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    Lets say the website was inaccessible for a long period of time. Or maybe the servers were down , or will be going down. Let say one of the mentioned things happened. In my eyes its common courtesy to let the users know why this happened. or will happen Instead of acting like it never happened. So here's the suggestion. A forum category where only forum moderators can post to announce these kind of things.
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    Happy Birthday Sis, Crazy ! I hope you have an amazing day !
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    The communication surrounding this site can indeed be improved. Just take account authentication being removed as an example. The only formal announcement about it was through a Contributor monthly log and a chat scroll. As for your suggestion, I believe they can already do this. There were announcements on here in regards to tickle and the new forum section but as for many other things, you won’t really see any sort of eye-catching announcement. If something were to seriously go wrong, I assume xat would rely on their social media accounts.
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    Yaaaay your day finally 🌸❤️❤️❤️ Best wishes to you my queeeen, I love you so much❣️. God bless you and your family everyday and in this special day I with to you good things, enjoy my queen you are amazing and loved ❤️
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    ID: 550 Name: Swimming Status: Limited Price: 219 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Swimming
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    WTF is happening to the forum? uh
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    ty everyone for remember mean my happy birthday and happy birthday when did birthday this good month June
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    I agree with that. Communication between staff and users in xat is zero. ^
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    Yo! Well, I've been getting a lot of questions lately about text styles, effects, fonts, etc. so I decided to put a couple GFX Packs together into one MEGAGFX PACK that you can download HERE Don't underestimate this pack. It's a big file, with a LOT of stuff. I've added 15 of my favorite styles ( I assume you know how to add them to your Photoshop but if not you can message me and I will help you out ) and combined 3 GFX Packs together with many good resources for improving your designs and knowledge of Photohop. Enjoy! Will most likely add more to/update this in the future. Feel free to post any Graphics Packs you find useful to others as well. Sources: Whiz TimpersDesigns VisualArts
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    Happy birthday! 😁🎂
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    http://prntscr.com/o399ol http://prntscr.com/o399t7 @Dani-De-Virreyes has claimed their prize RED! (17/17 winners) Thank you for supporting/participating in this giveaway!
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    Happy Birthday @Booh bro
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    Happy Birthday @DjCrazy sis!
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    Happy Birthday @Booh <33
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    Happy Birthday @DjCrazy *.* x99999999999999999
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    Here's @Lemona's interview! https://xat.chat/xat-lemona/.
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    Since Zoomey (101997) failed to claim RED, the next person on the list will be chosen in their place. That winner is: 1. DaniDeVirreyes (359191878) - @Dani-De-Virreyes - RED Congratulations! You have until June 26 @ 4AM GMT / 12AM EDT to claim your prize! Come meet me @ Game chat to claim your prize. You can contact me by forum message, or xat mobile, but I'd probably respond faster if you private chat my xat account directly: HelperNate (21299)
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    The first couple are neat, though little editing (if any) took place. I like how you fluxuate templates and don't use the same one repetitively, and your image choice. However, you realize on this one you won't be able to see the text once the smilies cover it up, right? Also your signature is very large on it, and why is it in the chatbox? (Just wondering, not trying to hate) It's also very large in 2,3, and 4. Just a suggestion it might be a bit better to have a smaller signature and have it centered for best results. Keep up designing, look forward to seeing your next works. P.S. Don't hesitate to DM me or PC me on xat if you have any questions or want feedback. Always willing to help out.
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