has been changed for years, including the staff because this isn't something easy to touch, we don't want bad ppl using bad stuff, right. T.o.S are there if people atleast read it would see that inapp stuff/encrypt won't be accepted, People talking about codes being stolen will be handled as well, I dont think we should take action since 80% of the players are just edited and its base is GNU or MIT license(correct if I'm wrong), but if it was really created, so yes action should be taken by us. People says their players were rejected etc, but almost of them have girls showing things that shouldnt be there... They should remember that everything uploaded should br suitable for all. All bugs or issues were already fixed a long time ago, the system is fully stable, yet theres not a big amount of people approving players, we do our best and it's a free service, when players are rejected for silly reasons we try to contact the player owner to explain etc (example of this is when its encrypted), we also help them on xat or forum, all this is for keep xat users safe and using a good service. ------------------------ Getting on the thread, https://xatradio.com/changelog.txt any change is added here, support can be given sending PM to Thuk, Me or Cupim. It would be nice having a subforum on the forum but it doesnt really worth, it will be useless and inactive for months. I think people can still asking on Questions (subforum) well, its there. You can also get help on xatProject's support page: https://xatproject.com/support/open.php Approved/rejected players should be between xatRadio staff and the users directly, not public (to keep privacy things), also I dont think we should say every player that was approved or rejected people already receive emails based on this and they can also see on xatRadio Manage's panel. F.A.Q: https://xatradio.com/help Terms of Use: https://xatradio.com/terms Everything xatRadio users need is thers.
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    it's not a bad idea, but xatradio isn't owned by xat, but it can be, since cupim's OWNER. and on there do not have many staffs member, it's only 3 members I think.
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    Sell Bg's PcBack at a worth price message me at this ID (1517339369) just add me, i'm online almost all the time. /f1517339369 Hope to see you anytime soon!
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    Is awesome. Waiting for some time, I knew that my precious time is not wasted, I waited for what I wanted and it was done. I know I suggested something similar, but I didn't find it in history, so I won't mention my name. @Lemona @Samuel Thank you!
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    Thanks @Solange and @Lemona for the idea of helping Mike with this power!! i really like it especially umfem2, umfem1 somes on mine were included, the first impact was a bit ugly, but it's normal when the power is from your examples, i like also the idea new of UMBOW really cute!! special thanks at @Anas I haven't seen him for a long time... and @Anti for having made it real !! Thank you!!
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    Credits go to @Anas and @NoSense. Also to Lemona and myself for helping Mike with some ideas. We finally got this power!
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    Here's mine: Inner: https://i.imgur.com/AlFxpBV.png Outer: here Button color: #FFFFFF or #B97F70 Click here to preview.
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    Hi all, my first entry: Inner: Outer: Button color: #062e64 Thanks.
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    I think it's better you don't suggest vevrok, many make fun of you and don't look at themselves
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