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    We can unlock this domain and eventually update the bbcode system to add spotify. So, users can add on the chat and xatspace.
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    Is there any specific reason users cannot embed playlists/albums from Spotify below their chats like they can with other playlists / radio players? Could the domain be unblocked? Would anyone else like to see this or use it?
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    Hello everyone, I decided to give the power (StatusColor) to a lucky participant of this forum The rules, the registration deadline and the generator are listed below. The rules for this contest are very simple: 1. Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. 2. Refrain from and avoid the temptation to use multiple accounts, which leads to a disqualification without prior notice. 3.Avoid posting your ID + REG more than once PLEASE, you can be disqualified without notice. 4.The deadline to register and participate in the draw is 11/7/2019 - 21:30 (UTC + 1) Once the accountant has finished, the winner will be announced announced in the next 24 hours. The winner will have 96 hours to claim his prize. In case the prize is not claimed, the winner as always in these cases will be the next participant in the list. You can see the countdown --->>> Here The winner will be chosen using this random generator --->>> Generator Thank you very much for participating and taking your time, if you do not understand something I apologize for my English (Google Translate) Good luck to everyone
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    Chicken dinner tonight @Thuk
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    Similar suggestions have been opened in the past. Although this promotes alcohol, we already have powers with alcohol-themed smilies such as Celebrate, Party and Samba, so I'd be in favour of a power like this. The thing is... I don't think Admins would be willing to create a power like this, but... Who knows! Good suggestion anyway.
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    The next interview will be published soon, and the interviewee is... Sloom! Stay tuned!
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    ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Nathan! ¡Cuidado con la glucemia 🎂😜!
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