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    Hello everyone, I believe that the transfers are very constant among users, and with this I realize that a transfer confirmation would be much better. Often we end up confirming the transfers without even realizing. So, I see a great idea, what do you guys think?
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    You know, I like this idea, and it’d probably be pretty easy to add in the upcoming version(s) of xat HTML5. Good suggestion, Kale!
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    So it's pretty easy. It's a game, whoever posts last wins !! Looks like i am the winner so far !!!
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    Y’all still posting?
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    Your pic is so beauti @Angelo<3
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    HBD samurai @Calvin
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    All good things must come to an end.
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    @Junioris late in Spain 3:03
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    Because people, like you right now, spend time posting replies in this thread.
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    Good saying I got you Yup im agree, nicely suggestion
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    In a way I only propose a message to confirm that it has been received, it is not necessary to confirm to receive, only a way that users do not accidentally close the transfers. Without even being able to see what was received.
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    Why are there 108 pages of this nonsense.
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    Song , Interesting So if i do ok that means is finish transfer ? If i dont do ok transfer is not release ? Can be like so ? If is so good point , and good think
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    Are you sure ¿ @Witness
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    haha you have to ask permission gordo =))) hhahahah
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    Youre not allowed to reply here Pen
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    Honestly, I'm here to just pay my respects, you were a very talented graphic designer and although I never knew you personally, you seem like someone I'd easily get along with as of now. Unfortunately I won't get that chance again and I hope you are resting peacefully. You were taken far too soon and even though you can't see this, I loved your graphic style, and I admired the aesthetics. May you rest in peace, Danneh. I won't forget you. --D
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