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    Happy Birthday @DjCrazy sys Sorry for the delay
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    Happy Birthday @Caiio bro
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    Failure is only an opportunity to start over with more intelligence.
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    I only come on xat to say a quick hello and talk for a bit.
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    the happiest day of the xat is when they release the new power.
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    Happy Birthday @Marek bro Sorry for the delay
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    Soy el hombre de nueve ♫
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    Parabéns jovem, tudo de bom pra ti ;* 🎉
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    Be positive! In the 2020s we'll have more features and customization options, more suggestions implemented, more exciting powers, more improvements across the website/wiki/forums, and HTML5 chats will be more advanced. There'll always be doom-mongers, as there always have been, but personally I'm optimistic. There are very good people on xat working hard towards the same cause - and they're not going to stop. That's my opinion.
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    Two ways are possible. First, good way... Admins finally doing ads about xat in social engines. (E.g twitter, fb, adwards etc) Second, bad way... No ppl to enjoy new updates... (Some biased will be there, obvious)
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