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    For all those wondering, FIDO was STOLEN!!!! 🚓🚨 Can you help claim who stole Fido, what item they used, and where the crime occurred? Winner will receive 500 xats!! Enter on Facebook:
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    The first release... CSS: background-color:#777;background:url(https://i.postimg.cc/ZRwMyfZH/wallpaper.jpg) no-repeat; background-size: cover}*{color:#fff;text-shadow:1px 1px 1px #000}h3{font-size:11px;font-family:Georgia;text-decoration:underline}#xatstyabout0,#xatstyinfo,br,hr,table:not([cellpadding='0']){display:none}#xatstyheader{height:40px;background:rgba(0,0,0,.3);box-shadow:1px 0 5px #000}#xatstymedia{background:0 0;background-color:none}[bgcolor='#dedede']{width:100%;height:35px;position:fixed;bottom:0;color:#fff;background:rgba(0,0,0,.4)}#rotate{margin-top:5%;animation:spin 10s linear infinite}@keyframes spin{0%{transform:rotate(0)}25%{transform:rotate(20deg)}50%{transform:rotate(0)}75%{transform:rotate(-20deg)}100%{transform:rotate(0)}} HTML: (2nd box on edit) <div align="center"> <img id="rotate" src="https://i.postimg.cc/G3sFD7cp/image.png" /> <h2>PAULO (162497)</h2> <h3>This is the way your life goes on...</h3> </div> Power ME? => Nope. It is not needed. Preview: Demo: => https://xat.me/PAULO
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    Fido (ID: 548) - beta This power allows you to send dog stickers. Note: This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat. You need to own the power (548 - Fido) and have days to use stickers. This feature is still in beta. Sending a sticker To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes: (fido.yes#yea!) (fido.hi5#hi!) (fido.love#kissx) (fido.cry#boohoo) (fido.no#OH NO!) Custom text You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’. For example: (fido.yes#xat!) (fido.hi5#Hi xat!) Note: Sticker code must be added at the beginning of the message for it to show up. Text color You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker. For example: (fido.yes#Hi xat!#cyan#yellow) (fido.yes#Hi xat!#ffff00#f9daee) Sticker with message The sticker can also be sent with a message. For example: (fido.love#Hi xat!#cyan#yellow) How are you guys doing today? If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you.
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    THE IDEA There have been suggestions in the past to add more xavi items and features: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]. What I haven't seen suggested is to add a new base species of xavis - i.e. not humans but alien xavis. This power could be (xavi2). Please let me know what you think! An assortment of alien heads. Not just the stereotypical grey alien shape, but aliens with horns, spikes, long ears (jar jar binks), long head (xenomorph), chestnut-shaped head (frieza), multiple heads, slimy, antenna, feelers, snouts, whiskers. There are lots of alien races in Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who, which may give you an idea about how varied alien lifeforms can be. See this image for example (credit to Mel Miniatures). Alien skin tones could be grey, purple, green, blue and red. An assortment of hair and colors. Alien hair could be as crazy and extreme as you like, e.g. Padmé's hair from Star Wars. Whilst the human xavis have the standard blonde, brown, ginger, dark hair colors, aliens could have purple, green, blue and red hair colors. There would be an option to remove hair altogether too. An assortment of alien eyes. These can range from giant black bug eyes to having four or six eyes to being a cyclops. An assortment of eye brows. These would convey a variety of expressions - angry, happy, normal, surprised, etc. Like hair, there would be an option to remove these altogether. An assortment of mouths. Not just a single line, but open mouths, jaw dropped. smiling, fierce teeth, scream mouth, etc. These can be base mouths - not triggered by smilies you type in the chat - just to make the aliens more interesting. An assortment of accessories. These can range from headdresses to spacesuits to cloaks to creepy alien crowns. All the usual xavi customisation options would be there - the ability to move things higher, lower, expand, shrink, rotate, etc. QUESTIONS Q. Why aliens? A. The xat logo is a planet, the facebook header image is outer space, and there is a xatworld theme across the website. These alien characters would fit into the general theme of the website (we're all aliens, and the chats are planets!) However, there could be a future expansion for robots, unicorns, anubis, minotaurs, etc. The list can be endless if the character is interesting enough. Q. What about accessories/hair I've already bought for my human xavi? A. You could still use your old accessories and hair. https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Getxavis.php could work for (xavi) and (xavi2). The new alien accessories/hair would work for human xavis too. Q. Where would I design my alien xavi? A. A new app could be created next to the xavi icon. The icon for xavi2 (and the default xavi2) would be a typical grey alien.
