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    Hi! I've decided to give away a new power to 7 lucky users on the forum! Just enter your xat ID + regname for a chance to win! And please do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning! Countdown ← Random Generator ←
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    I like the smilies 😁
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    COOL!! Really nice job bro, i also like the mad clock haha xd! very well done
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    Sell gif avatar, more information send me private message. Here is a few examples: (Note: Background can be transparent) More updates soon...
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    Maybe we can rework design :D . If you like my work , write in the comment below and i will finish this "project" . UPDATE **
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    Thx bro! however, the smilie must be kind dizzy, think, bored, cry, sad, are some examples, I could do an animal reveille maybe it was more realistic and concrete!
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    Happy Birthday bro! @Ronal
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    Because he looks like me Why you don't like to wake up early?
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    Because i love you 😁♥️ @Anas Why is little Mazin so adorable? 😂
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    Happy birthday! <3
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    Happy Birthday to you Ronal =)
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    Happy birthday @Ronal
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    happy birthday ronal
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    happy birthday bro
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    I really like the drawings. This sounds like a good idea. Cute too.
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    Happy Birthday !!!
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    Happy Birtday @Kriz
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    Happy birthday @Kriz
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    Update: There will now be 7 lucky winners! I just bought 2 more of the power!
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    Welcome to the contributors team, @lemona ! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!
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