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    I have tried going to chat: xat.com/Assistance and it re-directs me to the groups page. And when I try using bot commands relating to the group such as !delistcheck and !grouptransfer, the FEXBot says that the group does not exist. I have also asked others to verify this issue by connecting to the chat, and there is no luck for them either. Using /go also does not work, nor adding ?new to the end of the URL. So I want to know, is there some kind of maintenance on xat going on right now? Has the group been terminated?
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    This suggestion is very simple: PCSmiley would allow you to you set a custom smiley bar with smilies of your own choice for your private chat. You would also be able to set a default color for the smilies (e.g #ff8000, #ff0000) or a custom smiley background (e.g #clear, #goldb).
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    I agree with most of the comments, this looks pretty good and seems to be an interesting power due to the theme it has. We usually get "cute" powers and this is totally different, so it makes it pretty interesting.
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    This is how it'd look. It's probably too distracting/annoying. On the other hand, there could be a setting to disable all status scrolls on your side.
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    If your group was removed recently, post the group name here please. You may also post for other people (eg if they report on Help chat). Removed means: When you go to the group it redirects to https://xat.com/groups. An issue caused groups to be removed (randomly). We'll try to get it back online as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconveniences!
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    Hello, This contest is something simple and easy, Well, you just need to register at https://dash.mundosmilies.com and share smilies, In seven days starting from now, if you make more cool smilies than others you will receive 5.000 xats, HOW TO: Create your Mundosmilies Account; Log in using your account; Confirm your account using the command up side of the chat "!activate [YOUR CODE]"; Go to "Add smiley" and share them! RULES: You may confirm your Mundosmilies Account, using your main xat account (the xat ID you will receive the xats if you win); You cannot post "simple smilies" e.g "(cool#r)" you need to be creative; You cannot steal user' smilies; Winner will be announced when countdown ends; If you have already won the last round you cannot play, just on the next; PRIZE: 5000 XATS JUDGES: Mundosmilies staff WINERS: 15/08/2019 - @Mojiis PRIZE HOLDER: @Stif COUNTDOWN: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1381727/contest-2-ends Good luck for you all,
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    Has been fixed now. @HelperNate
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    I couldn't think of a better name for this topic. When you need to spell something when speaking to someone over the phone, or otherwise talking to them, it might sound confusing saying the letters "n" and "m" when spelling, as they sound similar. What words do you use when verifying if the next letter is "m" or "n?" Personally, I use "Martin" and "Nap." Example: Customer Service Rep.: And how do you spell GamerNate? Me: G-A-M, as in Martin, E-R-N, as in nap, A-T-E.
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    N for Nameglow, M for Matchban! I'm sure they'll know what I mean.
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    Thank you for reporting. This has been forwarded.
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    This is an interesting suggestion, it's not like I'd want this power desperately, however I still think it's a good idea. I think this is a power I might use if xat releases it.
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    Awesome, looks incredible man.
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    What about allowing it to move just through this space?
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    I confirm that I am holding the prize.
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    This very good idea it is possible that the same message appears time remaining the main owner also
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    This was already suggested in the previous forum and there was positive feedback about it. However, the moving in your demonstration is way too fast, it should be much slower, maybe you can update that.
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    @LaFleur I don’t remember them all but xat.com/Kaay is one. @Kaay
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