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    http://tradexat.com/trade-tea-talks-with-kaay/ 💯💯💯
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    im not one to write love letters or anything of that nature but i think a letter/poem to myself as a personal affirmation has been long over due so here it goes. titled: Self(ish) Love dear me, there has been fear in your heart. this fear has manifested and unraveled itself in the very form of tears and sorrow. i understand. i understand that it stings. there isn’t a day that goes by that some ounce of pain doesn’t shiver your soul. i understand. but those shivers of pain will turn into shivers of peace. shivers of content. shivers of a feeling that you are truly okay. because youre going to be okay. youre standing tall. and guess what? this is the beginning of a new journey. it wont be a walk in the park. its funny, you’ve said this to yourself at least a million times but you haven’t taken the steps until now. you finally just stopped and stood still. you chose you. you chose to stop putting everything and everyone above you. you chose to stop suffocating yourself. i want you to know that this is okay. no more fake smiles. no more “what you’re going through is more important” because it isn’t. you are just as important. you are just as worthy. all the hurt, all the pain, all the struggles don’t define you. you know why? because all the love you have within you doesn’t deserve it. be gentle with yourself just as much as you are gentle with others. that powerful light within you will dim. you will lose. you will remain defeated if you don’t learn to love yourself. but how do you fall in love with the person you already know inside and out? the one person who’s been with you forever. the one whose past you cant avoid. the one who you cant take a break from. the epitome of your own fate. but wonder no more. this is just it. you find that hidden piece of you. the one that wants to fight. to survive. to hug your pain. and just grow. it is time. let it be. become. a reincarnated you. become your own sun in the sky. the river that runs through your soul. the very air that you breathe. become. it. you give me life. i love you. take care
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    Sell gif avatar, more information send me private message. Here is a few examples: (Note: Background can be transparent) More updates soon...
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    Week's off to a great start. Happy Monday!
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    Hello, it's me! For the occasion of the Valentine's Day & my Queen @Angeline Birthday the february 14, I would like to celebrate this important event and share my happiness with the community. So! i've decided to giveaway some xats and powers to 30 lucky users here on the forum. Prize : Valentinefx, Superboy, Piggy and 3050 xats. Place : #1st Valentinefx #2nd Superboy #3rd Piggy. Place : #4th to #10th 150 xats (per winner). Place : #11th to #30th 100 xats (per winner). How you can be a participant? Easy, Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Rules to follow : Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. The 30 winners will be chosen Thursday, 14th february at 11:55 PM (GMT+1) Using this generator. There no limit time to receive your prize!! >> Countdown << Good luck, and Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
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    iOS Hi i had this bug but on page to the app Proof 1. http://prntscr.com/mjdaqz Proof 2. https://prnt.sc/mjdap3
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    Distance means nothing when someone means everything! ♥
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    The power of this week is: ValentineFX Preview: ID: 532 Name: ValentineFX Status: Unlimited Smilies: (valentinefx) (drawingheart) (fallinlove) (kissyoulove) (magicheart) (rotatehearts) (surpriseheart) (surpriseheart2) Pawns: (hat#hh) (hat#hv) Store price: 222 xats Wiki article: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Valentinefx This one was made by @Mihay
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    Thanks @Mihay super very nice power including that beautiful group of smilies to celebrate Valentine's Day! ♥
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    Baby thank you for being by my side, thank you for being part of my life, What I feel for you is big and deep.. Love is difficult to express with words, because it only feels deep of the heart, can only be offered through caresses, kisses, moments that we have shared together, good and bad moments, when I met you I told you that I would always be by your side I would never leave you, you know that I love that you whisper to me words in your ear and tell me softly how much you love me and you know love that is there when the heart accelerates for you also learned what it is to feel truly loved, because you take care of me, because you protect me, your dedication makes my life become joy because when I perceive you in my life.. I feel the firmness of the energy that you gave to my heart, thank you, love for all that you have given me and give me unconditionally ..... I LOVE YOU FOREVER! ♥ My dear husband, the love of my life.. the friend of my heart ♥ Happy Valentine's Day!
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    This would probably be better suited as something on a chat by chat basis, perhaps controlled by Gcontrol.
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    Hello I propose my ideea I wish that invisible were not just for owner " xat " I want this powers to be usable for everyone to be able to put invisible even if I am a member I can put invisible from all both mod owner etc and also the possibility to remain invisible even when I speak with someone in private. You could call it (InvisibilePlus) I hope my idea can please you I would like a powers like this. Thank you Good day
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    Baghead is a definite must-have power, it’s so versatile. A must-have for any xatter.
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    Nice power! Really very cute This smilies are awesome!
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    Since this was already suggested, this topic is now locked. If you have anything new to add to the existing suggestions Anas pointed out, please direct them there. Thank you.
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    Thank you all! Nexts powers will be better, promise :D !
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    more friends is good but to always help you when you need that I made print photo for you will show love my list friends .15 person love it <3
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    Thank you all! hope you like it !
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    Awe wait for me and our son to come home I have a surprise 😆❤ I love you
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    It may be sold if unused for 90 days, that's the current rule. We just don't enforce it out of respect for the users who bought a shortname.
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    Things the power invisible should have long time ago. 1. A way to tell if an owner if using invisible WITHOUT the need to click them. Currently, the only way you can tell if someone is using it is by clicking them, here's the proof: (In this one, we both are main owners and Samuel is invisible) Now, this is how i'm suggesting it should be: In this one, the pawn of the user using Invisible its faded and i can see he's using invisible without the need to click them. Maybe also add ''On xat Main owner Invisible friend''. 2. The ability to PC or PM someone without the need of Invisible going off. It is very, but very annoying when you are trying to use the Invisible power but you also want to talk with someone in the same chat without the Invisible power going off, but it does. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. I know some of these ideas been suggested before.
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    I have reached the limit of adding friends to the list! Who knows what limit is in your friends list, knows how much I've added! I love you all.
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    JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    I'm too young to die and too old to eat off the kid's menu. What stupid age am I?
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