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the HTML5 chat here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The HTML5 chat is currently accessible by typing ?new after the chat name, e.g.: https://xat.com/xat5?new To see the version number in the chat, click at your profile > settings. If it doesn't show the latest version, you may have to clear your cache. Bug: If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/ Feedback: If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ Changelog - Version July 13, 2019 Features: Power preview dialog has been updated: An issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show the preview for old powers. Clicking on a power in name would open both the power preview and user dialog, this has been fixed. It will only show the user dialog now. An issue has been fixed which would reload the power preview when the first smiley in the dialog was clicked. NEW: Clicking a superpower will now show the required powers. NEW: If you click on a smiley from the power preview, the smiley will be added right into the text-entry field. Text-entry field: An issue has been fixed which would break the text-entry field when adding too much text without spaces Due to the limit of 256 characters which has been added on the previous version, copy and pasting text exterior to this limit would not be pasted. This has been fixed now. Messages: Help icon on info message (e.g. new member) is now aligned optimally. Posting overly long links would show an empty space beneath the message, this has been fixed now. Sending a message with two single/double quotes would remove the latter, this has been fixed now. Sending a quote/star symbol alongside the letter ‘p’ would bring up the (eek) smiley. This has been fixed and will not happen anymore. Sending an emoji or a special character would not show up in the message, unless it was put twice. This has been fixed. User dialog: The username/ID text color at the top left is now dynamically adapting to its background. For example, a white background (button color) will have a black colored text, and vice versa. Most avatars with the gif format would be showing up as “too big” on the user dialog. A fix has been added to prevent this from happening. Edit: Adding an underscore after a smiley on the avatar field would make the smiley pixelated. This was changed and adding an underscore will not show anything now. It must solely be the smiley code. Powers: Big: An issue with big smilies (Big power) overlapping names has been fixed. Announce: Links in announce messages are now hyperlinked. Namegrad: An issue has been fixed which would allow you to use Namegrad without having the power. Namegrad wasn’t working for some users. The cause was found and a fix has been applied. Namewave: An issue has been fixed which would allow you to use Namewave without having the power. Namegrad would appear broken if namewave was disabled and an app was opened this has been fixed. Miscallaneous: Getimage7 has been released: All kind of images are now loading fast. Hovering over the group/help/xat icons wouldn’t show the cursor, preventing it from being clicked. This is now fixed. An issue has been fixed with private chat tabs not showing up if the name was parenthesized. Clicking offline users on the visitors tab (userlist) would make them appear online. This is now fixed. Long pool names would break the pool appearance, this has been fixed now. If you connected as an unregistered user, your name wouldn’t be bold (font weight), this has been fixed. Alignment issues on the chat with unregistered users have also been fixed. Firefox browser: Pawns on visitor tab (userlist) were not animated. This has been fixed. Scroll (text moving at the bottom using /s) has now become slow like it should be and links on scroll are now clickable. Empty spaces would be shown as underscores on pc tabs, this has been fixed. A few critical issues with M/B ID users have been fixed. An issue has been fixed which would make links in names clickable. Links which are sent by guests via Private Message are now clickable. See older changelog:
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    Why not a sub-forum for this category? "Chat / Xatspace CSS" "xat.me / chats CSS" separated, maybe? This may bring up the attention of new CSS makers. I say for myself, I don't post, because there is no specific area for this.
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    I bought some nice bookends on Amazon that she wanted. They were quite expensive too - £27.95 for the bears and £33.95 for the owls!
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    Hello guys, I think xat is too protective. I know it's good to have security, but this country/ip/browser restriction is a bit too much. I travel a lot, because I'm an abroad worker. I work in Switzerland, then in the end of month I go to my home country Bosnia (just 1 hour of flight between this countries). And this country restriction is boring me, because I can't trade or do something, because I'm always in this unnecessary held for location changing. My suggestion is to remove all that "security" because it pointless for many users in Europe, as we work abroad usually. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and similiar big websites are not boring like xat with this security. So please remove that bad security system, and just leave the "Google Authenticator" option if someone wants 2-step security. I'm tired of same process of opening tickets for location update, and the same boring questions again and again (your old internet provider, new location, which payment method did u used..bla bla) Thanks for reading. Edit: Better you make option there or a button "Disable all security", with this warning "Are you sure you want disable all security" and finito. No held, no security for us that we won't this xat security.
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    Thank you. xat does have a lot of unnecessary security settings that no one likes but have to get use to them.
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    I call my best friend <3
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