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    Guess what?! Bryan and I are dropping an album!! BRY X LEM. Pre-order: 02.17.2019 🔥🔥💘
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    Heartbreak is not a power against love. It's a power that idealizes the fact you can remain single for a while to find yourself. I guess you need to love yourself first before loving others. Heartbreak represents the idea that some people don't need to "be married" to be happy (my opinion) The "valentine" term was coined thousands of years ago. Then Emperor, Claudius II, had ruled that young men would not be allowed to marry, unless they fitted specific requisitions (scarce for most). But at the time, as the myth tells, Saint Valentine ignored the imperial order, and continued to marry the young folks. After over 400 years of his cruel death, the Catholic Church decided to make him a martyr, by adding "Valentine's Day" on their agenda. The idea of heart-shaped chocolates, diamond rings, flower buckets and other "lovely" and "cute" things were built by the Romanticism that took place a thousand of years later. Not Saint Valentine. So to be clear, Valentine's is totally about the idea of Christian marriage, as far as the data goes back it relates only to the Catholic Church, with a few ties to Roman mythology. In other words, it represents the union of two souls. And well, most marriages end in divorce. In Brazil one in three marriages end in divorce. So I'm unable to see why heartbreak wouldn't fit the Valentine theme. ! ♥
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    I see it I like it I want it I check the price I put it back
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    Forgive, smile and move on. Karma will take care of the rest!
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    The new power of this week is: Superheart. ID: 533 Name: Superheart Status: Collection Smilies: superheart Pawns: hat#h#vheartbeat, hat#h#burnheart, hat#h#bheart, hat#h#kheart, hat#h#vballoon, hat#h#vballoon2, hat#h#vchain, hat#h#candleheart, hat#h#varrow, hat#h#vballoons, hat#h#glitterheart, hat#h#tbear, hat#h#theart, hat#h#balloon, hat#h#throw, hat#h#drawingheart, hat#h#valentinefx Wiki: https://xat.wiki/superheart Our valentine collection power Powers required (as of now): heart 17, heartfx 166, burningheart 193, kheart 215, sweetheart 271, amore 324, valfx 325, valentinefx 532
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    Hi! Inner: https://imgur.com/qDc5iUG.png Outer: https://imgur.com/NoWbkJR.png Button: #786b56 Inner: https://imgur.com/V0PDNLy.png Outer: https://imgur.com/tfILjxW.png Button: #303030 Borbo (1509355949)
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    Congratulations to all the winners! @Anas thank you so much 💋❤
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    Hi @Admin you can add please in the list of "Superheart" the power of "Heartbreak" since it contains 6 pawns,thank you.
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    INNER: https://i.imgur.com/KBhD6pc.png OUTER: https://i.imgur.com/QFLUNue.png COLOR BUTTON: #AF4598
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    The winners for the Love Letter Contest; First place : @Kaay 10,000 xats Second place : @miaa 5,000 xats Third place : @Solange 2,000 xats The winner for the Best Valentine’s Card goes to @Fons 5,000 xats. Pc me on 99941393 to claim your prize!! Congratulations to all the winners!
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    Can we have the classic Rose pawn added to the collection? That’s one of the best valentine/love themed pawns and I’m sure a lot of people would like to see it added. If you’re unsure what I’m referring to, I’ll edit the swf into my post later when I’m home.
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    True. Good find Mr. Sergio It appears that xat has missed this one! I sent them a reminder. If anyone has suggestions, please post here. I'm sure xat will be happy to look at them later I wonder if we will ever get an anti-valentine collection! SINGLES UNITE!
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    Definitely something we were expecting for Valentine's day, although there are a lot of pawns that could be added to this collection, but nice pawns anyway. By the way, I wonder why they called this collection SuperHeart instead of calling it SuperValentine.
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    Nice numbers but the power names would be way more helpful. Powers required: heartfx, burningheart, kheart, sweetheart, amore, valfx, valentinefx Update: Pawns preview
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    Not sure if this has been suggested already in the old forum. I searched but i couldn't find even any similar about his. I'll be suggesting this along with few smilies. Smilies: (liqiour) - a smiley with moustache and with black ribbon neck tie holding a bottle of wine. (liqiour2) - a smiley holding a bottle of liqiour (wine/beer bottle) and drinking On it. (drunk) - a smiley looking so drunk (cheers) - two smileys holding up a glass of beer cheering. (hangover) - a smiley with hangover (keg) - a barrel(s) of wine or beer (bartender2) - a smiley pouring wine on the champagne glass. (bottomsup) - two smileys hugging each other shoulder by shoulder and holding up a glass of beer Can add more i guess... The power's name can always be changed.
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    Hello, it's me! For the occasion of the Valentine's Day & my Queen @Angeline Birthday the february 14, I would like to celebrate this important event and share my happiness with the community. So! i've decided to giveaway some xats and powers to 30 lucky users here on the forum. Prize : Valentinefx, Superboy, Piggy and 3050 xats. Place : #1st Valentinefx #2nd Superboy #3rd Piggy. Place : #4th to #10th 150 xats (per winner). Place : #11th to #30th 100 xats (per winner). How you can be a participant? Easy, Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Rules to follow : Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. The 30 winners will be chosen Thursday, 14th february at 11:55 PM (GMT+1) Using this generator. There no limit time to receive your prize!! >> Countdown << Good luck, and Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
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    Don't miss Cambio's event, it starts within 1 hour! We'll be waiting for you! ---------- No te pierdas el evento de Cambio, empieza dentro de 1 hora! Te estaremos esperando!
