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  1. Hi. Back again with another giveaway for this beautiful community. For the people who are active and care about this site, two winners will have a chance to win 5,000 xats. In order to enter this contest you must include your ID and Regname to be placed in my giveaway. The winners will be decided by a randomly generator app on my phone(Too lazy to do all this on my laptop). If you are still reading my post, the comment section will be closed on February 24th at 2pm EST. Winners will be announced at 2:10pm on the same day the comment selection closes. Thank you and have a wonderful day, enjoy!!!
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  2. Hi Guys I wanted to suggest an power, Kmummy!! I was thinking of a style like khair , here some examples that I have designed to give an idea of the power: Smilies: Kmummy(ninja) - kmummy(main smile) - Kmummy(mad) not came very well - Kmummy(bat) the bat comes out of the hand - Kmummy(femaleblush) I do not think it's as pretty as smilie anyway - Kmummy(flame) - Kmummy(spider) the spider walks on the face and the eyes darken - Kmummy(funscare) -kmummy(pumpkin) - kmummy blush male for now I put down only these smiles, if you have ideas to suggest, I will be happy to draw them!! is just an idea!!
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  4. Cambio's 10th anniversary Please, reply to this topic with your username and ID. Deadline to post: 24/02/2019. You can see the countdown here - https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1001812/win-namegrad. GOOD LUCK!
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  5. I state that the design also pleases me but who knows, I think the current smileys makers are good!
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  6. These drawings look pretty good, as always. Good job! This would be a perfect power for halloween.
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