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  1. Hello community! I am here to suggest the creation of a power in the format of stickers. The stickers could contain words used in the day-to-day, as shown in the example below: Also, we could create stickers containing the xat smilies, as shown in this example: Optional: We could create a store where we can buy new stickers (similar to the Xavi's store). Power information: Name: Stickers Type: Smilies Status: Limited Price: Around 300 xats What do you think about?
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  2. gold + pink ? more of a rose gold color
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  3. 2 points
  4. Prize received, thanks u @HelperNate and @maxo Enjoy it
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  5. After judging the backgrounds, the winning results are in! 1. @Borbo - 5000 xats 2. @Toxic - 2000 xats 3. @Fons - 1000 xats Thank you all for participating! Come see me @ Game or Social chat to claim your prize! You may contact me in-chat, by forum message, or by private chatting my xat account directly. I will most likely respond the fastest if you private chat my xat account: HelperNate (21299) My online hours are usually around 9PM to 12AM PST on an almost daily basis, and by appointment.
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  6. I am presenting you with a new power idea, I thought of this idea from the Stickers feature on FaceBook. I was thinking xat could have something similar to this, it would allow users to create their own stickers, these can either be GIFS (could be done how avatars are done) or still images. To get your stickers added to this feature you would need to submit them to xat, which will need to be approved, to make sure they abide by the rules of xat. The people that would approve/deny them would be Volunteers/Contributors. On special occasions xat could add stickers that they have mad
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  7. Selling my 7 digit ID [1008000) (reglink ready) Open to offers, price is negotiable. Contact me ; xCOLTx (344559195)
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