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  1. I'm posting this layout, I want you to tell me what you liked and what you would change. Centraldosplayers
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  2. To try to up sell subscription packages on https://xat.com/buy I could see power this being useful for unregistered users, but maybe not so much registered users who do not have a day. Either way, I don't think it would hurt to make it into a power, although it may be a while before something like this is properly developed and integrated into xat.
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  4. I am attentive to all the suggestions that you are giving, and preparing something that pleases everyone, soon put here the layout. Centraldosplayers
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  5. Happy Birthday my bff forever! <3
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  6. Hello all. I'd like to propose a new power or an all around updated feature to xat. I've seen it become more common that English groups are full of people who speak multiple languages. I think this is great! However, I only speak English, and I come into contact with several users on the daily who don't speak a lick of English. Luckily, I'm a subscriber and I have access to the translator on the sidebar. But others aren't so fortunate. I'd like to suggest either a new group power called (something along the lines of) GTranslate which would allow all users to use the Translate feature, or I'd like to suggest that the translation feature simply be open to all users. I feel like a power like this could help bridge the communities of every language of xat. I would like to add that I'm not sure why the Translate feature is subscriber only; if there is a specific reason for it then I'd understand completely. Otherwise, thoughts on this?
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  7. Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum user. YOU ALL - Just respond with your username and your id in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - The winner (s) have to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held for any reason, another winner will be selected randomly; (It is a joke, there is no time to receive the prize). Time END Deadline for publication: 08/09/2019 | The winner will be chosen in Fonduri xat wih ARCbots BOT. We will choose the winner with bot help, if you want to see who is the winner and get her prize if you win, go to xat.com/Fonduri OR Bau/Ajutor/ARCbot/Troca/xat5/trade Good luck xatFamily!
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  8. Hello The winner: comment-111715 « @Deffy «Defne00 (84065237) HOW This WORk? Soon Another Contest, Enjoy
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  9. Would love to see an animation where a smiley skiing down the mountain and and avoiding snowballs but in the end still ends up hitting a one big snowball, then followed by your message. xD
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  14. Hello Jason Suggestions for xatspace - Allow add two or more images and change them according to your preference. - Allow add text (and smaller image). - Allow to add photo álbum. - Adder (you can add comment or message, such as messenger application - messenger website. - Allow add a player, or even a favorite song. - Redirect to another xatspace (when you click on: My other account # Fonduri) to add you to the same page only with xatspace and the different xat.me name. #iBau. - Allow add the chat page. - Allow add the Facebook page. - Allow add the Forum page. - Allow add the wiki page. - Allow add the website page (ARCbots, Mundosmilies, mundoxat etc). Thank you - Good luck.
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