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    Thank you. This is exactly what xat needs. I'll make sure to forward this to the administrators.
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    Happy birthday @Luig bro
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    Here is a topic where you can congratulate all friends, all members of the forum or club. Happy birthday
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    i've never seen a strange suggestion like this one before, i asked myself if you're really serious by proposing this ? sorry i don't support this idea
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    New updates. I have moved all static files to another CDN, CloudFlare still being active; Loading time improved, more useless code removed; BBcode tools improved; Portuguese translation has been added thanks to @Stif; It's RevolverMaps not ResolverMaps, now fixed thanks to @Stif
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    This has got to be the worst idea I've seen on this forum.
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    Happy Birthday Luigi!! 🎂🎉
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    I'm in favor of reducing spammers, bots and trolls, but this idea is too risky, in my opinion. There'll be too many users not willing to pay. Even if they are, they might be too young or not able to afford it. And if their friends aren't willing to buy a subscription, they might not bother either - they'll jump over to a different platform.
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    Not good to have an already-dying site make people pay to be on.
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    Parabens Luig meu parcero, felicidades chefia, td bem, muito money e muitas minas pra voce
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    Happy birthday! I wish you good health and happiness @Luig 🎂 🎈 🎉
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    Happy Birthday bro @Luig
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    yes more smilies about 5 people will ever use very epic
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    Feliz aniversário mano, muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida, tmj! 🎉 🎂
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    Happy birthday, Luig! 🎂🎈🎉
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    Perhaps if they were to implement Mike's ideas, maybe, just maybe, they can be as alive as they were years ago. Just a thought, you know? Or they can be stuck in HTML5 and never bring new people. That works too.
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    burger king foot lettuce
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    xat will be In progress and prosperity, this period can be considered a passing cloud, xat will return to its glory as it was previously
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    I know that it looks like xat is dying slowly, but I do have hope and I do believe that xat will get more users once HTML5 is finished and hopefully will be what it once was, I know it's still possible. xat still has a lot of people that love the website, they're helping xat admins to improve the website constantly. And like Crow already said, they're not going to stop. Let's be optimistic and don't be pessimistic!
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    Love your icon/profile header man. Keep it up.
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    I think this is a good power to raise awareness that xat is dying and it needs to be rescued, great idea +1.
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    Good idea. Thank you Bunnie
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    I think (Superhair) if it comes, this hair series will be completed.
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    Trevo,nice to see you on the forum
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    is this the new power ? please give us something different not an existing power with some modifications
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    Hairf, Hairm, Khair, Hair2f, Ahair. Noice
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    I only come on xat to say a quick hello and talk for a bit.
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    I see people losing interest in xat rapidly, due to the lack of users in the english side of xat. I think Spanish community and other languages can still help xat stay up, but as far as english users, I see them migrating to something else entirely like Discord. As much as I hate seeing that, or even saying it, the only thing xat has that remotely interests me is the fact I can be able to use css to make a chat look how I want it to look. Discord, you're unable to have a background everyone can see unless you tell them to download betterdiscord and use the same stuff as you. If xat loses the creativeness aspect for chats, I might have to call it quits.
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    Two ways are possible. First, good way... Admins finally doing ads about xat in social engines. (E.g twitter, fb, adwards etc) Second, bad way... No ppl to enjoy new updates... (Some biased will be there, obvious)
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    Hello. My suggestion is as follow: Make xat.com a paid service. In order to use xat, one must pay a monthly fee. This fee can be the same for everyone. 10 dollars a month. On top of that you gotta pay for powers etc. This way we will reduce spammers , bots and trolls. I would love this idea.
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    Feliz cumpleaños imbécil
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