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    Hello guys !! i drawing a cute Teddy just to pass the time... These are some example of teddy, created by me, the smilies are: teddyhypno maybe a main smile, teddypuke, teddyflame (with the shadow of the internal fire), teddyblush, teddythink, teddyinlove with the hearts bursting, teddyangry, teddytongue (main smile option 2), teddyhug, teddymiel, teddybee!! now, I thought about adding the bow in the neck, but I want your opinion on the next smilies (simple but nice I recommend) or leave at smiley maker!! Hat: you have choice about smilies, example the hearts bursting, teddyhyppo, i think only a face of teddy is ok
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    After tallying the results, the 7 winners of this contest are: ANDEHIPHOP (10027) DearGod2010 (583109023) Geordie (1000061) xZephyrrrx (1523946243) Fonsho (386614161) SHAW (1003) D4nieL (100344585) Congratulations @AND3 @UchihaFelipe @Geordie @xZephyr @Fons @SHAW @-Daniel Come see me @ Game or Social chat within January 11, 2AM EST to claim your prize! If your prize is not claimed after this timeframe, or you are held for any reason, another winner will be chosen. You may contact me by messaging me here, or by private chatting my xat account: HelperNate (21299)
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone ❤️
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    So I've never been one to necessarily "make" templates. But I took some time and made this one, @Guppy helped with shaping the smilies and I've used this template for a long time, and it's been heavily requested and I've always sort of hoarded it. But I feel that now it's time, so here is my template. All I ask is that you don't remove my signature below the Edit Chat/Sign Out buttons, however you do not HAVE to keep it there. I hope you enjoy this template and put some great designs on it. Toxic's Template To change the color of the smilies (in photoshop): - Select the layer of the smilies, press Ctrl+J to duplicate it. - - Go to Layer Style > Color Overlay > Select the Color you'd like. - - Right Click on the Duplicated Layer and Click "Rasterize Layer". - - Set the layer to "Hue" or "Color", whichever looks visibly best. - Featured in this Template: Colour Overlays Colour Corrections Textures
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    hello everyone ! soon we will have saint valentine by the way i wish happiness to all couples, here i like to propose this smiley power " couple " for the saint valentine, its smilies are : couple, colove, coring, cokiss, colook, cocake, corain the code hat : hC ( the last smiley ). i hope you like my suggestion i don't know if this idea had been suggested before, even if it had been suggested for me is not problem we already have an existing powers with a little differences like : kpig and piggy / koffee and coffee ... THANKS !
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    http://prntscr.com/m587tk @-Daniel has claimed their prize! (2/7 winners)
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    Nicely , good idea But what about copyright ?
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    Hi! I've decided to give away a new power to 7 lucky users on the forum! Just enter your xat ID + regname for a chance to win! And please do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning! Countdown ← Random Generator ←
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    @Geordie has claimed their prize! (3/7 winners) You're welcome! *upload screenshot didn't work at the time*
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    Prize received thank you @HelperNate
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    looks like a hippopotamus. Hippo LOL I always said you have beautiful designs, but the suggestion was suggested. Good luck boy! And Others . . . I like to see suggestions the same, but different smilies, you have talento. . .
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    Are we really alive? What if we’re dead, but living. We’ll never know for sure if we’re really dead until we die. For now, we live in a world that doesn’t feel real. That is, until we die. Then we’re really dead.
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    this suggestion power remember singer rihanna
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    Great job on that sketches And I like them
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    Sounds good, Great examples !
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    what do you think @Junior ?
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    look really good. You did a great job !
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    Anyway i could do better thinking aboout it!!
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    Thank you Tocix!
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    thank you dear freinds
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    Thanks again bro @NoSense for your help, i appreciate it!!
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    Like it 👍🏻
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    I like it for a good idea
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    Prize received! thanks @HelperNate
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    Prize received Thanks @HelperNate
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    http://prntscr.com/m5856n @SHAW has claimed their prize! (1/7 winners)
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    Hi, It's a good idea. - I really love this idea! - BUT I want to have a history of transfer! Even if you do not see who has transferred, in transfer history you will see who has transferred! A lot of ideas, and Admin is waiting to be begged to add this to xat! In the future I want to be allowed to transfer even if our friends are offline! More: I want to transfer xats, days and powers. How Everybody will ask, it is very easy, I will add a similar suggestion in the future, just for transfer and I will show you how it will work. . . Thank´s.
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    iimanoiiii (1499728611)
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