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    What about me? What if I want to try it.
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    P.S. @Angelo @Booh @Vritme @Blacky @Dani-De-Virreyes I've made a new signature if you want to be the first to try it:
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    It's getting around that time to make a new album for the backgrounds I make. So after this point, if you purchase graphics from me, they will most likely be in the top album labeled "Newest". If not, private message me on here or xat and I will fetch it for you. None of these items are ever deleted. Also, I've had multiple users ask about xatspaces. I own my xatspace code so I'm only able to edit mine, but I can make it. It's only 500 xats, being that it's not significant, & I hope at some point to have different templates available for this. Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the album I've filled:
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    Introducing xat's newest limited power: Easterfx. ID: 544 Name: Easterfx Status: Limited Price: 229 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://xat.wiki/Easterfx
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    I have some contests planned for Easter Sunday for Game chat! Date Time Game Host Prize April 21 Approx. 5:30 PM GMT / 1:30 PM EDT Gamebot* Staff 1000 xats April 21 6PM GMT / 2PM EDT Hide and Seek* Nathan 100 xats/q, total: 1000 xats Events marked with a * are WIN 1 SKIP 1! Happy Easter from Game chat! Hope to see you there! If you have any questions and/or possibly want to host an Easter contest of your own @ Game chat, you can message me here on the forum @HelperNate or find me on xat @ HelperNate (21299)! Have a nice Easter weekend!
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    The results are in, but before I announce the winners, here's what prizes will be rewarded to the resulting entries: 1-3 place - KBACKS 4 place - YELLOWCARD 5 place - GAMEFX2 6 place - PETS 7 place - EVENTS http://prntscr.com/neoewc KBACKS: 1. Toxic (126984499) - @Toxic 2. Seth (239476217) - @SethTI 3. michielferrari (1534627809) - @Michielferrari YELLOWCARD: 4. Booh (44184) - @Booh GAMEFX2: 5. Ursiinhaaa (119647397) - @Pudinzinho69 PETS: 6. Amyy (1000033) - @Amyyyy EVENTS: 7. MightyBrain1 (1497708246) - @Mighty1 Congratulations! You have until April 23 @ 4AM GMT / 12AM EDT to claim your prize! If you are held for any reason, or fail to claim your prize within this time, the next person on the list will be chosen in your place. Come meet me @ Game and/or Social chats! I am usually online around 9PM to 12AM PDT. You may contact me by forum message or by xat mobile, but I will most likely respond the fastest if you private chat my xat account directly: HelperNate (21299) Note: If your entry does not count towards a giveaway, I will react "No" to indicate that. Please refer to the table of contents on the initial post of this topic regarding the status of my giveaways, especially the bold status legend. DISCLAIMER: I will only continue doing giveaways on this thread for 10 more new limited powers + the other items listed on the table of contents!
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    Hah you’re cute, Solange
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    Text: Angelo 18500000 (sans paranthesis around the ID) Colors: 000001, b40404, any other blacks/greys that you think fit Theme: Lupin III (anime)
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    Theme: Nature / with mountains and clear sky Colors: Green Specifics: my register & ID: Blacky (691320709) Thanks Toxic!
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    Such a great power, so colorful. I like it! And as mentioned above, the pawn (hat#he) only have grey color and not 4 colors as shown on this animation. I thought at first is only cuz i have sanimate=off that's why i see one color, but i have actived the chat animation and i'm sure only grey color that move on the users pawn. A bug? Hope will be fixed asap! But still cool power, well done!
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    The deadline to submit your name for entry has been reached! Final valid entry: xAshita (1476099031) Tallying is now in progress!
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    xat is hosting an Easter egg hunt on Facebook!!! A total of 12 hidden eggs to be found. 📜 How to participate: 1. Like the Facebook page 2. Search for a hidden egg somewhere on an official chat outer background 3. Send xat a screenshot on Facebook via Private Message showing where you’ve found an egg (you must find all 12 to win!) 4. Include your xat username and ID in the Private Message. BONUS (for an extra 200 xats if you win): Which tribute chat has 3 hidden eggs on the inner background? For all contest information:
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    I will be ending my short ID sales. However, I will still be selling 9 and 10 digits. Anything just consult me before or after this topic is closed. The 9 and 10 digits list you can check at my xatspace Sold IDs: 16M, 22M, 23M, 24M, 155M, 173M, 1005, 1221, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1997, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 11002, 11211, 20002, 20015, 20202, 22222, 30000, 30003, 34301, 37340, 50505, 69069, 80808, 100001, 100047, 101314, 121997, 143143, 152590, 190303, 190335, 200002, 251189, 600006, 700007, 768867, 800008, 1000012, 1000023, 1000027, 1000028, 1000040, 1000045, 1000057, 1000060, 1000064, 1000087, 1000091, 1000093, 1000097, 1010000, 1030507, 1110111, 1111111, 1111169, 1616161, 2200022, 3003003, 3100000, 3900000, 5500000, 5550555, 6600000, 8000008, 8080808, 10000010, 10000015, 10000016, 10241024, 10300000, 10881088, 10961096, 12141214, 16657968, 16788378, 20162017, 20172017, 30000001, 35989223, 41423917, 41685732, 52152625, 56451067, 61622991, 63187181, 66046937, 66747973, 68584578, 69364892, 70509693, 71802590, 73092740, 75894443, 80634039, 80929380, 81122634, 82444506, 84989153, 88351389, 89441023, 90229816, 90332060, 90391591, 90710375, 90791130, 91667566, 91766746, 92428197, 93658205, 93747294, 94646190, 95277629, 96335190, 96637945, 96988422, 97309222, 97597007, 97940985, 99817387, 100000001 and/e 222000222. Any question? Add my by using the command: /f344107857 Stifler If you don't find me online, find a chat with a FEXBot and say: "!mail Stif message" or contact me on the mobile app KIK, my nickname is: "stifxat". I will answer you as soon as possible.
