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    IT'S LOJA ANNIVERSARY !!!! BAM BAM BAMM! When you hear the drums through the Brazilian streets it means that carnival is starting. Lets celebrate all together! Hello guys. Just as I promised in a previous contest during Christmas, this year will be the year for us to celebrate CARNIVAL ON CHAT LOJA! I want to thank Cupim once more, thank him for all he has done for xat and for us. Read below to understand how the contests will work: For more information on how this contest will work, click here. We will try to make this day special and unforgettable for you. And at last, I'd like to thank you all from my heart for taking your time to read all of this. We will be expecting you, so please be sure to save the date! Thanks again <3 Updates: Previously, I donated 50000 xats. Then later, I added 10000 xats more. Total: 60000 xats donated. Thanks @Mister for donating the 6-digits ID: 666555.
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    Hello Everyone, It's been almost a year since my last contest, Five Elements team liked the last contest so we decided to make one more for a few xats. This time we will like to use the previous logo's as an example for the banner, but we want something classy and presentable. This is a banner contest, so here are the 2 logos that won last year and that i would like you guys to use for the banner: @xPaulo @Dazer Rules: - You must include your ID and your regname with the Banner. - Prize will be automatically rewarded (within 24 hours, you can claim your prize on Chat). - Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or you will be disqualified. - Only three persons will win. Total Price: 3500 xats. ( First Place: 2000 xats; Second Place: 1000 xats; Third Place: 500 xats) Price Holder: @Sydno Judges: @Sydno ; @Masha ; @6 ; @Marya; @Shizuo Deadline: 12th of March, 12pm CET. Dimensions: 1133x200 (Ps: If you guys have any questions you can mail me here) Thanks for entering and good luck! If you guys want to add the social medias aswell on the banner you can, we are gonna use: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch. And aswell you guys are free to do whatever you want to the banner, make it fancy, whatever, just if you guys wanna use the logos we have you can, it was just an example, you guys are free to do whatever you want on the design. 
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    Just wanted to say, Happy Unbirthday!
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    Be so good.. they can't IGNORE you! ♥
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    Five Elements Banner Contest online, sign up to win some xats :D
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    You are now a contributor, a moderator, a volunteer, but you have forgotten what it means to be a friend. . .
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    Nice event Congratulation and good luck everyone!!
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    I could always see a great union in the staff at the Loja. Congratulations to @Marya for this great initiative, and I want to congratulate you for promoting this beautiful event!
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    Have fun all, can't wait for this contest. :D
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    First Entry: Inner: Outer: Smiley and Button Colors (If clear isn't an option via gback): 3e8df2 LIVE PREVIEW: View it here Entry 2: Inner: Outer: Smiley/Button Color: 49b3d6 LIVE PREVIEW: View it LIVE here Entry #3: Inner: Animated Version: Outer: Smiley/Button Color: a3c0e1 (unless you can use clear via gback) LIVE PREVIEW: Preview it here For all of these, they use a css I've made. I don't share this publicly, so if one of mine is chosen I will contact @HelperNate to make sure he gets it ASAP. Also, the controllers only css can be put onto any of these.
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    Great Loja Carnival and Contest! Good luck for all the future visitors & participants! Thanks to all the staff and contributors for their donations to make this happens.
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    Hello everyone. After having some problems with the auction, it has now been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience! Second part! The ID Auction has started, you can make your best offer here: https://xat.com/Auction Enjoy and good luck!
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    I can fluently speak English, French, Spanish and Ukrainian. I can perfectly understand Russian. I'm learning Japanese and Portuguese at the moment.
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    iWitness29 (1529667724) Thank you @HelperNate for bringing us such a fun game!
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    Yay he has a fancy short ID now
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    Preview This has been a great job. Always you surprising me with your professionals xatspaces. It is impressive to see what a man's hands can create. Congratulations! @JasonOficial
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    html link https://pastebin.com/RPm4v0ky css link https://pastebin.com/4NLQHBST JASON xat.COM/CENTRALDOSPLAYERS
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    As per the Contests and Events Section Guidelines, a verified prize holder is required to hold your contest prize as long as the contest requires a substantial amount of work for entry. You must arrange prize holding before you start your contest, and within one day of the contest start time, the prize holder must reply to the topic to confirm they have the prize. If you are adamant about not having a prize holder, please create a ticket. You must be a paid user to do this. In the ticket, request for a volunteer to post in your topic that you have been verified as the prize holder. If you do not reward your prize and use work from any entry, your xat account or chat may be blocked. All volunteers, forum staff, and bot providers are prize holders. Members of the contributors group are not prize holders. The users below are verified prize holders for contests: Arthur - Main Owner for the official Assistance group. IDIMA - Main Owner for the official Mosa3adeh group. HelperNate - Main Owner for the official Game group. Paul - Main Owner for the tribute xat_Test group. Sevda - Main Owner for the official Yardim group and owner for the official Assistance group. Stif Anyone claiming to be a verified prize holder who is not on this list should be ignored and reported immediately.
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