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    Five Elements Banner Contest is up and running, sign up to win xats :D
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    Having done an ID auction of 4, 5 and 6, it would not be a surprise if the Admins include only 7+ digits IDs, I think.
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    10001000 100100100 1010101010 Do not forget. @Admin
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    I support your idea, @Dani-De-Virreyes I just hope that. Happy new year everyone.
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    General Information: I am in need of general backgrounds which I can use on a monthly basis for Game chat. Details and Guidelines: Both an inner background and outer background must be provided Must have a matching button color (state color code) Don't make colors too dark / too bright, or in other words, hurtful to eyes Background must be publicly posted in comments Limit of 3 entries per person Be as creative as possible If you are making CSS, you may post it here or message me the code, whichever you prefer How to submit: To submit your entry, reply with your completed backgrounds with the links included. Each user may submit up to 3 entries. If you submitted a background that is not to your satisfaction, edit your reply with the new backgrounds with the new links included. The deadline to submit entries will be on January 26 @ 5AM GMT / 12AM EST. Prize Information: 1st place: 5000 xats 2nd place: 2000 xats 3rd place: 1000 xats Prize Holder: @HelperNate Judges: @HelperNate @maxo
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    It's easy to join Apple testflight for xat now Click here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/KgQRQGpC EDIT: iphone version has currently expired Use Android version for now: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.xat.app
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    Hello fellow xatters! I have decided to try a NEW type of contest on xat coming in 2019! Deal or No Deal! Based on the TV show that recently started a new season! I have not yet decided on a specific day and time to host the event. Overall Summary: Deal or No Deal is a game of luck where the contestant opens cases worth specific amounts of money, and after a certain number of cases have been opened, a banker makes the contestant an offer to buy their case, in which case the host asks the contestant "Deal or No Deal?" How it Works: 1. There will be a total of 26 cases in the game. The player chooses a case from 1 to 26 to keep with them for the duration of the game. They won't know how much money is in their case until the game is over. 2. Once they have picked their case, they will have to open 6 cases that contain as LITTLE money as possible. This way, the banker's offer to buy the player's case will generally increase. The opposite applies as well. If the player opens cases containing high amounts of money, this will generally decrease the banker's offer to buy the player's case. Whichever amounts of money are in the cases that the player opens will eliminate the possibility of that particular amount being in the player's case that they picked in the very beginning. The player can request to see the current board at any time to show which amounts are eliminated from being in the player's case. 3. After the first 6 cases have been opened, the banker will make an offer to buy the case that the player has chosen in the very beginning. After the host announces the first offer, the player will have 3 options: Deal - the player leaves the game with the money the banker offers, guaranteed - if they wish, they can see if the deal they made was a good one No Deal - the game will continue, and the player will have to open up 5 more cases Counter-offer - the player has the opportunity to make a counter offer to the banker as to what the player leaves the game with. The counter-offer MUST be reasonable. If the BANKER says "Deal," then the player leaves the game with the amount of xats that they suggested. If the BANKER says "No Deal" then the game will continue, and the player will have to open up more cases. Counter-offers can only be used once per game. 4. After the player says "No Deal" to the first offer the banker proposes to buy the player's case, then the player must continue the game and open up 5 more cases containing as little money as possible to increase the banker's offer to buy the player's case. 5. After 5 more cases have been opened, the banker will make a new offer based on the possible amounts the player eliminates from the board. 6. If the player says "No Deal" to the current offers, the game will continue, and the player will have to open up 4 more cases, then if they say "No Deal" again, they must open up 3 more cases, and so on, until only 1 case after each offer can be opened. 