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    Yo, I'm Toxic from xat and I design! You can find me @ Help or Graphics Prices: - PCBacks - 1k - Inner BG + Outer BG + Icons/CSS - 2k *Anything else, just ask.* Check out my albums and if you need anything, even graphics advice, feel free to give me a shout on xat! NOW, Before we get to my full album set. Flickr is my OFFICIAL showcase. *Everything in the Official and Newest Albums are up to date and recent* Flickr Newest Latest Old Older Noob
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    Or something similar has been suggested. Can you suggest what this power could be ? What sort of patterns ? Any other wear ?
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    krainbow kwater korange rilove roheart kangel kanlove kantired ghostmon minimon hugme hug2 kpotato kwjam cplemon maheart fireback gkbear kstar ccback ricebowl popcorn fuzzy kmouse cuticorn flower kactus raccoons kxmas fairy feast kfox drop ... etc xDDD
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    I really think it would be helpful to reopen this help chat for the Romans, not all Romanians know English. it would be much easier for a Roman to ask for help
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    @Vritme That concludes the 5 free pcbacks. Thanks again everyone for your support. Free PCBacks:
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    Text: Vritme (6600000) Colorss: 000001, FF4500, like anime thx you bro
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    I really liked this background You could send the background of the game xat I liked that too
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    theme with animation : halloween Text/Subtext: your preference  Colors: your preference  Specifics: your preference Booh (44184)
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    A king ... can not be a king without the power of his queen. When a queen found her king standing beside her, he fights for him and never lets him go through anything of his own. when a king found his queen, it was ... All I want you to have me your king, My heart belongs to me, I want you to be my queen , and in your mind the palace to be just me!!! Σ'αγαπω
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    When you can't think of an idea for an easter power so you just go for FX... I like the power, though, and it's better than getting nothing, thanks xat! I don't like how the hat gives a gray color, though.
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    there are too many egg power why not make updates to this power than to be more power > eggie ebunny easterland easterland easteregg easter eggs + new 8 powers ..
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    Hello I come back here with a little but important suggestion for all. Authentication - Now it's been eliminated, I want to ask for tickle, it's been like it's been long ago for everyone to use without problem with a single click On/Off The page to be brought back to life. - Time to Update this page - xat.wiki/tickle What do you think about it, write in the comments. (Rules About This TOPIC) - You can not only answer with: Okay, it's good idea, I like it, and others. - You have to have a complete answer, and explain why you like this idea. - It is not allowed to add bad answers, it will be deleted, and you may be notified with a warning and penalty points. Regards Bau
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    el sonido de mis tripas ... okno Twice ~ what is love!!
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    This is a great idea Mihay!
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    one 4 smiley ? it nie power grats @Mihay
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    This seems to be an interesting power, I hope they will add more effects to this power! And by the way, I really liked the pawn, I think I'll use it.
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    Hi, I leave my background. iiAriel (406636497) Box https://i.imgur.com/TG6adrc.png Behind https://i.imgur.com/vggxYfD.jpg Good luck to everyone !!
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    We can not forget one detail ... The shirt numbering should also be customized by the user: Each one has a preference for a number, is not it @Cupim "13"
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    Hello, Here is my suggestion for this power: The color could be changed in the code. Example: (Tshirt2#FFFFFF#304275) Where: First color = bg color Second color = Detail color With these details it's possible to create similar shirts from various football teams, just change the color. I've added the xat logo to avoid copyrights If anyone wants to add anything else, I'd like to hear it.
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    I am aware of this, for that I want to open help, I have notified this up, I hope you read. Yes, it may not be allowed to reopen this xat.com/Ajutor If you think I'm joking, then you can laugh, you can do what you want, I said what I'm going to do. xat will be open, indifferent, maybe over 100 years. I'm not rushing. That's why I increase the prize +5000 xats The first place winner will receive 4000 xats. The second place winner will receive 3,000 xats. The third place winner will receive 2000 xats. The fourth place winner will receive 1600 xats. The fifth place winner will receive 1300 xats. So @HelperNate Please come when you can in xat.com to make a transfer so I can edit the first message with the change to this contest.
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    Animated Backgrounds? Just ask!
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    He like all this smiles and we should respect that! I also like (awe#hehe) and Firefx.
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    Beer2 Luck CD2 broadcaster beat valentine ilu valentine hug2 valentine grin anime maniac anime awe anime envy sins gum candy rose valentine toad toad toad toteethy noway single asif single read nerd photo party guitar music dance8 dance rage anime gizzy anime fan anime comeon anime mist horror salute military spam feast goal worldcup dino stoneage nykiss newyear all smile manga quiver anime for now they are only these the future I will give more suggestions are many powers I just remembered the basics
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    html link https://pastebin.com/RPm4v0ky css link https://pastebin.com/4NLQHBST JASON xat.COM/CENTRALDOSPLAYERS
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