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    how will they know this chat fulfills the function of having different types of sales,unfortunately the chat is not being used by users,That is why it occurred to us to open this topic so that they can participate in it with ideas,and we invite you to be part of the staff,among all we can make the chat shop one of the best. come in, have fun and have fun with us There will be draws by powers, xats and days and surprises! Atte: Staff Of Shop
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    My favorite team, Fc Barcelona♥✔️ 💪🏆
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    Price received, thank u @Addict
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    Chico tranquilo, sin nada para opinar, siempre en lo mío, tal vez soy egoísta pocos amigo', pero mucha historia pa' contar ♪
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    Prize received, thank you!
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    We are going to make a new version of Doodle for HTML5. We are thinking of adding features while we do it. This will make it incompatible with the flash Doodle. (and we will not be updating flash Doodle) I think this is ok but thought we should ask. What do you think?
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    The users of xat have waited for these buttons a long time ago. It's wrong to have to delete several things and / or start over. I do not think that it is necessarily a "change of rupture" because the community has adapted to the small changes that have been implemented in HTML5 that are very significant.
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    Anyway Barcelona 5 Madrid 1 =)))
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    My favorite team is where this Lionel Messi.
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    background for contest . https://i.imgur.com/s1Vj2Kc.png https://i.imgur.com/rcUILOE.png Button color code #2862f5 Thank you iiAriel (406636497)
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    Hello everyone, Here we go, the following users are the WINNERS on this contest : Place #1: D4nieL (100344585) @-Daniel Valentinefx. Place #2: iGuinho (347693796) @iGuinho Superboy. Place #3: toby190713 (1241989563) @cfr_tobias Piggy. Place #4 to #10 Prize 150 xats. Sergio (187744205) @Sergio sonhadorPerdido (1499773463) @Rodrigo42 Samu (1000093) @Samuel Kale (204750943) @Kale JoseSergioJr17 (1062549599) @JoseSergioJr17 iiXDanny98 (585651094) @DjDanny24 Zoom (96335190) @Zoom Place #11 to #30 prize 100 xats. Kumii (585659086) @xPaulo Mihai (166211569) @Mihai Shizuo (847986292) @Shizuo MagicDesing (1477784162) @MagicDesing MightyBrain1 (1497708246) @Mighty1 AND3 (10027) @AND3 xAshita (1476099031) @Asha Solange (223326780) @Solange SHAW (1003) @SHAW iWitness29 (1529667724) @Witness Brooooow69 (122411659) @Brow Geordie (1000061) @Geordie austin 638877683 @oj Leandro (1010206) @Leandro Sagaz (152800211) @Sagaz Caiio (286878393) @Caiio BerT1 (319885511) @BerT1 Tero (34M) @Tero Amna (1487826984) @Amnaa DaniDeVirreyes (359191878) @Dani-De-Virreyes P : https://imgur.com/a/P7WNOr4 Congratulation, contact me when you can at xattrade to receive your prize, TIME IS OPEN! Thanks everyone who participated, and i would like again to say, Happy Valentine's Day!
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    Hello everyone, I've thought up on another suggestion which could be useful for some users. With this power, you'll be able to approve or reject a users PC before seeing their message. Why would this power be useful? Because some users like to be inappropriate and rude in PC. But you can already reject a PC with NOPC! Yes you can, but NOPC doesn't protect you from staff members who use their rank sometimes to abuse and harass users in their PC. That is why this power would be useful. I have some examples of what this power would be like thanks to HelperNate. For the first example, a user will be getting a red and green lock on their screen warning them that a user is PCing them whether they have NOPC power or not. The second example will be of a pop-up message asking the user whether they approve of the PC or want to reject it. I honestly think that that this power would help stop staff members from abusing their rank on certain chats to harass users, and from being inappropriate towards them or rude in a PC. I hope you all like this suggestion, credits go to HelperNate once again for the examples above. Thanks for reading!
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    Hello! I would like to suggest an idea for a feature of xat that I'm pretty sure would be useful for absolutely everyone. I'm sure we've all experienced the annoyance of having multiple chat tabs open at once, and our PCs from people starting to pop up on whichever chats we're on. Then, we end up with a conversation with someone spread out over 4 different chats which can be extremely inconvenient and difficult to keep track of. PCLock is a feature that would allow you to lock your PCs to one chat only. Your PCs with people wouldn't be spread out if you had multiple chat tabs open, and you could choose one chat to keep that particular PC on. I'm open to ideas on how you would go about locking a PC, but I figured that this could be done by perhaps double clicking on the PC tab on the chat that you want it to be locked to. As for unlocking, well, simply do the same thing- double click. After double clicking the PC, a dot would appear on the right of the PC tab, signifying that it's locked to that chat. My PC with Muffins would be regular, and my PC with Crow would be locked to Help chat. So let's say I was at Trade and Help, and Crow PCed me while I was open to the Trade chat tab, I'd still only receive his PC on Help. (I recently wiped my hard drive and need to redownload Photoshop so I had to do a terrible freehand lol, but you get the gist I hope.) Anyways, feel free to comment your thoughts or ideas to make it better.
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    I agree on making it HTML5 only. Flash is going to be archaic soon, and it is already a pain to many users due to Chrome and other related browser issues. It's problematic for xat to keep looking at issues from Flash as they're now giving more priority to the "HTML5 xat". This will be also a nice motivation for new and old users to try the new modern doodle app, and at the same time help xat test and improve the HTML5. I've been using the HTML5 for a while, and it's very optimized I usually hang out on seven or eight chats at the same time, and I get no lag issues. That's amazing. Through Flash I'd be having nightmares with spiralfx names and other Flash monsters that grew over the years eating all of our RAM. May HTML5 save us. Flash no more.
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