7. If the player has not taken the deal that the banker offers at any point and they continue until the end, there will be only 1 case left in play. In this case (no pun intended), the player will have the option to keep their current case that they chose at the very start of the game, or to swap their case with the 1 other case that is still in play. 8. Once the player has made the decision whether or not to swap their current case, the amount of money that is in the player's case will be revealed, and they will leave the game with whatever amount of money is inside their case. The Board: I wanted to budget 50k xats for this event, but I've also been told that I might get donated GOLD and RUBY powers for the event! The board is subject to change, but here are the price ranges I have made so far that will be in each of the 26 cases. https://pastebin.com/9Pg4rzNH The Banker: I will try and get my dad IRL to be the banker for this event. If he can't, I will need to find a neutral 3rd-party banker to make the offers in the game. The objective of the banker is to get the player to leave with as LITTLE money as possible. Their role is quite simple. They need to watch for which amounts are eliminated from the board in the cases that the player opens, and then on the host's cue, they must make an offer to the player to buy their case. Bankers must NOT be biased towards the player or anyone else and must make REASONABLE offers, and increase or decrease their offers as necessary based on the amounts of money the player opens in the cases they pick. For this xat event, bankers will not receive any xats, nor will they have to pay anything towards the event (except if they are making donations towards the event prior to the event's start time). The "Auditions": Generally, this is supposed to be a 1-player show, but for the "audition" portion before the actual event, I will make a forum thread in which users will have to submit their ID and regname for a chance to be on the game. 5 lucky winners will be chosen to participate in Deal or No Deal on a specific day and time. They will have to report to Game chat on or slightly before the specified day and time of the event (to be announced later, and this will take place on a day of the weekend). I will allow a 10 minute grace period in case users are running late. If users are late after the grace period, they will lose their spot, and only the remaining players that have properly reported on time will be allowed to play. If absolutely 0 of the 5 users report to the chat after the grace period, I will do a quick contest (such as Trivia or a gameban) to users in the chat wanting to participate, and the lucky user from there who wins the mini contest will be allowed to participate. If multiple players are participating in the event, then the first player chosen will start off the game by picking a case for the other participants to keep until the end of the game. Then the rotation of players will work per every case the players must open. Such rotations include accepting or declining the banker's offer as well. Depending on whose turn it is to open cases, if they take the deal, only THAT player will win the xats that the banker offers. How can I see how this works? You can come see me in-chat anytime that I'm online, and I will be happy to do a test run with you so that you can preview how the game will work! I will schedule a day and time for the actual event when I have the following: 50k xats + GOLD + RUBY A neutral 3rd-party banker I am looking forward to hosting this, and I hope that whoever plays has an enjoyable experience!
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    Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
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    Happy Birthday @Ravey
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    Prize received Thanks u @HelperNate
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    hello everyone ! soon we will have saint valentine by the way i wish happiness to all couples, here i like to propose this smiley power " couple " for the saint valentine, its smilies are : couple, colove, coring, cokiss, colook, cocake, corain the code hat : hC ( the last smiley ). i hope you like my suggestion i don't know if this idea had been suggested before, even if it had been suggested for me is not problem we already have an existing powers with a little differences like : kpig and piggy / koffee and coffee ... THANKS !
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    Feliz cumple bro !!
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    Happy birthday Teddy!
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    Happy Birthday @Teddy
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    Happy Birthday @Teddy
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    We already had powers with 'Super' in the past, so 'Superboy' doesn't make any difference, does it? Superblastkick Superblastban Supercycle Superkick
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    My IDs: 100021 100022 100023 100024 1000098 999000999 990099 99999 98000 980000 9800000 please add this ID : 990099 @Admin @Addict
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    I'll suggest one of the following: 222222 | 2002002 | 22220000 555555 | 5500055 | 50505050 800000 | 8008008 | 88880000 Choose one, pls!! @Admin
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    11000 111111 10000001 100010001 Please!
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    I've managed to recover his wooden template. No modifications were made as far as I know. Preview: Rules: Do not hide his watermark "N" or "Nicebar 3D" as requested on the folder. You may hide the ow.ly link, as it redirects to the old community. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6gp75n1p9njy3k/
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